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No, the World Is Not Strapped to a 'Doomsday Device' - Stop Wasting Money on Climate Change



World leaders are huddled in Glasgow, Scotland for another money-wasting, carbon-belching "high-stakes" United Nations' climate summit, trying their hardest – in between posh lunches and photo ops – to set useless emissions-reduction targets.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson opened the summit by saying the world is strapped to a "doomsday device."

Yes, it is Boris, but the doomsday device is not climate change. 
I have a question for world leaders and for everyone who thinks we're all about to die from climate change:

What is the Earth's normal temperature? I didn't ask for the average temperature. That is 61 degrees Fahrenheit.

The answer is that we don’t know the Earth’s normal temperature because it’s been all over the map since the dawn of history.

Here is what we do know:

We know it was once so cold that Chicago was buried under one mile of solid ice; ice that eventually melted and helped create the Great Lakes. 

We know that there was a *real* climate crisis in the 1930s, with record-setting heat – much hotter than today – that forced three and half million real climate refugees to flee parts of the Midwest and Great Plains, many of whom would migrate to California. 

We also know it was warmer during the Renaissance and during the time of Christ than it is today.

And in those days, nary an SUV to be found. 

Climate changes. Sometimes man contributes to it, but there's no sign of a crisis. In fact, predictions of climate doomsday have been wrong for decades. 

Moderately higher temperatures and CO2 help plants grow better. People live longer. 

Rising sea levels? Sea levels have been rising since the end of the last ice age. 

And no, we're not seeing an increase in catastrophic weather events. This year's mild Hurricane season has been another disappointment for the doomsayers. Wildfire burn acreage is down 90% from the 1920s and 30s. Theoretical Physicist Dr. Steve Koonin who served in the Obama administration says that "almost no severe weather event shows any detectable trend."  

How about the claim that climate change could make parts of the Earth uninhabitable? It already has. They're called the North and South Poles.

But the climate has been weaponized to achieve a left-wing political agenda; one that goes beyond the ridiculous $93 trillion "Green New Deal" to a dystopian future called the "degrowth movement." 

If these climate activists get their way, it will mean fewer possessions and less income, and you'll be eating bugs for dinner.  

And we'll all be downgraded to 100 percent renewable energy, with skyrocketing energy bills and regular blackouts. This winter is but a preview as even the price of previously cheap natural gas has now spiked in the U.S. 

The real "doomsday device" strapped to the Earth is the poverty-inducing climate agenda being forced upon us to fix a non-existent problem. 

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