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'Our Capacity Has Not Been Sufficient': Cities and Ministries Overwhelmed by Surge of Immigrants at Southern Border

Migrants await processing by the US Border Patrol. (AP Photo)
Migrants await processing by the US Border Patrol. (AP Photo)

President Trump is willing to shut down the US southern border but says he is willing to give it some time because Mexico is taking action and he wants Congress to pass immigration reform.

"Mexico as you know, as of yesterday has been starting to apprehend a lot of people at their southern border," Trump told reporters Tuesday.

Analysts say the costs of shutting the border would damage the US economy.

The US Chamber of Commerce predicts "an unmitigated debacle," and warns that five-million jobs would be in immediate jeopardy.

Forty percent of all fruits and vegetables that come into the US come from Mexico. If trade is blocked, their prices could surge.

And the American auto industry could also be hurt if supply chains are affected. 

But the president says despite those statistics, closing the border for security reasons would be worth it.

"Sure it will have a negative impact on the economy," Trump said. "Trade is important, but security is more important. Security is more important to me than trade."

Border Patrol officials in San Diego told CBN News that closing the border would affect the economy, but it might finally get Congress to act because right now we just have 'open borders.'

"It would be a huge impact," said Chief Rodney Scott, who oversees the San Diego Sector of Border Patrol.  

"I lived in Arizona, my dad worked in Mexico for 18 years. People like him would not be able to commute back and forth across the border. There'd be a definite disruption to the economy," he explained. "But something's got to get Congress's attention at this point to take action because at this point we have the equivalent of an open border. "

"We know for a fact there are criminals blending in with these people claiming to be asylum seekers. We know for a fact children are being recycled. There are fake families if you will," Scott added.

Meanwhile, a record numbers of migrants are crossing the border illegally and being released by Border Patrol agents, putting a strain on cities and ministries.

"The numbers have increased up into the neighborhood of four to 4,500 refugees that are being released to us; to our network of churches and organizations per week," said Ruben Garcia of Annunciation House.  "There have been several times when our capacity has not been sufficient."

President Trump is expected to travel to the border Friday.  

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