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What New Report That 99% of Syrian Refugees are Muslim Means in Debate Over Them


Many have blasted President Donald Trump for his temporary immigration ban from seven Muslim-majority countries tied to terrorism. Even more have criticized him for making Christian refugees a priority in his new order. 

However, a newly released report from the State Department is raising questions and perhaps sheds light on why President Trump made the distinction. 

The report shows that 99 percent of Syrian refugees are Muslim, while only 1 percent are Christian. Many are asking why, considering Christians make up 10 percent of Syria's entire population. 

Christians in the Middle East face an onslaught of persecution. Often times that persecution does not end when or if they leave. Many of them are targeted and attacked in refugee camps by their Muslim neighbors. 

President Donald Trump has repeatedly said he will make putting an end to Christian persecution a top priority during his time in office. 

The report shows that although the Obama administration officially recognized that Christians are the target of a horrific genocide, no further actions were taken to stop it. 

Many hope the executive order could mean a new day for persecuted Christians - especially those living in the Middle East. 

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