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UK Politician: Christians Seen as 'Dangerous and Offensive'

A member of Parliament and former leader of Britain's Liberal Democrats says Christians who actively practice their faith are viewed as "dangerous."
Tim Farron resigned his post at the helm of the left wing party in July, saying, "To be a political leader and to live as a committed Christian, to hold faithfully to the Bible's teaching, has felt impossible to me."
In prepared remarks to the ecumenical think tank Theos Tuesday, Farron said  "If you actively hold a faith that is more than an expression of cultural identity… you are deemed to be far worse than eccentric. You are dangerous. You are offensive."
Farron, who is often described in the British media as an evangelical Christian, quit as leader of the "Lib Dems" after two years because of badgering by the media over his positions on social issues.
Farron was repeatedly asked whether he considered gay sex a sin. Avoiding a direct answer, he said "we are all sinners."
Finally in an interview with the BBC during the June general election this year in which he was re-elected , Farron told the BBC that he doesn't think gay sex is sinful.
Farron also flip-flopped on the issue of abortion.  He reportedly once wrote that abortion was wrong, but during this year's campaign said, "I believe that abortion should be safe and legal."

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