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US Is 'Finally Standing Up' to PA’s ‘Pay to Slay’: Taylor Force Act Included in Proposed Spending Bill


US taxpayer dollars could very soon stop going to Palestinian terrorists being rewarded by their government to murder Israelis and Americans, thanks to the Taylor Force Act. 

The bipartisan legislation is included in a proposed omnibus spending bill that was released late Wednesday, and it will cut off about $300 million in taxpayer funds that go to the Palestinian Authority until they stop their controversial "pay to slay" practice.

The act is named after Army veteran and graduate student Taylor Force, who was stabbed to death in a terrorist attack in Tel Aviv two years ago.  As heartbreaking as it was for Taylor's family to learn of their son's death, those feelings grew worse when they learned the assailant was hailed as a hero back home and richly rewarded for the murder of their son with money from US taxpayers.

"There were some videos that we weren't aware of showing the celebration in Palestine," Taylor's father told CBN News. "We sort of blocked that out. It was so horrendous that we chose not to go there."

Rewards from the ongoing practice, known as "pay to slay," go even higher depending on the brutality of the crime.

"If you die as a terrorist, your family gets a lifetime payment and free health care and free education," Sen. Lindsey Graham, who introduced the bill, told CBN News. "If you go to jail as a terrorist, you get paid while you're in jail."

"It's a sick system; it needs to change," Graham said. "No longer will your taxpayer dollars go to the Palestinian Authority so they can use your money to make these payments."

Graham hopes that the passage of this bill will urge the PA to end this practice.

"I don't know what it will take to get them to stop this practice of rewarding their young people when they kill Jews and Americans," says Graham. "Under Palestinian law, you'll make more money being a terrorist than a worker."

Graham says this bill is possible because of the persistent efforts of the Force family to visit Washington and lobby Congressmen to support the measure.

"Bottom line is, they did not want their son to die in vain," continued Graham. "I talked to them last night; they were crying over the phone. They have been the greatest champion of this cause."

Graham says the Palestinians' "pay to slay" practice is inconsistent with peace in the region.

"I can tell the Force family and your viewers that the American government is finally standing up to Palestinian behavior that rewards murder and terrorism," declared Graham. "I want the Palestinians to live in dignity beside our friends in Israel, but they're going to have to change their laws for that to be possible, and no more taxpayer dollars to a group that funds terrorism."

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