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The 700 Club: August 19, 2009

Paul Wilbur comes to the 700 Club to perform and share about his music ministry. Also, a stripper finds a new life in Christ.


The 700 Club Daily Broadcast Wednesday, August 19, 2009 GORDON ROBERTSON: Well, welcome to The 700 Club. Support for a government-run public option in the health care plan is falling. So the new word on the debate is “cooperatives,” or co-op for short. KRISTI WATTS: But the question is, Gordon, do people actually understand what co-ops are or actually how they work? Well, David Brody has that story from Washington. CARE DAVID BRODY: As if the healthcare debate could get any more confusing, now get ready to figure out what a healthcare co-op is all about. With the government-run option losing steam nationally, co-ops are the new talk inside the beltway. But what are they and how would they be different from a government-run option? Paul Hazen (National Co-op of Business Assoc.): The real key difference is that it is a private business owned and controlled by those people who use it versus the public plan, which is a government-owned planned that would be managed by the government and funded by the government. And so there's a real clear difference between the two proposals. DAVID BRODY: A cooperative is basically a non-profit business owned by the people who use it rather than outside shareholders, kind of like a credit union. Consumers elect a board of directors, and they are usually set up by state or region. If they are big enough, they usually have low administration and overhead fees, so theoretically that could mean lower premiums. Most experts agree that an effective co-op needs tens of thousands of members. The problem is that could take years to build up and the start up costs are huge. Paul Hazen: When they are large enough in order to have economic clout in the market place, they could really drive down the costs of products and services. And because they're doing that on a not-for-profit basis and not rewarding outside investors, they are able to pass those profits back to the members and provide better service at a lower cost. DAVID BRODY: But while it sounds good on paper, the reality may be much different. The federal government could have their bureaucratic hands all over it. First off, a co-op would require billions of federal dollars, which means Congress very well could have some oversight responsibility. There is also some initial talk in Congress of having a federal governing board to oversee it, at least at first. It's led critics to calling it another public option, just repackaged. The number two Republican in the Senate, Jon Kyl, says, quote, “It's the same thing by another name. It is a Trojan horse.” Even the Democratic leader in the Senate, Harry Reid, said last month, quote, “We're going to have some type of public option. Call it a co-op. Call it what you want.” So what is this cooperatives option all about? The White House doesn't really want to start to speculate because they say the government-run option is still on the table. White House healthcare spokesman Linda Douglass tells CBN News talking co-ops is getting ahead of the game. Linda Douglass (White House Office of Health Reform): There's really no way to evaluate that at this moment. It is certainly being talked about as something that could achieve those goals, certainly worth taking a look at, but there aren't any details to look at now. DAVID BRODY: Part of the problem may be that eventually on these co-ops there may be way too many details for people to understand. Nobody is quite sure what form a healthcare co-op will take. Confusion is not a friend to the White House. And by the way, neither is the GOP. The White House is now signaling that they may just stop looking for Republican support on any final healthcare bill and just focus in on trying to convince skeptical moderates in their own party. Just another day in the life of this ongoing healthcare debate, which the White House hopes doesn't turn into a healthcare debacle. David Brody, CBN News, Washington. GORDON ROBERTSON: Well, maybe looking more at how to manage political realities and what’s actually in the bill at this point in time. If the White House decides to go it alone, and they can, they’ve got 60 votes in the Senate, now the issue is can they hold that coalition together and can they deliver that 60 on a final vote. Regardless of what you call it, it will all be in the details. And I hope we’re all reading whatever the bill is that comes out of these committees. Wendy Griffith has the rest of our top stories from the CBN Newsroom. Wendy. PASTORS AND HEALTH CARE WENDY GRIFFITH: Thanks, Gordon. A group of black pastors, doctors and prolife leaders have written President Obama requesting a meeting. They want to discuss concerns about abortion coverage and end of life issues. Dr. Alveda King (Pastoral Assoc., Priests for Life): The word “abortion” may not appear in the health care bill. The word “euthanasia” may not appear. But death with dignity leads to assisted suicide. Women’s reproductive health, the package, very often includes abortion. TELEPHONE MEETING WENDY GRIFFITH: