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Disturbing Abortion Ad Shows Video of Adorable Baby Girl, Encourages Mom to End Her Life


A television spot from a pro-abortion group features video of a beautiful baby girl to make the case for abortion.

The 40-second video by the Agenda Project is called 'The Chosen' and features a smiling, cooing baby with a lullaby playing in the background. 

Then, text appears on screen saying, "She deserves to be loved. She deserves to be wanted. She deserves to be a choice." 

The viewers are then urged to "stand with Planned Parenthood."

The video has sparked outrage online. 

"Even a pro-choicer can't defend this ad. Putting a cute, laughing baby in a pro-abortion ad was never going to end well," Luigi Vincenzo commented on Youtube, 

Some users asked if the ad was a joke while others reiterated the ad's message in disbelief. 

"What they are saying is that it's better for her to be killed than to be alive but not wanted by her parents. First,  just because she isnt wanted by her parents doesn't mean no one wants her at all. Second, its better to be alive against your mom's wishes than to be killed," one user said. "This is creepy, disturbing and immoral."

Most pro-abortion groups argue that a baby in the womb is just a clump of cells, not a human being or deserving of protection. 

Laura Ricketts with the pro-life group "And Then There Were None" told CBN News the ad undercuts that argument. 

"On the surface, those of us who are pro-life are appalled. But you see, when you work in the abortion industry, or a woman who receives an abortion, it's very hard to admit to yourself what you already know. And what you already know is that that is a child. The men and women in the abortion industry know it's a baby. They know because they have to see that baby. They have to see the baby when they are performing the abortion," she said. 

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