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'All Fire Will Be on Him': Dems to Target Bloomberg at NV Debate, Biden Touts His Faith in New Ad


Billionaire businessman Michael Bloomberg will face other Democrats on the debate stage Wednesday for the first time, and it could get testy.

Bloomberg vaulted to double-digit showings in the polls after a $380 million ad blitz, bypassing some opponents and skipping the early primary states.
A new Washington Post/ABC News poll shows socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders surging in first place with 32 percent. Bloomberg is battling with former Vice President Joe Biden for second place after his ad blitz.

Biden is fighting back with a new ad all about his Catholic faith and his optimism about America's future. "Faith is what has gotten me through difficult times in my life. It provides hope, purpose, and strength. And it is what gives me the reason to believe that our nation's best days still lie ahead," Biden tweeted.

Sanders, Sen. Amy Klobuchar and former Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who've been toiling on the campaign trail for months, have been accusing Bloomberg of trying to buy the election.
"The working people of this country are tired of a corrupt political system in which billionaires think they can buy elections," argued Sanders.
Buttigieg told ABC News, "He's definitely trying to buy the race! Here's the thing - it's not that simple. You actually have to be willing to look voters in the eye, to take questions - at some point you gotta be ready to be challenged."

"I can't beat him on the airwaves but I can beat him on the debate stage," said Klobuchar. 
Bloomberg has announced that if he wins the presidential election, he'll put his company into a blind trust, and sell it.
The former NYC mayor is also under fire for more than just his money. He's facing accusations over past comments in which he reportedly demeaned women and supported Stop and Frisk policies in minority neighborhoods.

"Michael Bloomberg with $62 billion can buy every ad he wants but he can't, in fact, wipe away his record on everything from dealing with Stop and Frisk to his foreign policy," said Biden.

On CBN's Faith Nation program, CBN News Chief Political Analyst David Brody discussed what to expect at Bloomberg's first debate appearance.

"All of the fire will be on Bloomberg for sure," said Brody.  "He is going to be a man with an X on his back and front, head and all of that."  

Brody continued, "He's rising for sure. I watch television, there it is Bloomberg, Bloomberg. I mean it's TV ad after TV ad."

Meanwhile, President Trump is staying in Las Vegas as he visits several states in the region, including California. He'll hold a campaign rally in Nevada Friday night, the day before the state's caucus.
Trump explained why he'll be heading to Nevada even though he doesn't face a serious nomination challenge in his own party. "We got more votes than any incumbent president in history in Iowa and in New Hampshire as you saw, and in that case I went just days before in both cases Iowa and New Hampshire and it seems to be effective."
The Nevada caucus also poses a new challenge for several Democratic candidates as it's the first time they'll be facing a test of minority voters.            


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