Meanwhile, several liberal Christian groups have organized a tele-town hall meeting with the President tonight. The coalition is pushing Congress to pass health care reform. Anyone can call in for the meeting or listen to the call online. GRAPHIC: FOR MORE INFORMATION LOG ON TO CBN.COM ROBERT NOVAK DIES WENDY GRIFFITH: One of America’s most famous journalists has died, veteran reporter and conservative commentator Robert Novak. Millions of Americans knew him for his pioneering work on cable news, including CNN’s Crossfire, and his appearances on shows like The 700 Club. Novak got his start in print journalism and became a columnist for the Chicago Sun Times. He was a fixture among Washington journalists for 50 years and one of the city’s most notable conservatives. Novak was a central figure in the Valerie Plame CIA leak case in 2003. That led to the eventual conviction of Vice President Dick Cheney’s assistant, Scooter Libby. Although he was born a Jew, Novak converted to Catholicism in the late 1990s because of what he called spiritual hunger. Robert Novak, dead from brain cancer at age 78. UN AND IRAN WENDY GRIFFITH: In other news, Israeli officials have accused the UN International Atomic Energy Agency of hiding incriminating evidence about Iran's nuclear weapons program. The story was reported in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz. A senior Israeli official confirmed the story to CBN News and added Israel has severe concerns about the Energy Agency’s reporting on Iran. Former Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee told CBN’s Chris Mitchell that a nuclear Iran doesn’t just threaten Israel, but the world. And he won’t be surprised if that leads to a military strike. Mike Huckabee (Former GOP Pres. Candidate): There has been speculation, will the United States take military action against Iran? If we weren’t spread so thin across the world, I have a feeling that there would be significant discussions taking place about that. It may be that, again, the Israelis will do what they must do to protect themselves. And I think the position now, as it should be, that we would expect them to protect themselves just as we would expect to protect ourselves. WENDY GRIFFITH: Meanwhile, Iran is denying reports it was willing to talk to the West about its nuclear program. PERSECUTION PROTEST WENDY GRIFFITH: Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak made his first visit to the White House in five years. He is discussing peace in the Middle East with President Obama. Mubarak stayed away after a falling out with President Bush over Egyptian human rights issues, but that topic just won’t go away. While the two leaders met at the White House Tuesday, Egyptian Christians were outside protesting the persecution of the Egyptian church. Dale Hurd has that story. DALE HURD: They came to protest the persecution of Coptic Christians in Egypt by Muslims and by Hosni Mubarak's own government. Egyptian Christians want the White House to pressure Cairo to stop the attacks on Christians, prosecute anti-Christian violence committed by Muslims and stop the abduction, rape and forced Islamization of Coptic teenage girls. During Mubarak 28-year rule, there have been thousands of violent attacks against Egyptian Christians. Caroline Doss of the International Coptic Federation: Caroline Doss (Int’l Coptic Federation): The Coptic people are the indigenous people of Egypt, and unfortunately they're underrepresented in the government and on a regular basis persecuted by Islamic extremists. And that extremism and that persecution is unfortunately tolerated by the Egyptian government. DALE HURD: Egypt's Christians cannot build churches without government permission and Muslims face persecution if they convert to Christianity. The US Commission on International Religious Freedom's Dwight Bashir tells CBN News anti-Christian violence has increased. Dwight Bashir (USCIRF): We've seen an upsurge in recent weeks and months, unfortunately, in different parts of the country. And these really come from various extremist elements, from small villages where the Muslim population rises up against a small Christian building, and not even a clearly marked house of worship. And one of the things that we’ve seen for years is the lack of protection of these kinds of places of worship. DALE HURD: Hillary Rodham Clinton met with Mubarak, and the State Department says they discussed, quote, “human rights and democracy in Egypt.” Dale Hurd, CBN News. RFID BADGE WARNING WENDY GRIFFITH: Thanks, Dale. Health care workers may soon get microchips to make sure they wash their hands. USA Today reports only 57 percent of doctors always wash their hands between seeing patients. A new pilot program at a University of Miami hospital hopes to improve that figure. A microchip is imbedded into the employee’s badge. When they use a bathroom soap dispenser, it sends a signal to a computer. Then the system checks at each patient’s bedside to make sure the worker has recently washed their hands. If they haven’t, an alarm will sound. If the program is successful, it may be installed in more hospitals around the country. Gordon, is this a good idea or is the slippery slope with