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The 700 Club - August 15, 2011

Billy Wilson shares about the upcoming Cry Out America 9/11 prayer gatherings, and the story of Mark Detrick who struggled with a porn addiction until he made himself accountable to a group of Christian brothers.


Today, an exclusive look inside a North Korean labor camp, one the government says doesn't exist. The outside world certainly doesn't know what is going on, and very little from the inside comes out. Plus . . . . . The instinct was to hide it. .. a husband with a secret . . . . I was enslaved to that sin. . . . . comes clean to his wife. I was more in shock than anything. Well, welcome to The 700 Club. They say perception is reality in politics, and you can win a straw poll with all the media and attention, and suddenly it is a big deal. It didn't used to be that big a deal when I won it. But, nevertheless, Michele Bachmann won it, and now one of the candidates is out. Tim Pawlenty left the race, and Rick Perry from Texas, the, I guess, present governor of Texas, joined the field. David Brody is going to tell us more about it. Terry. Well, there are lots of changes in the wings, as you’ve said. Let's hear what David has to say about it. Michele Bachmann and her husband celebrate as the so-called “Queen of the Tea Party” now claims a new title: Iowa GOP frontrunner. God has mightily put His hand of blessing upon this nation. We can never think that we did this ourselves. It was an almighty God that gave this to us and to Him we owe honor, and praise, and blessing. Bachmann’s win at the Ames straw poll proved her campaign's organizational strength, especially with evangelicals. We have enjoyed Michele Bachmann. She's a godly woman. Bachmann relied heavily on church-goers who came on buses and even an 80-car caravan. But the Iowa native can expect stiff competition here for the important evangelical vote. I declare to you today as a candidate for the president of the United States. Iowa supporters of Rick Perry watched with excitement as the Texas governor made his entry official. He supports prayer and Christian beliefs. The Bachmann campaign tells CBN News that they will take the fight to Perry, and that was evident Sunday evening when both candidates campaigned at the same event in Waterloo. If we don’t have a president of the United States that gets America working again, we are in trouble. We know that Michele Bachmann is going to have to contend with Rick Perry out here. They’re going to appeal to evangelicals, both of them, but if Sarah Palin gets in the race, well, that could change everything. Palin could potentially take away votes from both, and she told CBN News that her decision is coming in short order. (Interviewing): And is that short order by the end of September, October? You think September? Yes, I think that that is a fair timeline for people, because fall time, they can start getting engaged with different campaigns. But still thinking about it, and really, really desiring to be a participant in the positive change that needs to happen in this country. This fight may well be defined by which candidate can combine a fiscal Tea Party message along with one filled with traditional values. One guy who knows about that won the last straw poll. The mistake being made by some is to say these value issues don't matter this year. You'll find out as everyone will find out it matters a lot this year, because without strong families, you can't have a strong economy. This is one of 68 counties that I have visited now in Iowa. Rick Santorum embraced that message, spending more time in Iowa than any other candidate, and he came in fourth. Rick Santorum: We can't have a strong economy, for example, unless we have people that live good and decent moral lives. A third place finish meant the end of the road for Tim Pawlenty, who dropped out of the race on Sunday. Perhaps the loudest message from this weekend is that there are still many votes to be won. I’m keeping my eyes and ears open right now. I’m not making any decisions yet. I don't have opinions yet. You’re waiting. It’s early. I’m still deciding. It's too early. Not only early, but with a handful of fall debates on the horizon with a possible new formidable contender in Perry, the landscape will just continue to change at a pretty rapid pace before voters in Iowa become the first to go to the polls in early February. David Brody, CBN News, reporting from Des Moines, Iowa. Well, that win of that straw poll in Ames indicates that Michele has got a really strong organization in Iowa, and the chances are, with the evangelicals having such a prominent role in that state's Republican Party, that she can carry it through to the significant caucuses, which actually count, which would be in the early part of next year. But with Pawlenty out, Michele could take Minnesota which used to have a caucus. I guess they still do. She could take South Dakota, which has a primary, but it is a small turnout on a primary. She could probably take Kansas and those states, and then she could begin to branch out. But that gives her a core that would be very significant. With Pawlenty out, she would have Iowa and Minnesota, for sure, and several other states, and she starts picking up some delegates. But it’s going to be a big, big fight to take to the big states. You've got to look at Pennsylvania and New York and New Jersey and Texas. I guess Rick Perry takes Texas. So it’s going to be an interesting race. But we welcome Governor Perry, and we also congratulate Michele Bachman whom, I might add, now has a degree from Regent Law School. She went to ORU, but ORU gave their law school to Regent. And so I think she has a degree from Regent. But we're proud of her. It will be interesting what is going to happen. Well, you can see more of David Brody's exclusive interview with Sarah Palin on the Brody File on CBN News. Lee Webb has the rest of our top stories as we begin this interesting week in history. Pat, investors hope they can breathe easier this week. There were some wild swings on Wall Street, of course, last week, of more than 400 points for four straight days. The Dow opens at just 175 points below where it was before that roller coaster ride began. USA Today surveyed 39 