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'Please Continue to Pray for Us': Miracles Abound as 3 Siblings Recover After Loss of Parents, Sister in Deadly Crash

Clemens Family
Clemens Family

Three young siblings are making a remarkable comeback from a devastating accident that killed their parents and younger sister – leaving them severely injured.

Angela Clemens, 8, and her brothers, Zachery, 5, and Wyatt, 4, are in a Fort Worth, Texas hospital going on a month now after the deadly car crash. It happened April 7 when they were driving home from an afternoon church service in San Angelo, TX.

Their parents, Jim and Karisa Clemens, and their 2-month-old sister Juliana, were killed when a vehicle slammed into their SUV head-on.

Nicholas, their 2-year-old brother, was also in the car but survived with few injuries. Angela suffered broken bones and was left in a coma. Wyatt experienced several strokes and initial paralysis to the left side of his body. Zachery broke his back and has several internal injuries.

After weeks in the hospital and thousands of prayers, the siblings are making breakthrough progress in what family members are calling "miracles."

Photos on a Facebook fundraising page showing them holding hands in the hospital garnered attention and captured the hearts of people across the world.

Last weekend, all three children were finally doing well enough to spend the day together for the first time since the accident.

Their great aunt, Teresa Burrell, has been active on Facebook, sharing updates and proclaiming all the work God has done in their lives in the midst of the tragedy.

Burrell told CBN News that this journey has been challenging, but also beautiful.

"We've seen so many miracles and so much outreach from beautiful people," she said.

She continued, "I think these kids feel great one minute and then have a hard time the next, just like all of us during trials. But we like to say we know it's all going to work out fine, we just don't know exactly what it looks like yet, but God does."

The oldest, Angela, broke both of her legs in the accident and suffered severe head trauma that left her in a coma for nearly a week.

Burrell said it was only 10 days ago that doctors were saying Angela had severe brain damage and might not wake up. It was then she took to Facebook asking everyone to join them in a day of fasting and prayer for Angela's recovery.

"The next day she woke up and spoke for the first time," Burrell said. "It's really astonishing the doctors to see these miracles taking place."

Now, she is not only awake, but is reading, writing, and even singing songs to her younger brothers to help them through recovery.

Burrell tells another touching story of Angela's recovery when the young girl was in so much pain and doctors didn't know why.

"At one point I said 'Angela, I think we need to ask Heavenly Father to help us by giving you a blessing.' With tears in her eyes she nodded," Burrell said.

She said that two close family friends who are priests prayed a blessing over Angela and it was that night doctors finally discovered what was wrong.

Burrell has also provided joyous updates on Wyatt, who she says has also shown amazing progress. He now can raise his left arm above his head and even walk, which he couldn't do just three weeks ago.

She told CBN News, "He's been our little spitfire he's just been a ray of sunshine. He's had so much recovery, we know it's because of the prayers of so many different people of so many different faiths that have come together for these kids."

Burrell said doctors have confirmed Wyatt will soon be able to be released from the hospital and be able to join his 2-year-old brother at home with their grandparents.

The family continues to worry about Zachery, who is struggling with eating and battling depression.

"He was the only one in the car who didn't lose consciousness during the accident," Burrell said. "He was there for all that trauma, when first responders came on the scene, he remembers all of that. It's just going to take some time. It's a part of the grieving process."

On Facebook, Burrell continues to ask for others to lift him up, "Please continue to pray for us, with a special emphasis on Zachery. We believe in a God of miracles and I know this little guy can feel of our love and prayers."

Despite the tragedy, the siblings -- along with their close friends and family -- have been able to remain strong and lean on God's promises.

Burrell said leaning on God in prayer has always been a constant in their life.

"To them it's a normal part of life," she said. "When you eat a meal you say a prayer, when you go to bed you say a prayer, they're very active in their faith."

She continued, "They know they'll see their parents again and talk about how it's nice that at least their Ninny will be raising them. Angela one day piped in and said, 'and we're all still together, we still have eachother.' They know family is very important in life."

Burrell told CBN News that just a few weeks before the accident, Angela's father baptised her in a ceremony along with the dedication of baby Julianna.

"Angela was so excited to have a little sister after these two rambunctious brothers," Burrell said. "She loved that little baby, and that's what hurts my heart to think about. I don't think the reality that Julianna is really gone has hit her yet, it's going to be hard."

Burrell went on to say that the children's parents were great, godly people and were active in their church and helping others.

The grandparents will take over responsibility of raising them. Burrell describes their grandmother as "a powerful, faithful woman" and their grandfather a "strong and faithful man."

"They trust in God and trust He will help them through it, and there's no doubt in their mind their parents will be active in raising them still too," Burrell said.

She continued, "It gives us all of us courage to know this truth and move forward with happiness and joy, and not wallow in the sorrow. Whatever disabilities or challenges they have, we know that God works all things for good and it's going to be okay because of that."

To help ease any burdens, a close family friend is raising money through a second fundraising site in an effort to help fund medical bills, memorial costs and any additional needs.

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