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French Synagogues Closing as Jews Flee Anti-Semitism

French Jews are fleeing parts of the Paris suburbs to escape anti-Semitic hostility, the levels of which have not been seen since World War Two, reports the Paris newspaper 20 Minutes.
The paper says the exodus from Seine-Saint-Denis is so great that many synagogues have closed due to lack of attendees.
Rabbi Moshe Lewin told Breitbart  he might be one of the last Jewish leaders in Seine-Saint-Denis. Lewin said, "What upsets me is that in some areas of France, Jews can no longer live peacefully, and that just five minutes from my home, some are forced to hide their kippas (skullcaps) or their Star of David."
Agence France-Presse says more than 5,000 Jews left France last year on top of the record 7,900 who left in 2015 and 7,231 in 2014. At least  40-thousand have emigrated since 2006.
In 2015, journalist Zvika Klein recorded the reaction as he walked through Paris wearing a traditional kippa.  Watch as Klein is threatened and spit upon.

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