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Russia Faces Sanctions over Tampered Crash Site


European leaders are warning Russian President Vladimir Putin of hard-hitting sanctions if he doesn't cooperate with the investigation of Malaysian Airline Flight 17.

The warning came after pro-Russian rebels finally gave investigators the plane's black boxes days after it was shot down over eastern Ukraine, killing 298 people.

"The burden now is on Russia to insist that the separatists stop tampering with the evidence," President Barack Obama said.   

The crash site is already compromised and forensics teams now face enormous challenges pouring over the debris scattered across a 13 square miles.

Most of the dead bodies were hauled away Monday in a refrigerated train.
Russian media reported a Ukrainian bomber could have shot it down, thinking the jet was President Putin's official plane. Others in Russia have claim Ukraine filled a plane with dead bodies and shot it down to create an incident.

U.S. officials called those theories nonsense.

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