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Expert Fact Checks Kaine's Comments on Clinton, Iranian Nukes


Former CIA Director James Woolsey talks about Tim Kaine's comments on Clinton's Iran nuclear deal

During the recent vice presidential debate, Democrat Tim Kaine claimed Hillary Clinton had "worked a tough negotiation with nations around the world to eliminate the Iranian nuclear weapons program without firing a shot."

Republican candidate Mike Pence asked rhetorically, "Eliminate the Iranian nuclear weapons program?"

Kaine responded, "Absolutely, without firing a shot."

Did Clinton help eliminate Iran's program, or is the truth actually something else?

James Woolsey served as CIA director during the first two years of former President Bill Clinton's first term. He is now advising Donald Trump on foreign policy, intelligence, and security matters.

Woolsey recently told CBN News Chief International Correspondent Gary Lane that he's advising Trump instead of former President Clinton's wife Hillary because "I'm an old Scoop Jackson, Joe Lieberman Democrat" and "I tilt rather more conservative than otherwise..."

He believes President Obama is "flunking" on U.S. security and energy policy and has done a "terrible job of maintaining the country's security."

What about Iran? Woolsey calls the nuclear agreement negotiated with the help of former Secretary of State Clinton an agreement that is "at worst worthless."

The former CIA director says it may be "the worst international agreement the United States has ever signed."

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