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U.K. Muslim Speaks Out: Sick of Those Who Say Terrorism Has Nothing to do with Islam


29-year old Hamid Jan Kakar is an Afghan immigrant who lives in London. He's a Muslim who feels he must boldly speak out about the Manchester terror attack and share some misconceptions about terrorism and his faith.

Kakar says he's fed up with people who say terrorism has nothing to do with Islam.

He lived in Kabul when the Taliban ruled and he says it was a dark time in his country's history. He says many Muslims now residing in the United Kingdom would like to do away with democracy and establish sharia law.

He says it's time for Muslims to realize "that these terrorists are followers of Islam." And saying that "Islam is a peaceful religion will not help."

And what does he think is the solution to prevent further acts of terrorism?

Kakar says when Muslims immigrate into western societies, they must be required to renounce their commitment to sharia law, armed jihad, and the establishment of an Islamic caliphate. 

"They must do it."

Watch Gary Lane's interview with this outspoken, courageous Afghan. He says there are many more 
Muslim like him who just need a platform to share their views. 

CBN News is giving him one here.

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