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Megachurch Pastor Steps Down Over 'Physical Misconduct' Allegations


Dean Curry, the pastor of Life Center Assembly of God in Tacoma, Washington stepped down from his position Sunday after facing allegations of sexual misconduct.

Church leaders held a special meeting after an unnamed former employee accused Curry of physical misconduct.

Curry denied the allegations.

"My relationship with Assembly of God has been fractured," he said during the meeting. "This woman accused me of behavior that would have amounted to adultery if it were true."

"I have been falsely and wrongly accused," he added, saying an investigation into the issue would end with "no damaging phone logs, no compromising emails or text messages."

According to The Bellingham Herald, the megachurch pastor claims he was not given a chance to defend himself. However, Curry says he will not hold a grudge against the former employee.

"Pastors come and go, and this one is going, and you have to keep doing your Jesus thing," he said. "I'm not going to allow myself to be bitter toward my accuser. I'm 50 years old and I've got a lot of living to do."

Curry also said he has the right to an automatic appeal with the Assembly of God national organization. He said the revocation of his license and church policy requires him to step down until the appeal process is complete.

Church leaders said they learned about the allegations weeks ago.

"We learned about this three weeks ago," Nate Angelo, a member of the church's board, told the Herald. "We now need to gather information and facts."

Church members said the former employee offered few specific details about the misconduct.

The church board says will begin looking for an interim pastor.


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