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UK Politics: "We Need Kingdom Values"


The people of the United Kingdom are "fatigued" from a series of national elections and referendums which have only brought more upheaval, a Christian political analyst says.

“We are in turmoil, it is evident that the country is not at peace with itself," Colin Bloom told Peter Wooding of the Global News Alliance in London.

Bloom is the former International Director for the Conservative Party in the UK.

"This is the third or the fourth major election or referendum that we’ve had in just four years and I think people are getting a bit fatigued by the whole process of trying to find stability where there seems to be none."

Watch the full interview with Colin Bloom above.

Bloom, a veteran political operative of several decades, said the recent general election which resulted in the Conservative Party losing its slim majority in Parliament, was a shock to everyone.

"No one really expected this result, so we are all really quite surprised by what has happened. All of the mainstream polling got it wrong," he said.

He also said it was one of the worst-run campaigns he's seen in his 30 years in the party and Prime Minister Theresa May will pay a price.

"Many observers would look at the Labor Party and say they were completely run by a very left-wing, almost a Marxist or Leninist or even a Stalinist left-winger in Jeremy Corbyn and he was able to make very significant gains from where they were in the 2015 election, so (May) is extremely wounded and the conservative party is wounded, as well," he said.

In reference to a bus campaign that's carrying the words of Jesus throughout London, Bloom said it's always a good time to speak Biblical truth.

"We need kingdom values at the heart of this government and if this government here in this Parliament in Westminster, here in the United Kingdom, is going to be a city on a hill, a light to the world, then we need to have stronger values, kingdom values, at the heart of it."


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