economists, who now place the chance of another economic downturn at 30 percent. That’s twice as high as three months ago. The bright spot for consumers: the price of oil is down by 15 percent since July. That could bring gas prices down 50 cents a gallon in the next month. That's very important about how quickly something like falling energy prices can affect your budget. Gold is the other bright spot. So many investors are turning to it now as a safe haven. EBay has even launched a separate area for buyers and sellers of gold. It hit a new record high of above 1,800 dollars last week before falling back. President Obama’s health care law took a blow when a federal appeals court ruled the individual mandate is unconstitutional. A three-judge pane of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals sided with 26 states that sued to block the law. The individual mandate requires Americans to buy health insurance. The court struck it down, though. It ruled, “What Congress cannot do is mandate that individuals enter into contracts with private insurance companies for the purchase of an expensive product from the time they are born until the time they die.” Other courts have ruled both in favor and against the law. Jay Sekulow, with the American Center for Law and Justice, calls the ruling “a critical step forward in undoing Obamacare.” The case is expected to go all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, and we will have an in depth analysis of the ruling and the future of the health care plan later this week on The 700 Club. Pat, it seems to me if the detractors in Massachusetts want to undo Mitt Romney’s health care plan, they’ve got a legal standing it seems like. Well, that health care plan, Pawlenty was calling it Romneycare, or Obamneycare, I guess it was. That isn’t going to do him a lot of good as the primaries unfold. But the thing about this particular ruling, normally speaking, if one area of a law is decreed as unconstitutional, the entire law folds. In this ruling, the 11th Circuit said, “No, we're going to sustain the rest of the law.” But how do they do that? And I think if it gets to the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court will say, “No, this was the centerpiece of the law.” If it falls, the rest of it falls with it. Unless you have a severability clause written into a law, if one part goes, the rest of it goes. At least that's the way I understood it. But the 11th Circuit seemed to disagree with that. But nevertheless, it was a stinging ruling having to do with the broad reach of Congress in this area. It was an absolutely stretch of the commerce clause beyond anything that we’ve had so far in history, forcing somebody under penalty to buy a product. And as they said, from the time they’re born to the time they die, it just isn’t constitutional. I don’t believe, and I think the Supreme Court is going to uphold the 11th Circuit ruling, although there will be some conflicts of the circuits, which will get it to the court rather quickly. Lee. Pat, British Prime Minister David Cameron says his country must confront its, quote, “slow-motion moral collapse.” Last week, riots in the UK left five people dead and caused at least 350 million dollars in damages. Cameron says the country has been dragged down by the laziness and selfishness of many of its citizens, but he says the riots served as a wake-up call. Cameron says Britain now faces a battle to find its moral compass. The government will spend the next few weeks creating new policies to help build a stronger society. The world is standing silent while Christians in Muslim countries are being killed, and their killers are being honored. That is the view of Cheryl Halpern. She is the former head of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. That group, of course, provides some of the funding for National Public Radio and PBS. Writing on the American Thinker website, Halpern says, “Today, Christians, regardless of affiliation, are being systematically harassed, persecuted, and murdered throughout the Middle East, the region of the globe from which Christianity first emerged. Churches have been bombed and those attending Christian services have been killed. Christian homes have been ransacked, and cemeteries have been destroyed. Converts from Islam to Christianity are considered apostates and subject to severe punishment. This can only be called religious cleansing on a vast scale.” Halpern says political and religious leaders must stand up to Islamic governments that tolerate and promote that kind of persecution. And you can find a link to her entire column on CBNNews.com. Some startling and sobering comments from someone connected to PBS, Pat. Well, I think head of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, absolutely, former head. And what she said is true. But where is the outrage? Where is the outrage from the so-called liberal media? Where is the outrage throughout the world at what’s happening? And to anybody who would applaud Islam and say it is a religion of peace, have ceremonies celebrating various Ramadan observances in the White House, et cetera, et cetera, is just wrong. And you look at Saudi Arabia, you can go to jail in Saudi Arabia for even possessing Christian literature. It is terrible what is happening, and yet these are our so-called buddies. It is time the United States take a moral stand, which we are not doing. Speaking of stands and interesting things that are happening, we have a dear friend in Hungary who has had the biggest, most successful church in that country. His name is Sandor Nemeth. And he sent me this e-mail, which said, quote . . . . . . . . “In a recent 700 Club show by ATV, Faith Church, Hungary.” He said mine was dubbed into Hungarian that “Christians in the Middle East were being persecuted by Muslims.” . . . . Now, “that single reference was brought enough for an Islamic group in Budapest to file a complaint to the National Broadcasting Authority. The authority agreed with the objection made by the Muslims. Faith Church then took the issue to court.” . . . . “The judge reviewing the case ruled that the Broadcasting Authority was wrong to criticize ATV, and that the statement made by me was accurate. This ruling is a big breakthrough for ATV and all