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'Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!' Disabled Vets Caregiver Overwhelmed by Operation Blessing's Aid in Tornado Aftermath


When an EF-4 tornado ripped through Lee County, Alabama, earlier this month, Kathy Brown's first thought was to protect the disabled veterans under her care.

She is an owner and caregiver at "Loving Touch," a home for disabled veterans in Lee County. She serves 14 veterans at the home and lives next door.

Brown's husband is also a disabled vet – he was awarded the Purple Heart after suffering wounds from a mine in Vietnam.

"I'm a nurse by trade, and that's what I always wanted to be," she shared. "I'm retired now, but I just always try to make other people feel better."

"To me it was always about other people and not myself," she added.

On Sunday, March 3, Brown turned on the news and heard the warning: severe weather in the area.

Rushing next door to make sure the veterans were safe, her worst concerns came true. Two tornadoes touched down nearby – one on her street!

"So we got the veterans in a safe place and just prayed that we would be okay," she explained. "And thank God, we wasn't hurt. We had no damage to the veteran home."

Miraculously, the tornado did not damage her home either, but a path of destruction blew right by her house.

The tornado took off almost the entire roof of the veterans' recreation center and threw debris all over her yard. It also blew apart her grandchildren's play set.

That's when Operation Blessing stepped in to remove the heavy debris. The crew also got up on the roof and covered it with a blue tarp to keep the recreation center dry.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you," Brown exclaimed as she hugged an Operation Blessing crew member.

She believes the Lord sent Operation Blessing workers to her because she did not even have to make a phone call. Her friend reached out to the organization, saying you just have to help this woman, "She's the sweetest woman I know besides my mother."

"It's hard for me – I like to be the one that gives. And when Operation Blessing came, and they showed up, and I didn't even call for 'em, it's just something that I can't explain," Brown shared, filled with emotion. 

"I was so grateful to know that God got somebody that would come, and you don't even have to ask for their help," she continued. "He would just send 'em – not knowing that you all was gonna come until someone called me early this morning."

"I was just so grateful for you all showing up and helping. It's just something I can't hardly explain," she said.

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