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'They Ended Up Pointing a Gun at My Two Little Sisters': Sex Trafficking Survivor's Shocking Life as a Slave


Chi Braley had somewhat of a normal childhood in the UK, but her life took a drastic turn when she was raped at age 12.

At 13, she was trafficked for sex, and for the next seven years her life was a nightmare.

Chi shared her story live for the first time on CBN's Prayer Link show.

"I played a lot of sports, field hockey was my main sport and I was at a party one night and I was raped by an older man in a field and I think, really, that was the moment where so much for me changed," she explained.  "I felt dirty. I felt ashamed. I felt guilty."

Chi said she met a man at that party and the two quickly became friends, though they were not intimate.

"He was probably in his early thirties and he just showed a lot of attention to me," she said.  "Like he gave me so much attention and made me feel like I was a part of something. He made me feel like I was almost like family in a way. He would buy things for me, he would take me to have food and buy me gifts all the time, almost in a way like a father figure."

She added, "He really made me feel like I was just a princess."

Watch the full interview with Chi Braley on Prayer Link with CBN's Charlene Aaron

Chi eventually began running drugs for the man but one day after she failed to follow-through on a deal, he turned on her.

"I would distribute those drugs and get a lot of cash I would give to him," said Chi. "And I really remember one time walking through Oxford and I saw police officers and I don't even know if they saw me but I panicked because I had all this stuff in my rucksack and so I just started running. And, they started chasing me 'cause I looked like I was up to something no good and I stashed the rucksack and that was it and I kind of had to face this guy and had to tell him that for days and days I tried to find this rucksack and I couldn't find it and that was really the turning point where he said you're going to have to earn that money back. You're gonna have to give that money back to me somehow."

"At first, like after a couple of days, it was kind of modeling," she said. "It was modeling clothes. And within a day he would ask me to take those clothes off and model naked. If I didn't want to do it or didn't want to listen, they'd get aggressive and they'd get violent."

Chi says she was then forced to have sex with men, hundreds of them, over a seven-year period. "I'd sleep with old men. I'd sleep with men that smelled so bad, you know, all sorts of men," she said.

She says despite being drugged and trafficked for sex, she still attended school and played sports. She said her mother, whom she had a somewhat rocky relationship with, was suspicious but not aware of what was really happening in her life.

She said one of the scariest moments happened about a year after she became a sex slave and wanted out.

"There was one night where they climbed through my window at home where they had a gun and they ended up pointing a gun at my two little sisters. So they're thirteen years younger than me. And they were just pointing at them, saying which 'one are we going to shoot.' My parents were in the house. They were sleeping upstairs. I just remember that fear so strongly."    

For six more years, Chi was forcibly given drugs and obeyed the will of her captors.  

"They used to hold me down and inject me with heroin," she said.

But one day, without warning or explanation, those holding Chi let her go.

"I got thrown into the back of a van and I got dropped off outside my house and they told me, 'If you ever speak to anyone about this, we know where your family is,'" she said. "We always know where you are. And that was it."

Chi never saw the man again.

She said although she was physically free, she desperately needed mental and spiritual healing. She battled drug addiction and suffered from a mental condition called Dissociation.

She says she hated God for allowing her to go through such a painful ordeal.

"All I knew was there was a God that controlled the world and he was sitting up there and that whole time that I was going through all that stuff, he looked down," said Chi. "And so for me, he kind of became this evil man that sat up there and he looked down and almost enjoyed, was with the guys that were doing what they were doing to me."

But after enrolling in a program called "Mercy Ministries," Chi became a Christian.

"I just remember one night just breaking down. I think I read a book called Is God to Blame? and as I finished that, I broke down, fell on my knees, I said sorry. I can't believe that I blamed God who cried with me but who was with me every single step of the way.  

Meanwhile, Chi, who now lives in the US and is happily married, hopes her story inspires other women trapped in sex slavery.

"Don't give up," she said. "Just throw yourself on God because he does have a plan."

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