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They Still Believe in Santa Claus, so Can They Really Decide on Experimental Fertility Surgery?


Children with gender dysphoria or "gender-confused" children should "consider freezing their reproductive tissue." At least that's what the United Kingdom's Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) says – making that recommendation for children who may want to change their sex or take puberty-blocking hormones. 

HFEA, which is the UK's "independent regulator overseeing fertility treatment and research," is giving the advice for children they say may feel they were born in the wrong body, according to The Christian Institute.

"Puberty blockers – drugs which delay the onset of puberty – are almost always followed by cross-sex hormones, and so the HFEA has written particular guidance for pre-pubescent children, who are unable to have their eggs or sperm frozen," writes The Christian Institute in its report.

Is sexuality and fertility treatment something that pre-pubescent children even understand?

"Potentially life-changing decisions like these are beyond the capabilities of primary school children," Chris McGovern, chairman of the Campaign for Real Education, told the Institute.

McGovern pointed out that children in this age group still believe in "Father Christmas" (Santa Claus) and other fairytales.

Another serious concern: The idea of collecting and storing reproductive tissue is experimental.

"Furthermore, in cases of stored testicular tissue, the guidance admitted it is currently 'unclear' how fertility could be restored, and there have been no successful attempts," the article says.

McGovern also says what they are doing is further promoting transgender ideas to youngsters.

"Adults are foisting their neuroses on children. It is unfair and could have potentially devastating consequences," he said.

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