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Planes Crash and Skid, Highways a Disaster as Deadly Winter Storm Wrecks Holiday Travel

snow plow

Late for work today? Forced to take another day off from the job or school after the long holiday weekend? 

You're not alone. The Thanksgiving storm that caused traveler nightmares for millions of Americans across the country is now wreaking havoc on New England.

Thousands of flights were delayed or cancelled Sunday as travelers tried to return home.

A plane slid off the taxiway in Buffalo, New York, and nasty road conditions caused countless car accidents across the US, like the icy road in Niagara Falls that sent one car spinning out of control under a truck.

More than a foot and a half of snow fell in Minnesota. Some drivers abandoned their vehicles on the highway while others had difficulty uncovering cars that were buried beneath huge snowdrifts in Duluth. High winds whipped through cities along Lake Superior in Wisconsin, causing them to look like blizzard ghost towns.

The storm began just before Thanksgiving on the West Coast, bringing heavy snow to California and other parts of the West.

Heavy rains and flood waters brought death in Tonto Basin, Arizona. Two children were killed, a third child is still missing after the vehicle they were riding in was swept away downstream as they crossed a river.

"Our mission is to get that child home today to their family," insisted volunteer rescuer Mary Gomez-Roblas.

Two children in Missouri died because of icy roads and nine people were killed when a small plane crashed after takeoff in South Dakota.

Meanwhile in New England, the snow plows are out. Up to a foot of snow is expected today in parts of Massachusetts, and Boston could get six inches.

"Drivers should use extreme caution if they need to be on the road and they should  avoid traveling if they can, in areas of heavy snowfall," warned Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker.

In New Hampshire, snowmobiles are providing a less treacherous form of transportation for some.

And as word came Sunday that school would be cancelled, young Matlock Stains of Peterborough said he was ready for an extended holiday Monday - a snow day at home with dad. 

"We got some soda and some marshmallows and some hot chocolate!" he happily exclaimed.

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