soap? GORDON ROBERTSON: Actually, I think it’s a very good idea. When you look at the rate of cross infection in hospitals, it’s phenomenal. And to hear a statistic that only 57 percent of doctors do this, you do wonder is there a way we can enforce it? And if you’ve ever been in a hospital, had a relative in a hospital, you know how important it is to make sure that they don’t get an infection from another patient. And the best way to do that is to make sure every health care worker who is visiting the bedside first washes their hands. And so I would say yes. But is it a slippery slope? Sure. You start talking about chips that can then monitor behavior and set off alarms when the behavior isn’t observed, yes, we’re into a—that’s a brave, new world. KRISTI WATTS: Exactly. A scary new world. Okay, I’m going to switch gears a little bit, Gordon. GORDON ROBERTSON: Okay. KRISTI WATTS: Are you a coffee drinker or a tea drinker? GORDON ROBERTSON: I’m both. KRISTI WATTS: Are you? A preference? GORDON ROBERTSON: Coffee. KRISTI WATTS: I’m a tea type of gal. GORDON ROBERTSON: You are? KRISTI WATTS: Yes. GORDON ROBERTSON: Okay. KRISTI WATTS: Well, our next story talks about coffee. GORDON ROBERTSON: Okay. KRISTI WATTS: And did you know that a cup of coffee can actually help you get through the morning? We all know that. But check this story out: for this man, it actually saved his life. Man: I was divorced. I was virtually broke. And I’d been just diagnosed with a brain tumor. KRISTI WATTS: Find out why he says he owes his life to Starbucks. That’s up next on The 700 Club. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * SPOT 1: EPIDUO Announcer: Day 87 and Tyler B. is still in that aisle, determined to find the answer for his acne. Man: Kid, get a life. Tyler: I’m trying. Man: The truth is acne, even when it’s mild, is a medical condition. Tyler: Huh? Man: Medical, as in doctor. Tyler: Oh. Announcer: And that’s how Tyler came to his senses, sort of, and learned about once a day prescription Epiduo gel. If you’re not getting the results you want, ask your doctor about Epiduo, two of the most doctor prescribed acne fighting ingredients in one gel medication, a product you can’t get in the acne aisle. Dryness, redness, peeling, stinging, burning or itching may occur. Don’t use irritating products when using Epiduo. Overexposure to sun, sunlamps, extreme wind or cold may increase the risk for irritation. Use of sunscreen and protective clothing is advised. Go to epiduo.com and learn how to pay no more than 20 dollars for your Epiduo prescription. To learn more about Epiduo gel, talk to your doctor, call or go to epiduo.com. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * NEXT DAY PROMO GRAPHIC: DAVID WHEATON: BREAK POINT GORDON ROBERTSON: Tomorrow. From prodigy to pro. David Wheaton: I beat Agassi and Wendell along the way to get to the semi finals of Wimbledon that year. GORDON ROBERTSON: Tennis star David Wheaton shares his life-changing rally. David Wheaton: And I remember thinking, “Wow, that was really over in a hurry.” * * * GRAPHIC: SUPER BOWL HERO GORDON ROBERTSON: Plus, a teacher gets a homework assignment: help the New England Patriots win the Super Bowl. See how he did it, tomorrow on The 700 Club. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * GORDON ROBERTSON: Michael Gates didn’t go from rags to riches. He went from riches to rags. But it wasn’t until Michael lost everything that he found true happiness. Lorie Johnson has his story. FOCUS: HOW STARBUCKS SAVED MY LIFE LORIE JOHNSON: Sweeping trash at Starbucks is the last thing the once affluent Mike Gill ever dreamed he'd be doing. But don't ask him to give it up. Michael Gates Gill (“How Starbucks Saved My Life”): My story is irrefutable evidence that sometimes loss can bring a new found peace and happiness, because I'm happier today talking to you right this morning as a barista at Starbucks than I ever was in the big six-figure job in a corner office and a big mansion. LORIE JOHNSON: The son of famed New Yorker writer Brendan Gill, Mike partied with A-list celebrities, attended Yale and worked on Madison Avenue for decades at the world's largest ad agency, handling accounts like Ford and Christian Dior. Then it was gone. Michael Gates Gill: I'd been fired from my job. I lost my big house. I was divorced. I was virtually broke. And I'd just been diagnosed with a brain tumor. LORIE JOHNSON: When Mike hit rock bottom, he found himself brooding over a cup of joe. Well, Starbucks happened to be hiring that day, and when asked if he wanted a job, for some reason, Mike said yes. Michael Gates Gill: Well, I think the sun will come out. LORIE JOHNSON: And from that point on, after a lifetime of manipulating people, Mike began to realize that joy comes from serving, not from being served. Michael Gates Gill: We're made to try to find, with God's help, our own way to help others. By cleaning a toilet or taking out the garbage or just cleaning the floor really well, I could be useful to my partners. And then I could be useful to guests in helping them just get a good cup of coffee during the day or just smiling and interchanging a few words. So just the feeling of being useful again and