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'We're Going to Shake This Nation with the Good News of Jesus': Teens to Evangelize Nationwide Oct. 13


In a disturbing new trend, surveys show many young people – as high as three out of four – are leaving the Christian faith.  

An effort called Dare2Share means to nip that in the bud. It's teaching teenaged believers how to love their faith and easily evangelize.  

"We just believe it's time for revival," Dare2Share founder Greg Stier told CBN News from his home in Colorado. "We believe there's a generation of teenagers that want to be about a cause.  And the ultimate cause is the Gospel of Jesus Christ."

Saturday, Oct. 13, the effort goes nationwide simultaneously.

"October 13, we're doing Dare2Share Live, which is one event in 97 cities. So literally from Fairbanks Alaska to Puerto Rico, students will be simultaneously motivated, trained, equipped and turned loose to share the Gospel of Christ," Stier explained.

He continued, "They'll have a Dare2Share live app, so a student in Fairbanks can talk to a student in Puerto Rico because they're getting the exact same training at the exact same time.  And on that app, you'll be able to see a map of the United States self-populating with all the Gospel conversations happening."

The simulcast time is meant to be fun as well as exciting and inspiring.

"We'll have Shane & Shane the Skit Guys, Zane Black, Flame the Rapper, myself, others," said Stier. "There'll be live worship bands in every room, live trainers in every room, and we're going to train, equip and unleash them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ to shake this nation with the Good News of Jesus."

The Oct. 13 event begins at 12 Noon Eastern time/9:00 am Pacific.

Stier said of the simulcast, "So it's truly live; there's no delay. If they go to Dare2ShareLive.org ( https://dare2sharelive.org ), they can find all the information they need about it."

"And I really encourage them to bring their youth groups out because we're going to be going out to collect canned food for local rescue missions, but also sharing the Gospel in the process," he told CBN News.

"The goal for this isn't just an exciting rally call but a revival," Stier explained. "Our hashtag is #RockYourCity. So we just believe that cities across the United States — 97 of them — are going to be rocked with the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ."

The Dare2Share founder is encouraging believers nationwide to set their alarms for 10:13 am every day for the next few days and pray for revival on Oct. 13, that God would bring a sweeping revival to the United States and to a generation of teenagers from coast to coast.

The first Dare2Share simulcast was last year, with 68 sites training 10,000 students in a day. This year's goal is 25,000.

On that day, participating teens will start with training and equipping in the morning.

Stier stated, "It's interactive, back and forth.  Again, there are live trainers in every room, live worship bands in every room. It's not just the live simulcast feed.  So we're worshipping and singing."

"We give them a two-hour lunch break where they go out and share the Gospel, grab some lunch, collect canned food," he continued. "Then they come back. We share testimonies.  Then we have a nationwide prayer service that's happening simultaneously where we're all crying out to God for revival in our nation and in our schools."

But the effort doesn't end there.

"We train the youth leaders two weeks later in a live, digital training — a webinar — and give them the tools to make it more than just a sizzle, but a steak,  more than just a rally point, but true revival year-round," Stier shared. "Our vision is every teen everywhere hearing the Gospel from a friend.  And the Kingdom of God is forcibly advancing."

He concluded, "I believe our best days for youth ministry are ahead. I believe God is going to unleash a revival in this nation and around the world."

Then Stier, with a big grin on his face, added, "And He's going to choose to use the foolish things of the world to confound the wise, and there's nothing more foolish than an American teenager."

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