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Sen. Ted Cruz Raises Questions About Ray Epps and FBI Involvement in Capitol Hill Riot


Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is raising new questions about potential FBI involvement in the Capitol Hill riot of January 6, 2021.

Key individuals who actively worked to convince protesters to storm the Capitol haven't been charged, even though there's video of their involvement. That's raised questions about whether certain people, like a former militia leader named Ray Epps, might have helped to fuel the riot while potentially working undercover for the FBI.

So during a Senate hearing on Tuesday, Cruz asked FBI officials about it. "Did any FBI agents or confidential informants actively participate in the events of January 6th? Yes or no?" Cruz asked. The FBI official deflected every question he asked.

Cruz also pointed out during the hearing that the FBI had listed Ray Epps as someone they were seeking, offering cash rewards for information leading to his arrest. He said then Epps was "magically" dropped from the FBI's search without comment, despite video evidence of him trying to rally protesters to breach the Capitol. See more about that Epps video below.

Gannett's coverage on Epps included this FBI photo of him coaching one of the very first rioters at the Capitol fence. Video of that moment shows that after Epps whispers in the young man's ear, the protester joins others in rushing the fence to flip it over. Other rioters then follow and push past the police, but Epps is no longer seen on the video and does not proceed with the group. The photo has since been removed from the FBI wanted list:

One year later, more than 700 people have been arrested – most charged with misdemeanors for entering the Capitol building illegally. Others who entered the Capitol have been jailed on felony charges, accused of actually assaulting the police. 

CBN News' "Global Lane" spoke with someone who was at the Capitol filming on January 6th, documenting the events as they unfolded – film producer Nina May with Renaissance Women Productions. May believes there are others who have not been arrested who should be. That includes people like well-known Antifa activist John Sullivan who admitted he attended the rally that day disguised as a Trump supporter. 

Read more about his story HERE: Left-Wing Agitator in Capitol Riot Caught on Cam Goading Others to Burn Capitol, 'Rip Trump Out of Office!'

The Epps 'Go into the Capitol' Video 

There are also allegations that all of this was a conspiracy led by the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers organizations. Revolver News compiled a video showing former Arizona Oath Keepers President Ray Epps encouraging protestors to breach the Capitol building. Watch our full interview above to see the Epps clip.

Epps was caught on video goading protesters on Jan. 5th, the day before, saying, "Tomorrow, we need to go into the Capitol, into the Capitol!"

Protesters respond, "What? Noooo!" Epps then asserts, "Peacefully!" Later, the crowd starts chanting, "Fed! Fed! Fed! Fed!" accusing Epps of being an undercover plant from the federal government. 

After Cruz raised his concerns about possible FBI undercover agents being involved, a spokesperson for the Democrat-led January 6th Select Committee in the House said Epps told them he wasn't working for the FBI. Many conservatives say the House committee is politically motivated. Some equate it to a show trial against political enemies.  

Anti-Trump Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger also tweeted about Epps on Tuesday, saying it's just a conspiracy theory and that Epps clearly didn't break any laws by challenging people to storm the Capitol or the FBI would have arrested him. Other congressional Republicans have responded to Kinzinger's defense, saying the man was clearly caught on video trying to incite a riot:

Meanwhile, another individual, Oath Keepers militia founder Stewart Rhodes, was finally charged on Thursday this week with seditious conspiracy along with 10 other members of his group for encouraging a Capitol building breach.  

Capitol Still Unsecured?

One year after the January 6th riot, the Capitol Police Union issued a troubling statement. The union warns they are short-staffed by about 400 officers, and the Capitol building is not secure enough to prevent future attacks.

House Republicans accuse Democrats of focusing more on attacking former President Donald Trump, than resolving security failures at the U.S. Capitol. 

So, will Congress ever arrive at the truth? Will we ever come to know what actually happened on that day? With congressional subpoenas issued and lawsuits filed, there's a lot more to come in this election year.

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