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You Won't Believe What a German School Told a Christian Girl to Do So Muslim Students Wouldn't Beat Her

Little girl hijab
Little girl hijab
The headmaster of a German school in Frankfurt am Main told the mother of a student she should dress her daughter in a hijab, or Muslim head covering, so that Muslim students would stop bullying the girl.
The woman told the German newspaper Bild, "My daughter was so massively bullied in her school by Muslim girls that we had to take her out of school for protection.
She said her daughter was being mocked and beaten up because, "She had blond hair, no headscarf, has a German-Hebrew name, and we are Christians."
"My daughter had a nervous breakdown in fifth grade," she continued. "She had bruises and massive fear of going to school."
The headmaster's remedy was for the girl to wear a headscarf.
The family has since changed schools and reported that the girl was no longer bullied.

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