other Hungarian . . . . “channels who now have greater freedom to bring public attention to Muslim issues. The Islamic group even had to pay court costs. Well, it just shows how far they'll go if we say Christians are being persecuted, which is the story we just ran from the former head of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, saying it amounts to religious cleansing throughout the Middle East. And they bring a lawsuit in Hungary to try to silence somebody who aired my program in Hungarian. Hey, that’s interesting. You're on the front lines, ladies and gentlemen, and it has worldwide consequences. Terry. Important to pray. To pray and take a stand. Absolutely. Absolutely. Well, coming up, hundreds of thousands of people experiencing Hell on earth. Two out of five prisoners die, often due to malnutrition. Food is very scarce. They work at least 10 hours a day for seven days a week. The outside world certainly doesn’t know what’s going on. The labor camp North Koreans swear doesn't exist, after this Coming up later . . . . My instinct was to hide it. . . . . a husband with a secret . . . . I was enslaved to that sin. . . . . comes clean to his wife. I was more in shock than anything. How her next move shocked him. He wasn't expecting that reaction. This is the information retailers don't want you to know, especially now. They don't want you to learn just how much money you've been giving away to retail markups on items you purchase for your home, all because you don't know how to buy like the insiders do at DirectBuy Club, the home improvement and furnishings club with direct insider prices. When you go to DirectBuy, you know that things are going to be a lot less than retail, and you don't have to worry about sales. It's just one price, and it's a low price, too. 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It isn’t enough to talk about human rights. You can't conceive of what is there. I read a book called The Aquariums of Pyongyang, people who had been there. Well, those speak out against that regime are routinely tortured, killed, or sent to labor camps that defy description, they’re so horrible. Well, there is new evidence which exposes just how bad the conditions are inside those prison camps. George Thomas has more from Seoul, South Korea. The notion that hundreds of thousands of people can exist without almost any rights in some of the worst circumstances that we’ve documented in the last 50 years is simply intolerable. It is perhaps one of the world's most secret prison camps. The outside world certainly doesn’t know what’s going on, and very little from the inside comes out. The very little that has come out paints a very disturbing picture. Seventy miles from the North Korean capital Pyongyang. So this camp is located in a series of steep river valleys. Officials call it “Kwanliso,” or Re-education Center Number 15. But those who languish in here know it as “Yodok.” The idea that a country can treat its own citizens this poorly on such a systematic level is simply unacceptable. Very little is known about Yodok, because very few people have left it. Yodok is thought to hold some 50,000 North Korean prisoners. Now, new satellite images obtained by the human rights group Amnesty International show that Yodok is growing. Amnesty compared the latest pictures with satellite imagery taken 10 years ago. There are more prisoner housing facilities, more guard units, additional agricultural farming areas. There's also a fish farm that has actually grown slightly in size since 2001. And finally up at the very top of our image is a mining camp, and there's actually a gold mine that's located there. The regime has repeatedly denied the existence of Yodok. Scott Edwards (Amnesty International): The fact that we would have to rely on satellite imagery just to dispel the government's assertion that these camps don't exist is testament, really, to the scale of the human travesty that might be going on inside. And Amnesty says what is going on inside Yodok is nothing short of hellish. These are places where, based on what we understand, probably two out of five prisoners die often due to malnutrition. Food is very scarce. They work at least 10 hours a day for seven days a week. Yodok is divided into two areas: the Total Control Zone, where prisoners are never released without any proper trials, and the Revolutionary Zone, where conditions are more lenient. But in both areas you are treated like a slave. Even animals are treated better. Kang Chol-Hwan was only nine when he and his family were sent to Yodok prison camp for political crimes. We had no food. We ate anything we could get our hands on: rats, snakes, frogs, insects. We just had to find a way to survive. CBN News showed him the images of the camp he once lived in. Even though it happened a long time ago, when I look at the satellite pictures I can still remember everything I saw and endured. He’s now concerned about what he sees in the new pictures. The camp definitely looks bigger. For example, these new buildings for prison guards weren't there before. I can only assume that that means there are more prisoners being held, and therefore more security is needed. Kang spent 10 years in Yodok before escaping to China in 1992. He wrote about his experiences in The Aquariums of Pyongyang. He was the first person to reveal to the world the existence of the Yodok prison camp. The thing I remember the most about in the camp is how the prison guards would kill people for no reason. I witnessed many people being executed. Kang now lives in South Korea. He's a journalist for one of the country's largest newspapers. Reports from inside Yodok are hard to come by. In 2004, a Japanese television station aired what it claimed was footage from inside the camp. But Kang and others who have managed to escape testify to stories of torture, starvation, and routine executions. On July 22, 1999, I was arrested on suspicion of spying by the national security agency. Jeong Kyoung-il also spent time in Yodok. He was one of the few prisoners released, but only after being severely tortured. While he was in the Yodok labor camp, Mr. Kyoung-il says the prison guards performed a particularly harsh procedure on him. It’s called “the Pigeon Torture.” (Seoul): In