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'War-Game Experiment': China and Russia's Hijacking of Google Is Worst Ever 


Security experts say Google has been hit by the "worst ever" internet hijack in the company's history. 

The London Daily Mail reports data belonging to users across the globe was intercepted by servers in Nigeria, China, and Russia.

Experts suggest the hack was a "war-game experiment," saying an even bigger attack may be coming.

The latest type of attack is known as border gateway protocol (BGP) hijacking, and it lasted for almost 1.5 hours. It can result in services being knocked offline, and aid in espionage and financial theft, according to the newspaper.

Meanwhile, Google is downplaying the incident even though the personal information of millions of users may have been compromised. 

But the Daily Mail reports the company is under increasing pressure to protect users after a recent string of high-profile data leaks.

Last month, the Google+ social network breach resulted in the disclosure of the private information of an estimated half a million users.

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