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Indonesian Muslims Block Church 14 Years, Deny Right to Worship

The Taman Yasmin Indonesia Christian Church near Jakarta got all the necessary building permits for their new building 14 years ago.
But it's still not built.
Muslims opposed to construction pressured the Bogor city government to cancel the permits, according to NPR.
So, the church went to court and won, three times, even prevailing at Indonesia's Supreme Court in 2010.
But the church still can't complete the building and worship there. Attempts to do so have been met by threats of violence by Muslims.
Bogor's mayor continues to ignore the court rulings, and it is illegal to enter the church building, which is now just a building frame with a dirt floor.
Andreas Harsono of Human Rights Watch told NPR the church's struggle is an example of Indonesia's growing intolerance.
Alex Paulus, a Christian leader in Bogor, told NPR he is determined to keep fighting, "Because we have permission," and, "It's our right."

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