essence, the prisoner is held from the wall with his hands tied behind his back, and he’s put in this position for days on end. This happened repeatedly. It's like you are hanging upside down. Your muscles tense up, and your chest sticks out like a bird. I thought I was going to die. Amnesty International believes several other labor camps in addition to Yodok are operating in remote parts of the country. We understand that there are at least six political prisoner camps, and these are vast areas. These are huge areas. And there is, we think, a total population of around 200,000 people. Jung Sung-san has spent the past few years highlighting the plight of his countrymen. He escaped from North Korea in 1995. He also did time in a labor camp. In 2006, he directed The Yodok Story, a musical drama about life in North Korea's labor camps. My father was stoned to death in a labor camp, so to honor his life, I decided to show people what life is like in these camps. The world has to realize that there is a country today that tortures its people. Something has to be done to put an end to this regime. That may not happen anytime soon. North Korea's dictator has reportedly tapped his 27-year-old son to take over next year. And reports are that human rights conditions are only getting worse as the regime makes the leadership transition. George Thomas, CBN News, Seoul, South Korea. Ladies and gentlemen, it's true. It's true. This is true. And it’s one of those things that is a blot on the human race. This is like a cancer, a putrefying sore that is in the body politic of the world. And it’s time the world stood against that and overturned it. Where did those people come from? Well, the north and the south were together. As a matter of fact, there it was a time there were more churches in North Korea than almost any other country on the earth. It is a tremendous unified place, North and South Korea. But during the Korean War in 1950, the Russians began to take control of North Korea. And what happened is they took a lieutenant colonel and established him as head of that country, Kim Jong-Il. And he was the head man. And his son has been the dictator ever since. And now the son wants to put his son in charge. And they have venerated him. They treat him like he’s some kind of a god, when he was nothing more than a lieutenant colonel put in power by the Russians. But the hellish nature of that regime, once more, I have said that if South Korea, which is our ally, and one that we built from the ashes, if that country would merely open its doors to people from North Korea escaping through China, that North Korea would be depopulated, and it could not exist. It would be that simple. It wouldn't have to go to war or anything. Just open your doors and let them come in. And the South Koreans so far have refused to do that, because they don't know who will come in, or whether it will be subversive or whatever, so they refuse to do it. But that's the answer. These North Koreans can escape into China, but the Chinese repatriate them, send them back. It is a hellish situation, not only to mention the fact they have nuclear weapons. They sell nuclear technology to places like Pakistan. And a good third of the gross domestic product goes for military. Awful! Ghastly! It should be destroyed by the nations of the world. But I’m not one to advocate war, because I think it would be really tough on South Korea if the north starts dropping bombs in Seoul, which is right there on the border. But, nevertheless, something needs to be done. We need to close that nasty mess down. Terry. Well, up next, a husband who battled a secret addiction. I would look at this stuff and then just feel horrible about it. I would shut it off for weeks, sometimes a month or two at a time; but there would always be that drawback into it, that I would give myself over to it. Watch what happened when he confessed to his wife, after this. Got a question for Pat? Send us yours now on CBN.com. We’ll Bring It Online with your questions from our live chat room, later on today’s 700 Club. 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He'd be struggling with an addiction since he was seven years old, just a little boy. And Holly never suspected a thing until the day Mark confessed. Mark Detrick fought a 30-year long battle with pornography. His struggle started when he was a little boy. I was about seven years old. We would get the Christmas catalogs. We were all excited about toys and things like that, but they always had clothing in them as well. So women’s lingerie was really the entrance. At church he learned his infatuation with women’s lingerie ads was a sin. I’m drawn to this, but now I know that I’m not supposed to do it, so the instinct was to hide it; and that was the entrance into that world. I would say that it was an addiction, but that’s not my preferred terminology. I really would say that I was enslaved to that sin. Growing up, Mark and his friends found pornographic magazines. Later when the Internet took off, so did his desire to see more pornography. I guess what you could say, really a steep downhill decline into that dark world. There would be almost what I guess you would call “binge feeding” on it. Then Mark heard people at a business meeting talking about how important God was in their lives. And I remember weeping and driving to get back from that meeting to be in church the next day. He prayed that night and the next morning, he went forward at church to commit his life to Christ. I really sensed the presence of the Holy Spirit. I felt remorse for sin and was repentant. And there just was some really dramatic changes that came in my life. Not long after that, Mark met a Christian woman named Holly. They married. While many of his bad habits stopped immediately, he was still tempted by pornography. And for 11 years, he kept his secret from his wife. I would look at this stuff, and then just feel horrible about it. I would shut it off for weeks, sometimes a month or two at a time. But there would always be that draw back into it that I would give myself over to it. He realized he needed to get help. I called a friend of mine and we talked and he invited me to this Bible study he had just started. And that very first night was the first time I