also helping others, serving others, began to make me feel better about myself. LORIE JOHNSON: Mike felt newfound respect for people from different backgrounds. And the surprises kept on coming. You have to fall pretty far down the ladder to go from this 35-room mansion to a one-bedroom attic apartment. That's what happened to Mike Gill. And believe it or not, he actually prefers his modest surroundings to this. And that's a third floor attic, no elevator, with just a few inexpensive furnishings inside. But Mike wouldn't have it any other way. Michael Gates Gill: You know how sometimes you go to the airport, and you’re carrying too much stuff and rushing to meet a plane? I was doing that, because, as the Bible says, you're possessed by your possessions. And now I don't have any possessions. LORIE JOHNSON: And with that peace, Mike wrote a diary, which turned into the bestseller, How Starbucks Saved My Life, which Tom Hanks is turning into a movie starring himself as Mike. Michael Gates Gill: He said he loved that idea that, at any time in life, you could discover a whole new kind of life that would make you happier than anything you've lived before. LORIE JOHNSON: So in the wake of losing your home, job, marriage or health, look for blessings. Michael Gates Gill: When you get external shocks, if you will, the best way to react is just take a big breath and go somewhere quiet and open your heart to God. And He will give you all the love and joy you need to have a happier life than you might ever have imagined. LORIE JOHNSON: Lorie Johnson, CBN News, New York. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * GORDON ROBERTSON: Words of wisdom for us all, and certainly as we’re transitioning in this economic crisis from a consumer-oriented culture looking for what really fulfills. What a tremendous story, a tremendous story for our time. But you look back at history, and we used to call it, you went into the monastery. And that’s how you got rid of all these other concerns. Now, you go work for Starbucks. KRISTI WATTS: I know. But you know what, it’s all about what defines true happiness, Gordon. And a lot of people says, “Oh, my goodness, this house and these cars. And I only have one car rather than three cars.” But really, happiness really is simplicity, focusing on what really matters. And if that means bringing someone to the Lord or serving the Lord or what have you, that’s what it’s all about. GORDON ROBERTSON: Yes. KRISTI WATTS: Yes. Lovely. Well, up next, we’ve got an interesting story. A single mom, she tries to support her kids the only way that she can. Woman: A friend said, “You don’t have to try to work two jobs if you try working in a strip club.” KRISTI WATTS: But the way to easy money wasn’t so easy. Find out why after this. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * SPOT 2A: CBN NEWS CHANNEL LEE WEBB: It’s the one thing news viewers can agree on. REPORTER: They want change. ANNOUNCER: Now, the world’s leading Christian news organization brings you national, international news and analysis throughout the day: mornings, the busy lunch hour, late afternoon and evenings. 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MIA EVANS-SARACUAL: Her next abuser was an 18-year-old boyfriend. Rebecca was pregnant at age 16. Rebecca McDermont: He was abusive emotionally and physically. And I guess I wanted that fairy tale dream and family that every little girl wants. MIA EVANS-SARACUAL: Although they never married, Rebecca and her boyfriend had a second son. The relationship eventually ended, leaving Rebecca to raise two children alone. She struggled to provide for her family. Rebecca McDermont: A friend said, “You can go, and you don’t have to work two jobs, and you can make enough money if you try working in a strip club.” And he says, “Well, you don’t have to strip. You can just waitress.” When I first started working in the dance clubs, it was very traumatizing. I have never seen anything or experienced being in a dark place like that before. MIA EVANS-SARACUAL: Rebecca turned to drugs and alcohol to numb her emotions. Rebecca McDermont: I had been around cocaine, but had chosen not to do it. But I decided I was in this environment where it was dark. There were all these men. They were all partying. I did not want to be there, but I was there. And it seemed like, “Well, maybe I should just try this. Maybe it will make me feel better.” And then I started becoming addicted to it and wanted more. MIA EVANS-SARACUAL: Before long, she was spending so much on drugs that she turned to stripping to support her habit. Rebecca McDermont: I ended up stuck there for five to seven years. The types of men that I would go out with were abusive men. They were also addicted to drugs and alcohol. MIA EVANS-SARACUAL: A friend gave Rebecca a handgun to protect herself. Rebecca McDermont: So I took the gun and just put it underneath the car. And within three days I was pulled over by the police and arrested for having the handgun in my car. MIA EVANS-SARACUAL: Rebecca was sentenced to two weeks in the county jail. Rebecca McDermont: And that was like the worst two weeks of my life. It was miserable. You feel like a caged animal, and I knew