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80 Cars Torched in Sweden Monday Night – Was it Antifa? 


Black clad youths in masks were responsible for burning 80 cars in several Swedish cities Monday night.

As many as 60 youths went on a rampage in the Gothenburg area, Sweden's second largest city.  

One report said that only two suspects have been arrested.

The arsonists dressed like the left-wing radical group Antifa and used social media to coordinate the attack.  One witness said, "They acted like a team, absolutely. It was organized. They knew exactly what they were going to do."

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven was infuriated by the violence, and was reported to have asked of the attackers, "What the hell are you doing?"

The Swedish election will be held in three weeks and the attacks will likely hurt Löfven and Sweden's left-wing parties and help the right-wing Sweden Democrats, who want to put the brakes on uncontrolled immigration and rising crime. 

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