ever unloaded my story to anybody. And there was actually, it was kind of a mixed emotion at that time. So he locked arms with me and started to walk with me and encourage me in some things that I could do to put some guardrails up in my life, to keep me from going over the edge. Once Mark was finally free from the hold pornography had on his life, he knew he had to confess to Holly. If it means that I lose my wife and children, if I lose my career, if it means that I lose my house, and I have to start my life all over again, that that was okay. He finally shared his secret with his wife. So I didn’t know what to do with it for a few days and had panic attacks. I had actually gone to the store by myself, wanting to run, but I didn’t know where to run to. I didn’t want to talk to my friends. It’s not a respectable sin, so it’s not something that you can just talk to your mom and dad about or talk to your friends about. I didn’t know who to talk to. Holly didn’t know if she could stay with Mark. But she says that God spoke to her. It wasn’t an audible voice at all, but it was just this sense of peace that came over me, and it was as clear as a bell that the Lord told me, “You need to love him back to health. That’s what you’re commanded to do, is love him back to health.” And I remember saying, “Lord, that’s not what I want to do. That’s really not what I want to do.” But then it became clear that God had forgiven me for a lot of things. And I knew that if I had to confess something like that to my husband, I would want him to love me back to health. I said, “I think the Lord has told me that I need to love you back to health.” And so he turned around, and he looked at me in shock, because he wasn’t expecting that reaction. It was just experiencing grace all over again, to have her wrap her arms around me, and say what she said in restoration. Mark now wants others to experience the same freedom he’s won over pornography. The heart has to be changed. If the heart isn’t changed, the behavior long term won’t change. So look to Jesus. There really is hope. He is set free. Now, listen, folks. You've got to remember, and people ignore—you say this and people laugh and say, “Oh, you're being an alarmist.” No, I’m not. Seven years old. What is he looking at? He is looking at a lingerie ad in a catalog. There was a minister here talking about Victoria’s Secret and some of the stuff that’s in there. You say, “Well, hey, if you're a normal male and you’re married, it's not a big deal.” But if you're a little boy, those sexual images, whether it is in a comic book or whether it’s in a catalog or whatever, can just stay in your mind if you're a young boy, and grow and fester. And they stay with you for life unless God sets you free. Those things are real. And at that impressionable age, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, something in that age, young boys are getting into puberty, that shock of blatant sexuality will corrupt them for the rest of their lives. So to say, “Well, he is evil or he wanted to sin,” he was a little boy. He was captured. He was captured. So what would you do if somebody was captured, if somebody was taken prisoner by the enemy? You go to and try to get him free. You get him released. And so that's what has got to happen. And God says, “I want you to be free from the bondage of Satan.” And when Jesus Christ died on the cross, He broke the power of Satan. He broke the bonds. But those of you who are captured have got to desire, if you're a captive, you've got to desire to come out. There was a man lying paralyzed at the pool of Siloam, and Jesus said, “Do you want to be healed? Do you want to be free?” You've got to say, “Lord, I want to be free.” And if you say it, God will set you free. And it’s a tough addiction. Nobody is minimizing the problem. But you can be free. You will be free. And you start by saying, “ I’m turning away from it and right now I’m giving my heart to Jesus.” You want to be free. And some of you—it’s women, not just men, who have been hooked by this stuff. It's more and more blatant, more and more open, and it’s very pervasive. Do you want to be free? Say yes. If you do, pray with me right now. Right now, bow your head and pray these words. “Jesus.” Say it. “Jesus, I have been captured. Jesus, I want to be free. Lord, hear my cry. I want to be free. And I know you died to set the captives free. So right now I turn away from pornography, I turn away from sensuality, I turn away from all of that seedy part of my life, and I turn to you, Lord, and I say, Jesus, come now into my heart. Fill me with your Holy Spirit. Reveal yourself to me, Lord, and take me from this moment on. And I thank you that I have been set free and I am redeemed. And from this moment on, you are my Savior, and I am yours. Thank you, Lord, in Jesus' name.” And for those who prayed, I want to pray for you right now. “In the name of Jesus, we bind a spirit of pornography, a spirit of sensuality that has come upon these people. Satan, you are bound. Loose them now. Thank you, Lord.” If you prayed with me, I have two books I want to give you. One is called “A New Day.” It will tell you what happened to you when you just prayed with me. It will tell you how you started a new day. This is a great little teaching. If I did it myself, it’s still a great teaching, 73 minutes, very, very compact, about what it means to have an exchanged life. What happens if you sin? What about the second coming of Jesus? What about the baptism of the Spirit? It’s all here in 73, on a CD. And there’s a little booklet with scriptures that is taken from the CD, over 60 scriptures you can refer to. We also have, if you desire, a book that is called “Trapped in Temptation: 10 Steps to Freedom.” This will help you. You took a bite of the apple. Well, you're going to be free. So call right now, and I want you to say, “I prayed with Pat. I gave my heart to the Lord.” The angels of Heaven are rejoicing over you. Don't be ashamed of what you’ve done. Don’t be ashamed, because people, we make a show of them openly. There are many, many thousands of people who are hooked by pornography, and it is everywhere. So the fact that it’s got you, people are hooked by alcohol, or hooked by drugs or hooked by various things. You are