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Compulsive Spender Blasts Away Debt

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Debbie White - 700 Club Producer

A few years ago, Lori was $30,000 in debt spread across sixteen credit cards.

“I was drowning. I thought I would be in debt for the rest of my life.”

It all started at a low point in Lori’s life when she started buying things to cope with her pain.

“I was engaged to somebody and we broke up and then 6 months later, my mother passed away. I just started using those credit cards like crazy. I just bought things that were not going to leave me like my two important people did.”

Lori tried to get back on track financially – but no matter what she did, she still struggled to pay down her debts.

“I worked three jobs, I worked 7 days a week,” Lori says.  “I actually did decide to use a credit counseling company and they made me cut up all of those credit cards.”

During that time, Lori’s new boyfriend Craig invited her to church.  A few weeks later, she attended a bible study where she learned about tithing. 

Lori says, “I remember Malachi 3:10 says, ‘Test me in this, says the Lord Almighty, and see that I won’t open the flood gates of heaven and pour down the blessings.’”

With the encouragement of Craig and other church members, Lori began to tithe.

“As soon as I started tithing,” Lori says, “things started falling into place for me and the debt started going away. I was able to pay off all the cards, I was able to save money.”

Lori and Craig married, and one of the first steps they took as newlyweds was to join The 700 Club.  Craig had been a member for years, and Lori decided to become one as well.

Craig says, “I’ve always trusted The 700 Club. I see the difference that The 700 Club makes in people’s lives.

Lori adds, “I see hope.  And I see people taking care of other people.”

Recently, Craig and Lori increased their pledge to become members of the Founders Club.

Craig says, “It was right when they were having the floods in Texas, and I knew that The 700 Club would help them and I knew that increasing my giving at that time would be used for the best.”

The couple was able to purchase a new home…with cash.  Lori has received three promotions in her job and has no more credit card debt.

Lori says, “I never thought I could live without a piece of plastic in my wallet. It really wasn’t security and I know that now. I don’t have to owe anybody anything.”

“We make sure that we pay the tithe first,” Craig says. “And then we always have plenty extra. I’ve seen the difference it makes in our life.”

Lori says, “I’m a living example of what can happen.  I had to test him and He passed with flying colors.”

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