that I was in there because they didn’t feel that I should be out in society. MIA EVANS-SARACUAL: A judge arranged for Rebecca to enter a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. Rebecca McDermont: Every night, we would gather around, and we would hold hands, and we would say the serenity prayer. Eventually, someone said, “Even if you don’t believe, why don’t you try praying again and just see what happens.” So I went into my room, and I got on my hands and knees, and I actually said, “God, if you are real, I really want you to come back into my life. Please forgive me for all of my sins and everything that I have done.” Something happened after I said that prayer. I just felt so at peace, like a big burden had been lifted off. MIA EVANS-SARACUAL: Rebecca never returned to drugs, alcohol or exotic dancing. After rehab, she attended business school, became a secretary, and eventually a photographer. Three years later, she met her husband. Rebecca McDermont: God has given me a wonderful husband who is the man that I have dreamed of. And He has also given me three more children. MIA EVANS-SARACUAL: Now, 15 years later, Rebecca is the founder of White as Snow Ministries, which helps women in the sex industry change their lifestyles. Rebecca McDermont: If you just give Him a chance, He will show you, and He will guide you day by day. He’s given me a fresh start and a new beginning. And if I can have that, anybody can have that. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * GORDON MINISTERS GORDON ROBERTSON: “If I can have that, anybody can have that.” Does anybody include you? You can have a new beginning. You can have a fresh start. All you have to do is pray the same prayer that Rebecca prayed, “God, if you’re real, if you’re there, I need you now. I need a fresh start. I need a new beginning. I need to be forgiven. I need to be set free.” The wonderful, good news is that yes, He will answer that prayer. Yes, He will come into your life. Yes, He can make you new again. Yes, He can give you a hope and a future. He can give you a plan and a way out. The world wants to tell you, “There is no way out. You’ve gone too far.” The world wants to tell you, “Well, you’re too addicted. You can’t ever get clean.” The world wants to say, “Well, what would God want to do with somebody who has done what you’ve done?” But the Gospel says, Jesus says, “There is no sin that can’t be forgiven.” Jesus says to you right now, “I love you. I want to be with you. I want to change you. I have plans for you. I can make you new. I can forgive. I can release. I can give you joy, happiness, peace. I can give you all these things if you’ll just let Me.” If this is for you, the Bible says that, “When you seek Me with all of your heart, then you’ll find Me.” If you’re at that point Rebecca was, where she sought with all of her heart, “God, if you’re real, if you’re there, can you help me? Can you help me now?” If that’s you, bow your head with me. Pray a very simple prayer. And let your Creator come into your heart. He is able. You can trust Him. You can rely on Him. But first, you have to ask for Him. So if this is you, bow your head with me. Pray this prayer. Let Jesus do all the rest for you. What He has done for others, He will do for you. He can change anybody. Pray with me. “Lord Jesus.” That’s right. Say it out loud. “Lord Jesus, I pray the same prayer. If you’re real, come into my heart. Save me. Forgive me. Set me free. And Jesus, I want you with me all the days of my life. And I ask right now that you would show me, you would show and show me the plans that you have for me, the future that you have for me, the hope that you have for me. So Jesus, come into my heart. Make me new, for I ask it in Jesus’ name.” Father, for those who just prayed, I pray a release. Set the captives free. Let them no longer be chained. Let them know that they are forgiven, that they are cleansed, that all things have been made new in you, for we ask it in Jesus’ name. Amen. If you just prayed with me, the Bible says that if you’ll believe in your heart and then confess with your mouth, you shall be saved. GRAPHIC: 1-800-759-0700 CBN.COM What I want you to do is make a toll free call: 1-800-759-0700. Just say, “I prayed with that guy on TV. I want Jesus in my life now.” When you call, we’ve got a free packet for you. It’s called “A Higher Calling.” GRAPHIC: OUR GIFT TO YOU 1-800-759-0700 CBN.COM In there is a CD teaching on how to live the Christian life. We encourage you to join a local church. We also encourage you to get a copy of the Bible and start reading it every day. And then just spend time with Him. Just have a quiet time with the Lord. And ask that same prayer, “Lord, speak to me. Show yourself to me. I want your presence with me today.” And do that. Spend time. It could be as short as 15 minutes or as long as a couple of hours if you want. But spend time with Him. That’s how you get to know Him. That’s how you get to know anybody. But just spend time with Jesus. Ask Him to come spend time with you. You’ll find to your absolute amazement that He has wanted to do that all your life. Call that number: 1-800-759-0700. Kristi, over to you. KRISTI WATTS: Thanks, Gordon. Well, still ahead, worship leader Paul Wilbur performs a song from his latest CD, so stay with us. GRAPHIC: PAUL WILBUR LIVE * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * SPOT 3A: PCC SPOT Son: Daddy? Father: Yeah, buddy? Son: How many nickels are in a dollar? Father: There are 20 nickels in a dollar. Son: How do birds fly? Does milk really make my bones stronger? Father: Yeah. Yep. Son: Daddy, when we die, will we go to Heaven? Announcer: Do you have the answer to life’s biggest question? Call The 700 Club. We’ll help you find answers to the important questions life brings your way. