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S Korea's Plan to Assassinate Kim Jong-Un: The Hit Squad That Could End It All


North Korea has made sudden progress in its nuclear and missile technology in recent months, and that has experts wondering, how are they doing this?

Meanwhile, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un vows he's going to comple his nuclear weapons program despite sanctions and objections by world leaders.

CBN News has been working to explore what's behind the rogue regime's spike in missile launches and nuclear tests, and uncovering details about a new effort to potentially cut off the head of the snake.

Investigators at MI5 in the United Kingdom believe Iran could be the driver behind North Korea's advances in its nuclear weapons program.

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British officials fear North Korea's sudden nuclear progress might be due to secret support from the Islamic regime in Tehran. The Foreign Office is looking into whether "current and former nuclear states" helped Kim Jong-Un mount nuclear warheads on missiles.

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson confirmed the suspicion to Parliament saying, "There is currently an investigation into exactly how the country has managed to make this leap in technological ability."

While Iran tops the list of countries possibly giving assistance, Russia is also in the spotlight.

Riki Ellison, of the Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance, warns that China should also be considered.

"Peking, the capitol of China is very close to North Korea. So all those nuclear weapons, 20 to 30 ballistic missiles can strike Peking. (Yet) they are not too concerned about that," Ellison said.

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Meanwhile, the international community is taking a different approach.

The UN Security Council unanimously approved tougher sanctions capping North Korea's oil imports and banning textile exports. That's a key source of revenue, which according to several sources accounted for more than $700 million of North Korea's exports last year—or about 26 percent of total exports—nearly all of which went to China.

The U.S. estimates the sanctions could take $1.3 billion in annual revenue away from the rogue nation.

"We are done trying to prod the regime to do the right thing. We are now acting to stop it from having the ability to continue doing the wrong thing," U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said.

But will these sanctions be enough?

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Some say the world needs to completely cut out North Korea from the map of geopolitics. Harry Kazianis of the Center for the National Interest is one of them.

"That means you will have to go to China, tell the Chinese government that they can't money launder anything through North Korea anymore. That means Trump is going to have to warn the banks of China and others that are helping them," Kazianis said.

If those measures don't work, CBN News confirmed with Pentagon sources that South Korea is forming its own hit squad to potentially eliminate North Korean leadership.

Plans are underway to establish a Special Forces or "decapitation" unit by the end of the year, the South Korean defense minister told lawmakers in Seoul.

In preparation, the military is preparing helicopters and transport planes to penetrate North Korea at night so that the forces, known as the Spartan 3000, can carry out raids.

Rarely does a government announce a strategy to assassinate a head of state, but South Korea says it wants to keep the North aware of the consequences of continuing to develop its nuclear arsenal.

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