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Homesick, Abandoned Refugees in Need of Support


Christian and Yazidi refugees from northern Iraq fled the brutality of ISIS when the Jihad army took over their towns two years ago.

Today, many are still living in refugee camps, dependent on assistance from the world community.

The men can't find work, the children can't go to school. They wonder: will they ever go back to their homes?

We ask you to continue to remember them in your prayers. The Christian humanitarian agency World Vision is helping many of those refugees. Gary Lane spoke with Syria Response Director Wynn Flawten about their work. Click the player to watch.

Millions of refugees have fled neighboring Syria. The civil war there is entering its sixth year. Peace talks are now underway, but at least 250,000 people have died in the fighting.

What started as a rebellion against the Assad government has turned into a larger conflict involving Russia and the U.S. It also fostered the rise of the Islamic State, which has established a muslim caliphate in parts of Syria and northern Iraq.

Most of Syria's population has fled the country. Causing a refugee crisis that is overwhelming surrounding nations.

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