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * SPOT 3B: SUPERBOOK Announcer: CBN presents Superbook for a new generation. Now, re-imagined from the classic CBN cartoon, a new series featuring amazing Bible stories brought to life using state of the art animation. Character: That’s pretty cool. Announcer: Your kids will love being entertained while they learn biblical values, like courage, loyalty, humility and faith. As they join Chris, Joy and Gizmo in their travels through time. In the first episode, A Giant Adventure, Chris and friends land in ancient Israel, where they meet David and witness his fierce battle against the giant Goliath. 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The state may appeal or try for a new law next year. ATTACKS IN PAKISTAN WENDY GRIFFITH: Pakistan’s nuclear sites have been attacked three times within the past two years. That’s according to the Times of India. Terrorism experts warn those attacks haven’t received enough attention. The concern is that Pakistan’s nuclear sites are close to areas dominated to Taliban militias and home to al Qaeda. A British professor tracking the attacks says the attacks were conducted by Pakistan’s own homegrown terrorists. But Pakistani officials say their nuclear weapons are fully secured and couldn’t fall into the hands of terrorists. You can always get the latest news from CBN by going to our web site, CBN.com. GRAPHIC: FOR MORE INFORMATION LOG ON TO CBN.COM Gordon and Kristi will be back with more of The 700 Club, right after this. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * SPOT 4A: AMMED DIRECT Nicole Johnson: Hi, I’m Nicole Johnson, Miss America 1999. 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Well, Paul Wilbur grew up with a Jewish father and a Baptist mother. As a musician, he brings together the best of both words. In fact, his latest album is called Paul Wilbur Live: A Night of Extravagant Worship. And today, we welcome him back to The 700 Club. Paul, come on. Step on in here. It’s wonderful to meet you and see you again. Paul Wilbur: Thank you. Good to see you. KRISTI WATTS: Thank you so much. What an interesting upbringing: your father Jewish, your mom Baptist. You kind of had the best of both worlds. So what was it that made you choose to become a Messianic Jew? Tell me about that, that process. Paul Wilbur: Well, when I went to college, there was kind of a pool of the new people coming in for the music school. And the teachers chose us. We didn’t really get a chance to choose them. And the Jewish voice teacher chose me. And I wanted to please him. And so after the first couple of weeks, he said, “How would you like to go to Temple?” I went to Temple. “How would you like to join the choir?” “I’d like to join the choir.” And that’s what started me on that whole recovery of my Jewish side. And then from there, I just got more curious. So I started going to services and became a part of the life of the Temple. They had the best bagels in town. KRISTI WATTS: Come on, brother. Paul Wilbur: Yes, Sunday morning. It was reformed temple. So we were so reformed we had services Friday night and Sunday morning. And then off to Europe to study opera. I wanted to be a cantor and an opera singer, like some of the best known: Richard Tucker, Robert Merrill. This is a few years back. You still weren’t listening to opera back then, if you were listening to anything. And then came back to do a Masters degree at Indiana University. Still on this whole track of cantor and opera singer. And I met the guy who would eventually a couple months later on a fishing trip would lead me to the Lord in Bumpus Mills, Tennessee. KRISTI WATTS: Oh, wow. Amazing. Now, you’ve always had a heart for music. Now, how has that heart translated into worship? Explain just the power of worship and how that helps the believer go to a whole other level with the Lord. Paul Wilbur: Well, this is my favorite subject. We could do show after show after show. But after I came to know the Lord, the thing that just moved my heart was that these are the early days of contemporary Christian music. Amy Grant was just becoming popular. Second Chapter of Acts. And the guy who led me to the Lord, along with me and another fellow, formed a group. And we were just singing at the local church. And within a few months, we were recording with Milk and Honey Records and this whole thing. So we had to make a choice: are we going to go the contemporary Christian route or praise and worship? Well, praise and worship was so near and dear to my heart, because week after week, this was what drew me to the