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chinaconnection 02/04/08

China and the Candidates: Super Tuesday Preview

For political junkies, the really Super event about this past week had nothing to do with the Giants and Patriots, and has everything to do with this Tuesday.  The number of potential candidates has dwindled, but the passion and conviction of those still in the race continues to ignite hundreds of thousands of voters.

While China probably isn't the most substantial voting issue for the vast majority of the country, here's the Cliffs Notes versions of the candidates' stance on China:

Hillary Clinton:Clinton wants to cooperate with China on issues like energy and the environment, particularly within the context of international institutions.  Clinton's been critical of the current trade deficit with China and human rights concerns within the country.

Mike Huckabee: On the one hand, Huckabee says that China's becoming a greater part of the mainstream, and not a huge threat to national security.  On the other hand, has been very critical of the balance of our trade relationship and China's growing influence in the U.S. 

John McCain: McCain favors free trade, but isn't prepared to give Chinese businesses a free ride.  In terms of intellectual property rights concerns or questionable trade practices, McCain will use pressure and the dispute mechanisms of the WTO. 

Barack Obama:Obama has very vocal against China's currency valuation and questioned the safety of Chinese exports to the U.S.  At the same time, he also has an adoring fan base of ex-pats in China, and has admired the number of scientists and engineers that graduate from Chinese institutions.

Ron Paul:Paul has been very critical of China's government and favors engaging with China in order to transform its political structure towards a capitalist democracy.  He also wants China to remove several barriers that prevent free trade.    

Mitt Romney: Romney has been especially vocal on issues relating to US-China trade relations, and his primary experience in China has been business related.  Expect Romney to capitalize on his business skills and relationships, and to strengthen mutual economic relations.

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