free. Don't be ashamed to say, “I was in this, and now I’m free.” Call 1-800-759-0700. No money involved. It’s all free. Free phone calls. There is somebody at the phone who loves you. But please call. You need to make that declaration of freedom. Say, “I’m free now.” Call in. Terry. Still ahead, a motorcycle accident leaves a man unable to work and his wife unable to pay the bills. Are we going to pay rent, pay for medical care, or were we going to purchase food? See how this family solved their dilemma. That's coming up. It’s incredible to see what God’s faithfulness and your partnership has accomplished through CBN over the past five decades. What began as just a tiny signal that reached to the corner . . . . . . . . has grown into a broadcasting giant, reaching over 100 countries and more than 60 languages. That’s why we’re having a very special, 50 years of broadcasting celebration here in Virginia Beach, the weekend of October 1st,and we want you to be a part of it. The all-day festival includes live entertainment from Mercy Me, Diamond Rio, and the Annie Moses Band. There will be hot air balloon rides, a petting zoo, Irish dancers, an antique car show, hay rides and a whole lot more. Saturday night our host will be Pat Williams of the Orlando Magic. Special guest speaker Reinhard Bonnke, and the Virginia Symphony, and we’ll top it off with a spectacular display of fireworks. On Sunday morning you’ll join the CBN family for a special time of ministry. You can go to CBN.com today to find out more about the event and register to be part of this once in a lifetime jubilee. You’ve been such an important part of this ministry. GRAPHIC: Register at 222.CBN.com/fifty We look forward to having you here with us. As we praise the Lord for all he’s done. God bless you. I’m Bruce Fabrizio, inventor of Simple Green. Our non toxic, biodegradable, all-purpose cleaner works great for cleaning and . . . . . . . . thank you. Non toxic, biodegradable Simple Green. Welcome back to The 700 Club. Terrorists bombed more than a dozen Iraqi cities today. At least 56 people were killed, most of them in the southern city of Kut. That’s 100 miles southeast of Baghdad. The blasts were coordinated to go off in the morning and included a combination of parked car bombs, roadside bombs, and a suicide bomber driving a vehicle that crashed into a police station. Police opened fired on the vehicle when the driver refused to stop at the checkpoint and the vehicle then exploded. No one has claimed responsibility for those attacks. Recent surveys show that CBN programming in Ukraine is becoming increasingly popular. Almost 80 percent of all Ukrainians are aware of CBN programs, and more than a million say the programs have led them to profess faith in Jesus Christ. Some of the programs include the International 700 Club, The 700 Club Interactive program, The 700 Club Russia, and Superbook Club. CBN TV programs air in Ukrainian and Russian. And you can find out more about what CBN is doing around the world by logging on to CBN.com/WorldReach. Pat and Terry will be back after this. My name is Roger Stump, and I’m a cancer survivor. The surgeon said it's inoperable. “It's already in your liver.” My wife, Brenda, sat there and cried; and I'm thinking, “I can't die right now. I'm only 52 years old.” I was so distraught. I've heard Cancer Treatment Centers of America have experience with pancreatic cancers. It was like night and day. The hospital just breeds an environment of hope. You get a CT scan, and the next morning the results were read to you. We’d go up there; I just knew it was going to be a good result. You could just see the joy on Dr. Granik’s face. Call now and we’ll show you how the most compassionate people anywhere put you at the center of everything we do. Together, we'll explore real treatment options you may not even know exist. Cancer Treatment Centers of America. It is such a different place, because they give you hope. I would strongly urge you to call them and get a second opinion. Please call today. From the studio that brought you Fireproof comes a new movie about grace and forgiveness. You can never underestimate the power of grace. The Grace Card. Available now on DVD. Go to TheGraceCardMovie.com. Less than a month from now marks the 10th anniversary of 9/11. In ceremonies nationwide, people are going to be remembering the day that changed America forever. And in churches across our country, Christians will be praying. Take a look. The World Trade Center. Tower number one is on fire. It was a wakeup call, a foreshadowing of our future. The world trade center has collapsed. Building two has collapsed. But it has been 10 years, and nothing seems stable anymore. Obamacare bill for abortion . . . . I feel so vulnerable now. Jihad is coming. To tell us more about Cry Out America, please welcome back to The 700 Club, Billy Wilson. Billy it’s great to have you here. Thank you, Terry. Good to be with you. It’s still jarring to watch that video. And as we come up on this 10-year anniversary date of this tragedy, we’re going to be hearing so much about it. Tell me about Cry Out America, it’s premise, why you started this. Sure. Terry, four years ago, we began Cry Out America as a prayer initiative on 9/11 to call the nation to prayer, to seek God's face on this day that all of us remember. We can tell you where we were, what we were doing on 9/11, if we were alive during that time. And we're asking believers all across the nation to join together for a new Christ awakening. We've sort of said, and one of the greatest wakeup calls physically of our generation, 9/11, we’re issuing a new spiritual wakeup call, that we need a new spiritual awakening in America. And we’re asking Christians to join with us in prayer. So this is our fourth year, and it has been very exciting to see the growth of this on the grassroots level. And the previous, I guess, gatherings you’d call them, for this, have been at courthouses. What's the significance or the symbolism? Well, we've been calling people to gather at the place of justice to pray for God’s righteousness and God’s mercy on America, that He would not give us judgment as we deserve, but would give us His mercy. But this year on 9/11, it's on a Sunday. And so we're very excited to be calling