presence of God and fed the hunger inside of me. It was one thing to sing about God, but I enjoyed singing to Him, understanding from the Psalms that He inhabits the praises of His people. And remember the woman that had the issue of blood, and there was a big crowd coming through town, and Jesus was going through her town. And she just realizes, “I have got to touch Him.” That’s what praise and worship is. It draws us to the presence of God. It draws the presence of God to us. It’s taking a hold of the person of Jesus in our lives. And that’s why it’s so special. KRISTI WATTS: I love that. Well, I want to hear you sing. But before I do, I want to ask you one quick question. Even though I have an album in my hand, you actually have a new album coming up that you’re going to be recording in Israel. Tell me about the significance about that project and the whole thing on that. Paul Wilbur: Well, it’s going to be our fourth live concert recording in Israel. It started back in ’95 with Shalom Jerusalem, which has now sold over a million copies. GRAPHIC: FOR MORE INFORMATION LOG ON TO CBN.COM KRISTI WATTS: Wow. Paul Wilbur: And then Jerusalem Arise. And some of the people here at 700 Club have been with us on these tours. And it is a tour as well. And we’re going to start this year, we leave September 28th, and our first meeting is down in the Desert of Ein Gedi, the first night of the Feast of Tabernacles, International Christian Embassy. There will be Christians there from 80-some nations, 10,000 people gathered in the desert where David ran from Saul. Beautiful waterfalls and springs and wild animals. No lions, tigers and bears, oh, my, but goats and sheep. And we’ll be there on the first night of the Feast of Tabernacles worshipping the Lord under the desert sky. KRISTI WATTS: All right, you’ve convinced me. I’ll go. Paul Wilbur: Well, all right. And you can sign up. It’s very easy. You can go to our web site, WilburMinistries.com. And there is a link there to take you to the sign up for this wonderful ten-day tour of where Jesus lived and walked. And we’re going to worship through that whole nation. GRAPHIC: FOR MORE INFORMATION LOG ON TO CBN.COM KRISTI WATTS: Fantastic. Quick question. You’re just about to sing a song. It’s called “Dance With Me.” Tell me about it real quick. Paul Wilbur: “Dance With Me” is a love song taken from the Song of Solomon, chapter two, “The winter is past. The springtime has come. Dance with me, lover of my soul.” Jesus is the one who has loved us out of darkness into life. And He is the lover of our soul. And when He dances with you, it’s the last dance you need. KRISTI WATTS: Come on. That’s what I’m talking about. Well, Paul’s latest album and DVD is called Paul Wilbur Live: A Night of Extravagant Worship. It’s available nationwide. And as we talked about, for a sneak peek, here is Paul singing “Dance With Me.” Please. Paul Wilbur: Thank you. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * SONG: DANCE WITH ME Paul Wilbur (Singing): “Dance with me . . . .” * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * SPOT 5A: ORPHAN’S PROMISE Zina (Ukrainian Orphan): I know how it feels to be alone. Tarkeshwar (Indian Orphan): To be hungry. Eduard (Ukrainian Orphan): To be afraid. Rungnapa (Thai Orphan): I haven’t had a birthday party. Denys (Ukrainian Orphan): My own room. Rima (Ukrainian Orphan): Or a family to call mine. Zina (Ukrainian Orphan): I’m an orphan. Ruslan (Ukrainian Orphan): An orphan. Katya (Ukrainian Orphan): An orphan. Yi (Chinese Orphan): And there are a hundred million more like me in the world today. TERRY MEEUWSEN: Together, you and I can make a tremendous difference to someone today. We can change the lives of orphans. I’m asking you to get involved. Give to Orphan’s Promise. From Asia to Africa, from Latin America to Europe, you’ll be providing housing, food, education, job training and hope to children who are alone and at risk. Jesus said, “Whatever you do for the least of these, you do for Me.” Please give to Orphan’s Promise and love a child today. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * SPOT 5B: SHOES UNDER Announcer: Love to shop for shoes, but there’s no place to store them? You’re always running out of room to store more. Introducing Shoes Under, the easy solution to organize and protect your shoes. The clear zipper cover locks out dust and moisture. Now, you just slide and store. It’s that easy. With two handles, you can easily store your shoes here, under there, almost everywhere, and turn an empty space into a super storage place. Other shoe organizers can cost a fortune, but through this exclusive television offer, you can get the 12 compartment Shoes Under for only 19.99. Call now and we’ll cut that price in half. That’s right, for only ten dollars. And as a bonus, we’ll double the offer and give you a second Shoes Under. That’s enough space for 48 shoes. Just pay separate shipping and handling. Call now and get two Shoes Under for only ten dollars. Announcer #2: Call 1-800-866-0185. You’ll get a second one free. So call 1-800-866-0185. That’s 1-800-866-0185. Call now. