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'Fill My Cup': Calling Millennials to Bring Physical and 'Living Water' to Africa


CBN News spoke with licensed family therapist Dr. Linda Mintle about millennials in the workforce and their passion for social justice. Watch the interview above.

A Christian group is calling millennials into ministry, saying their "strong social conscience" is key in bringing physical and "living water" to those in need.

The group, Reach Beyond, launched in March the "Fill My Cup" project, a 60-day campaign to raise money to drill a clean water well in a small village in West Africa.

The goal is to raise $12,000 to do this, and the missionary organization hopes millennials will take part.

Organizers also hope the project will open doors to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

"We admire how so many millennial Christians have a high concern about issues of social justice," Steve Harling, the president of Reach Beyond, said in a statement. "But they also tend to be less invested in sharing the gospel."

"We want to help them learn more about how the two can go together — a practical demonstration of God's care naturally leading to opportunities to share the gospel," he continued.

Licensed family therapist Dr. Linda Mintle believes projects like this are a match for millennials. She says the global church also can harness the passion of this generation.

"I think what the Church could be really helpful with is figuring out how to direct these... millennials into some real life projects and activities where they can put their faith, their action to works," Mintle told CBN News. 

"And do what James (in the Bible) talks about, which is not just love this stuff but actually do, and that's where we could coach them on how to do," she continued.

Mintle says Jesus, while on Earth, modeled a twofold ministry.

"He went about doing life, and whatever they had to do, people were... moving and doing things in their daily life, and in the process, the gospel came up," Mintle said. "It was just one of those things that came sort of organically."

"And millennials love that because it's authentic, and it's genuine," she added.

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