churches all across America. There will be thousands of churches that on Sunday morning 9/11/11, will be joining together in prayer during their Sunday morning service. And then we’ll be having afternoon gatherings in courthouses and public squares all across America. What kind of response have you gotten? Oh, we're very excited. This effort has grown very quickly across the nation. Last year we had over 850 counties participating in public prayer gatherings, anywhere from 10-15 people to up to 3,000 people in the public square. This year we'll go way over that. I think we’ll be over a thousand for sure. And then we’ll have thousands of churches uniting as well. Last year every county in America with over one million population had a public prayer gathering on 9/11. We feel like this is a sign for us, Terry, that on this day that really means so much to us, that personally I believe was an allowed prophetic sign that what happened on 9/11 in many ways was a signal to our nation of what was coming in the 21st century. We saw the collapse of certainty to a degree that day. Buildings we thought would never fall down did. We saw the meltdown of materialism. We were hit right in our pocketbook in America. And that continues even 10 years later. We saw an atmosphere of apprehension as people became more afraid. And we saw the encroachment of Islam, which has continued even 10 years. So in some ways 9/11 was a prophetic precursor to what we now face even a decade later. And we believe that America needs a spiritual healing. We need a new awakening and we need a spiritual turnaround. The Bible has so many promises to us as God’s children if we’ll pray. Amen. If we will seek His face. How can people who are listening right now, who are saying, “I love what is happening, but I don't think it is happening in my area,” how can they participate? Sure. Well, of course, they can go to the CBN website. They can click through and get to the Awakening America site. We ask pastors all over the nation please to go sign your church up, to join us on 9/11. There are free resources there that will help you in your Sunday morning service. We're not asking people to take the whole Sunday morning, just a moment to pray together in unity, church after church, across all denominational lines, for us to stand together for the spiritual future of our nation. In this time that we’re living, we're not asking everybody to come to Washington, DC or even go to their state capitol. But right in their local church and right in their home county, to unite together for a grassroots move of God to change America for Jesus Christ. Boy, it’s a perfect time. It is a perfect time. If you would like more information on Cry Out America 9/11 . . . . . . . . as he mentioned, just log on to CBN.com. Well, we’ll be praying with you and expecting God to do something powerful. Thank you, terry. We are seeing signs of awakening in America. And I believe. Jonathan Edwards said years ago, father of the first great awakening, that awakenings come when people unite together in extraordinary prayer. So on 9/11 this year, we're asking believers all across the nation to unite with us in extraordinary prayer, that God would hear our cry in American, He would heal our land, and He would turn the tide. Amen. So thank you. Amen. Thank you. Well, still ahead, your questions from our chat room. Esther says, “Last week, my friend was putting her kids to bed when one of her sons said he heard voices in his head telling him to stab her. What's wrong with him, and what can I do to help?” We're going to tackle that question and more when we return. Hi, I'm Howard Dvorkin, the founder of Consolidated Credit. For almost two decades, Consolidated Credit has helped millions of Americans just like you. We can consolidate and reduce your monthly payments by up to 50 percent, save you thousands in interest and fees, and help you get out of debt fast. We've helped over five million people. Let us help you. Call Consolidated Credit now: 1-800-441-1202, 1-800-441-1202. When you look in the mirror, can you imagine erasing years of aging? That's what I used to look like. Lifestyle Lift takes only about an hour. See the difference immediately. I'm Linda. I'm 70 years old. Can you believe it? Call now for a free information kit. It's quick, affordable and takes only about an hour. Lifestyle Lift, a breakthrough medical procedure that helps remove wrinkles, frown lines and sagging skin. Call now for a free information kit. Consultations are free. Call Lifestyle Lift today. Well, after losing his job, Carl Moore and his wife Stacey juggled their bills to make ends meet. But they don't have to do that anymore. Here is why. Carl Moore was riding his motorcycle home when he was hit head on by another motorcycle. Rescuers resuscitated him twice, and he was taken by helicopter to the hospital. He survived, but his leg was crushed. It was almost to the point where losing my leg, through many surgeries. They finally got it fixed to the point where I would keep the leg and walk on it. But his leg wasn’t strong enough for him to return to his job as a mason. His wife Stacey worked, but with a loss of Carl’s income, the family faced some difficult choices. Were we going to pay rent? Pay for medical care? Or were we going to purchase food? So with three kids to feed, the Moores turned to Bread of Life outreach and Operation Blessing for help. Operation Blessing made it so that we were still able to get our nutritional needs met and able to care for our family during a very difficult time. Pastor Gary Belles is the founder of Bread of Life, which serves a small county in rural Pennsylvania. He says they count on Operation Blessing’s donations of food and other household supplies. Operation Blessing has been one of our greatest supporters. And we have in our little rural county of about 46,000 people; we have over 1,200 families on our active list. So Operation Blessing has just enabled us to reach out into our community in huge ways that we never could have done by ourselves. Words cannot express our gratitude. It really made a difference as to whether I was going to pay to heat my house or be able to feed my children. And without your help, and not just that month, but there have been countless months, we