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Is Queen Elizabeth Related to the Prophet Muhammad?

A group of academics and journalists in the United Kingdom have connected an 11th century Muslim princess to today's British royal family. With everything royal in the headlines due to the upcoming royal wedding - this story is getting lots of buzz.
According to The Conversation's website, the group has traced the British royal family tree back 43 generations linking Queen Elizabeth II and the Prophet Muhammad.
Burke's Peerage, a British authority on royal pedigrees, first published the findings in 1986.
But the Daily Mail reports, the claim recently resurfaced after a Moroccan newspaper said it had traced the queen's lineage back to the Prophet.
Experts say the Muslim Princess Zaida, was thought to be the offspring of Muhammed's daughter, Fatima, and her husband, Ali. She reportedly fled her home town of Seville in the 11th century before converting to Christianity.
Zaida's bloodline then made it's way to England during her engagement to Spanish King Alfonso VI of León-Castile. Their offspring eventually descended to Isabel Pérez of Castile, who was sent to England to marry the Earl of Cambridge, Richard of Conisburgh in the 14th century.
When the claim first surfaced in 1986, Burke's publishing director wrote to the-then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher calling for increased security for the royal family.  
"The royal family's direct descent from the prophet Mohammed cannot be relied upon to protect the royal family forever from Muslim terrorists," he wrote to Thatcher. "It is little known by the British people that the blood of Mohammed flows in the veins of the queen. However, all Muslim religious leaders are proud of this fact."
According to the Daily Mail, genealogical records of early-medieval Spain also support the claim and it has also been verified by Ali Gomaa, the former grand mufti of Egypt.
Some historians still dispute the claim, theorizing that Zaida was just an ordinary outsider "who gained access into the family's inner circle" through her marriage.

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