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'Fiscal Frauds': Republicans Ripped for Making Budget-Busting 'Debt Drag' Deal with Dems

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CAPITOL HILL – For all their feuding on other matters, House Democrats and Republicans and the Trump administration have managed to put together and pass a budget deal that's likely to put an end to the era of government shutdowns, at least for two years. It heads to the Senate next, where it's expected to pass.

Critics, though, are blasting the deal for what it adds to spending and the deficit.

'Fiscal Frauds'

Jason Pye, FreedomWorks vice president of legislative affairs, is especially hammering the third of House Republicans who voted for it, telling CBN News, "I think we need some new Republicans."

He added, "We have to start calling these people out for what they are. And what they are are fiscal frauds."

Pye thinks GOP lawmakers and Trump got played, saying, "Certainly members of Congress I've talked to – conservatives on the House side especially – think the president was getting bad advice in being sold a bill of goods that I think he kind of got pushed into supporting."

For instance, the deal goes $320 billion above previously agreed on spending caps. It adds more than $1.7 trillion to the already massive deficit.

Well, those who helped cobble together this budget-buster say its critics can talk a good fight, but that's about all they can do.

'Not Going to Get a Better Deal'

South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham said of those critics, "They're not going to get a better deal. All those people that don't like this deal, they have zero ability to get a better deal."

"I reject that," Pye fired back. "It's certainly not surprising to hear Senator Graham say something like that given his record of being somewhat of a squish-moderate on spending issues. He's someone who said he'd gladly trade off higher taxes for more Defense spending."

President Trump was finding a silver lining in all the extra dollars this deal will dump and other earlier ones have been dumping on the Defense Department. At a Pentagon ceremony, he explained, "Our military today is more powerful by far than ever before. And three years ago, we could not have said that."

But appearing on CBN News' Faith Nation, the Heritage Foundation's Romina Boccia scalded these present-day dealmakers, saying, "This is a really damaging deal for the American people, for taxpayers and for our economic future."

GOP Churning Out Worse Deals Than Dems Did?

Boccia stated, "If you look at the deals that President Obama cut, they were much more fiscally responsible than the deals we've seen from this administration. It is really appalling.  Fiscal conservatives are wondering everywhere, 'Why did we even elect Republicans if we're going to get worse deals than we got with Democrats?'"

Pye argues Republicans can hardly call themselves conservatives when voting for a deal like this.

"Republicans run every two or six years, depending on which chamber they're in, on fiscal responsibility and limited government," Pye stated.  "We elected them to fight. That's the whole purpose Republican activists go out and knock on doors and pound pavement and make phone calls for Republicans. They want people who are going to go fight."

Congress Could Make SO Many Cuts

Boccia insisted Republicans should have been insisting on cuts, not additions.  
She told CBN News, "This large budget deal really is not necessary. There are so many programs that are wasteful, where we know there is fraud, that are duplicative, that we could have cut."

"They didn't even try," Pye said of House Republican leadership. "That's the problem here."

Pye was at least happy that two-thirds of House Republicans fought against their leaders and voted against the deal.

"132 Republicans – 67 percent of the House Republican conference – voted against (Minority Leader) Kevin McCarthy and (House Minority) Whip Scalise," Pye explained.  "It was in my opinion somewhat of a referendum on their leadership that they couldn't corral 67 percent of the conference to vote their way.  So I take that as a small victory."

'Irresponsible, Reckless & Frankly Immoral'

Trump forces and some congressional Republicans feared a huge bruising battle over the budget could have seriously damaged the GOP heading into a crucial election year.

Boccia, though, suggests these politicians should be ashamed of the damage they're causing taxpayers and future generations. 
She insisted restraint is crucial: "Effective fiscal rules that will bind lawmakers and will encourage them to prioritize within a limited budget, the same way that American families have to live within their budget. It's irresponsible, reckless and frankly immoral to put so much debt on the next generation."

Coming for Your Wallet

Pye explained, "There's something in economics they call a 'debt drag' where you eventually have so high a level of debt that it starts causing a drag on your economy. It crowds out private investment. These are problems we're going to be experiencing rather quickly if we don't start getting a handle on this."

He concluded, "You have to start making these tough choices at some point in time. If not now, when?"

Boccia added, "People really should hold onto their wallets because politicians are coming for them."

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