would have had to do without. We’re all appreciative of what Operation Blessing does. And they have helped us very much. And someday I hope we can do the same, help others as others have helped us. Man, there are people all over America who are suffering or hurting. It just breaks your heart to think of families, people who are able-bodied, want to work, can't find jobs. Some have dropped out of the job market. And I don't know of any place of last resort any longer. The United States government is busted. States are busted. Countries overseas are busted. The European Union is having trouble. Who are we going to look to? There is only one place to look to, and that is to God. We need to do it God’s way. The Bible says, “I’ve been young, and I’m now old, and I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken or his seed begging bread.” God will look after you if you do it His way. We have something I want to make available to you if you want to help those like Billy and others like him. We have a DVD about life beyond the grave. It was very moving when we showed these pictures, and they’re available to you. You can show them over and over again or use them for yourself. Twenty dollars a month and you become a member of The 700 Club. Well, let's move into some questions in the time remaining to us. Go ahead. We’ve got them. This is Esther who says, “Last week my friend told me she was putting her kids to bed when her seven-year-old son said he heard voices in his head telling him to stab her. Now she is really scared. What’s wrong with him, and what can I do to help?” It sounds to me like it’s demonic. I met a girl. She came to see us, asked for help. And she said, “I want to kill my mother.” And we took her into the prayer room, and there were two of us praying, and we cast this demon out of her. And the thing came out. Later I saw her. I said, “How are you doing?” “Oh, I love my mother. Everything is fine.” But that voice, you need to take that boy to somebody who knows how to do deliverance and cast that thing out in the name of Jesus, because he will turn on you if you’re not careful. It’s demonic; it’s not that little boy. It’s not him. Yes. Okay. Okay, this is Rose who says, “I’m tired of begging for my husband's affection. I’ve been praying for God to heal our marriage. I’ve told my husband how I feel, but there is no change on his part. Is it normal for a man to treat his wife like this? What does God say?” No, it isn’t. God says, “Husbands, love your wife as you love your own body.” That’s what it says. “Love your wife. And wives, love your husbands.” That's what God intends is for couples to love one another, and also in terms of affection and sex, the Bible says we're not supposed to withhold that from one another, but to come back together again, lest you get tempted by the devil. I don't know, what gives love? What makes people have love? You might get him to an endocrinologist. It may be he’s a little short of some of those essential male hormones. Or it may be he’s tired in his job. Look at some physical causes and see if you can’t find something. If nothing else, take a week, insist on taking a week or a weekend and go off some place pleasant where you can be together. Get out of the routine, whatever it is. All right. Okay, this is Brittany, who says, “I have a friend who is gay. I want him to become a Christian, so I still hang out with him, and I still minister to him. But I know I Corinthians 5:9 warns us not to associate with, quote, “sexually immoral people.” What do you think?” Look, if you can bless him and help him without him taking you—is that a she writing? It’s a she. And she’s got a male friend that’s homosexual? Well, I don't think there is any danger of him corrupting her and getting her into that lifestyle. Maybe she can help him. That's not the same thing as going out to gay parties. Right, or to gay bars or whatever. Yes. Stay away from that. But if you can help him, he’s looking for help. He’ll respond to love like anybody else. All right. Okay, this is a question from one of our viewers who says, “Pat, I understand you used to be a competitive boxer in your younger days. What did you do, if anything, to get psyched up before entering the ring?” I fought in the Golden Gloves when I was a kid. I was like 15 or 16. And you say psyched up, I was scared to death. That’s psyched up. You'd sit on the floor, because they didn’t have any place for you to sit, and you’d wait until you got in the ring, and there are about 4,000 people screaming for blood. How did you get psyched up? Well, you just did it. It’s training. It’s what happens; your training kicks in. And then when you're in there, you say, “Well, my job is to hit him in the jaw or hit him in the stomach, and keep him from hitting me.” I’m going to try my best. That’s it. Okay, how do you get psyched up? Well, it's training. For all of these things, really you rely on the training. Well, tomorrow the CEO of Masterbuilt shows you how to master smoking good food. Ooh, yes! And today, we leave you with these words from Deuteronomy . . . . “All these blessings shall come upon you and overtake you, because you obey the voice of the Lord your God.” See you tomorrow. Bye, bye. Here at CBN, we see amazing things happen when we stand together. That’s why we want to say thank you to the thousands of you . . . . . . . . who recently pledged to join The 700 Club. Your monthly gift makes it possible to bring crucial help to those who need it most. You help heal the sick, feed the hungry . . . . . . . . and preach the Gospel across America and throughout the world. You’ve brought health and hope to people in desperate need. And changed their lives forever. When Kitty was abandoned by her parents, she went to live with her grandmother in the middle of a garbage dump. They ate scraps of food from the dump and tried not to get bitten by the rats. That's when you built them a new home and set up a small clothing business near the market for Kitty's grandmother. You rescued them from hunger and fear. So please watch for this mailing and send in your pledge. This year millions will know . . . . The love and saving power of Jesus Christ. And that only happens, because you were there.


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