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Crying Activist Goes Viral for Blocking Deportation of Afghan, but the True Story Is Really Ugly


There is more to the story of an Afghan migrant whose deportation from Sweden was blocked by an activist who filmed it on Facebook Live, which then went viral on social media. 

The Afghan man who was "rescued" had served jail time for assaulting his wife and daughters, according to the Swedish news website, Fria Tider.

On July 23rd, Swedish activist Elin Ersson refused to take her seat on a flight until the Afghan man was removed from the plane. She said she had heard that among the passengers onboard was an Afghan man who was being deported and that he would be killed if he was sent back to his native Afghanistan.  

The video of Ersson's protest was watched by millions of people and was portrayed as an act of heroism. But Ersson later admitted she didn't know anything about the man.

The Afghan, who has not been identified, was convicted for beating his wife and children and served nine months in prison, according to Nyheter Idag, but this was reportedly not why he was deported.

He whipped his daughters with a cord and struck his wife so hard she fell to the floor, and then he reportedly grabbed her head and pounded it against the floor.

Meanwhile, Christian asylum seekers in Sweden are often the real victims of the nation's policy of deportations. CBN News has reported the shocking case of Aideen Strandsson who is actually facing life-threatening danger if deported to Iran.

Faced with a huge political backlash over its open door immigration policy, Sweden has begun sending some migrants back, even if it means certain torture or death; a violation of the Geneva Convention.

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