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'No Fairness or Balance – Only Aggression': Radicalized Media 'Unmasked' in New Book


Bestselling author and activist Brent Bozell is one of the most outspoken leaders in the conservative movement today. As Founder and President of the Media Research Center, he runs the largest media watchdog organization in America. In Unmasked: Big Media's War Against TrumpBozell and his coauthor Tim Graham expose the weaponized and radicalized "news" media as a direct threat to democracy with their unethical attempts to manipulate public opinion.

No one understands this more than Donald Trump. Since the moment he declared his candidacy in 2015, Trump has faced incessantly and overwhelmingly negative press coverage. First, they tried to prevent his election. Ever since that failed, the media radicals have worked tirelessly to remove him from office.

There is no fairness or balance. There is only aggression.

Journalists boil over when Trump insults them as "fake news," but the number of careless and deliberately false stories they have been forced to retract underscores why the media's credibility is collapsing. 

"Reporters are pushing stories they know are false, designed only to hurt the president. They’ve gotten caught. They’ve thrown all ethics of journalism out the window," Bozell said.

Click on the video above to watch Pat Robertson's interview with Brent Bozell about his new book, Unmasked on Wednesday's 700 Club.

Unmasked reveals:

  • How and why Trump has received the most negative – and viciously personal – coverage of any president in history.
  • How the media knew there was no evidence of Russian collusion while saturating the airwaves with thousands of reports about Russian collusion.
  • How the media use leftist "fact checkers" to undermine the credibility of conservatives.
  • Who are the most rabid anti-Trump journalists in America today, and why? (Some will surprise you.)
  • What stories in the "news" media have been exposed as pure fabrications, and who was behind them.

Bozell says there are three reasons why the media's treatment of Donald Trump has been so much worse than its treatment of any other Republican president.

"Number one, he was challenging Barak Obama’s legacy and Hillary Clinton, who was going to solidify that fundamental transformation, that Barak Obama had promised, into the world of socialism. Donald Trump threatened that directly. Number two, they believe they created this monster, as a celebrity from the west coast with The Apprentice and what not. And they believe they have to take him down for making that mistake. Number three, he declared war on them. No president has declared war on the media the way Donald Trump has. And they don’t like it because they’re arrogant, and they’re aloof. And they believe they are beyond reproach," Bozell said.

 "Put those three things together and you’ve got a perfect storm of opposition to Donald Trump," he added

Unmasked proves that the leftist "news" media want to see Trump removed from office, and will stop at nothing to accomplish that mission, even if it means destroying themselves as well.

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