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Pastor's Wife Buried Alive In China Church Crackdown


In China's Henan province, a demolition crew reportedly killed a pastor's wife as she tried to stop the destruction of their church.

China Aid, a Christian agency that speaks out for persecuted Christians in China, says it's part of a larger crackdown against Christians in Henan, and China overall.

The pastor and his wife stood in front of a bulldozer to keep it from destroying their church, China Aid reports.

That's when the demolition team leader ordered the driver to push them into the pit and bury them alive.

The pastor escaped, but his wife died of suffocation.

Local police say they are investigating the incident and two members of the demolition team have been detained.

Bob Fu, head of China Aid, said this shows what can happen when Chinese officials go to extreme lengths to stop the spread of Christianity.

Chinese Christians say what happened in Henan province shows the inhumanity of the Chinese government in its efforts to control the growth of Christian churches in China.  

The tension between Chinese Christians and the government is increasing dramatically as more churches are targeted for demolition.  

China Aid says persecution in China jumped 150 percent in the past year, with nearly 3,000 Christians detained and about 1,300 to jail terms.
Despite the opposition, Chinese Christians in Henan are pressing forward in their faith, inspiring others to persevere, as well.  

Meanwhile, organizations like China Aid will continue the fight for religious freedom.


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