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * NEXT DAY PROMO GRAPHIC: DAVID WHEATON: BREAK POINT GORDON ROBERTSON: Tomorrow. From prodigy to pro. David Wheaton: I beat Agassi and Wendell along the way to get to the semi finals of Wimbledon that year. GORDON ROBERTSON: Tennis star David Wheaton shares his life changing rally. David Wheaton: And I remember thinking, “Wow, that was really over in a hurry.” * * * GRAPHIC: SUPER BOWL HERO GORDON ROBERTSON: Plus, a teacher gets a homework assignment: help the New England Patriots win the Super Bowl. See how he did it, tomorrow on The 700 Club. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * GORDON ROBERTSON: With 80,000 dollars in debt, Mike and Monique Allen were desperate. Their credit score was a mess, and so was their marriage. MIKE AND MONIQUE ALLEN ANDREW KNOX: Mike and Monique Allen started their marriage 50,000 dollars in debt. Monique Allen: I probably had about 20,000 dollars in student loans, close to it. I also had credit cards, and the credit cards added up. Mike Allen: It was frustrating just to have the debt to begin with, but then to start off a marriage where, really, you should start with a clean slate. ANDREW KNOX: As a software developer at a bank, Mike still didn’t make enough to take care of their needs and pay down the debt. Then around their first anniversary, Monique quit her part-time job to stay home and start a wedding accessories business. With that venture came a business credit card and even more spending. They started a family, and in time they added another 30,000 dollars to their existing debt. Monique Allen: The problem started with inventory. We decided to stock a lot of the items here, so that we could get them to the customers quicker, instead of going through a drop shipper. ANDREW KNOX: That’s when Monique’s friend suggested she start tithing ten percent of their business income. Monique Allen: It just made sense, so I said, “I want to do what God wants me to do.” ANDREW KNOX: Monique also started watching The 700 Club. There, she learned more about managing money and paying off their debts. Monique Allen: I actually did see a testimony on there about a couple and their finances, and I just felt like it was really close to my situation, and it really felt like this can change. ANDREW KNOX: Monique decided to join The 700 Club. Monique Allen: I felt in my heart that God wanted me to just step out in faith and just support. Look at what this ministry is doing around the world. ANDREW KNOX: So in the midst of what had become a desperate financial situation, the Allens gave CBN a percentage of their business profits. They saw a 1,000 percent increase in their business sales. And as the Allens continued to give, Mike also received a huge bonus at work. Mike Allen: They did bonus checks they normally do every year, and had gotten the biggest one I had gotten ever in my whole career, which was amazing. ANDREW KNOX: The Allens have now paid off 90 percent of their debt. Monique Allen: We were able to pay off our business credit card, all of our personal credit cards. We were able to pay off Mike’s car. We needed a bigger car with a growing family, and we were able to use cash to pay for it, which was great. This is the first time that either one of us had ever paid for a car in cash. Mike Allen: This was a really big lesson in obedience. God really showed us, through this experience, that if you follow Him and you do what He asks you to do, He is going to take care of you. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * GORDON ROBERTSON: He will take care of you. The only requirement is that we follow what He tells us to do. If you get on the plus side of giving, you want to find out the same secret that Mike and Monique found out, call us: 1-800-759-0700. GRAPHIC: 1-800-759-0700 CBN.COM We’re asking you to join The 700 Club. How much is that? It’s just 20 dollars a month, 65 cents a day. And you join tens of thousands of other people that want to make a difference in the world today, that want to see the Gospel preached around the world, that want to see Operation Blessing expand and help more and more people. If that’s you, call us right now: 1-800-759-0700. When you call, ask for Pledge Express. GRAPHIC: FREE WITH PLEDGE EXPRESS 1-800-759-0700 CBN.COM It’s automatic monthly transfers. It’s all electronic, so there are no stamps, no checks. And we save so much, we’re able send as our gift back to you “Power for Life” monthly teaching CDs. So if you want it, ask for Pledge Express. But call us right now: 1-800-759-0700. Kristi. KRISTI WATTS: Excellent. We are just about to Bring It On with your e-mail questions. In fact, Colleen writes in, and she says, “I’ve been having the same terrible dream over and over and over again. What can I do to be set free from this reoccurring dream?” KRISTI WATTS: Well, Colleen, we’re going to answer your question and so much more after this, so don’t go away. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * SPOT 6A: YOU WERE THERE TERRY MEEUWSEN: I have the privilege of traveling all over the world and seeing firsthand the life changing things you make possible through your partnership. Thank you for joining The 700 Club. Here in India, you’re demonstrating the love of God to such wonderful people, most of who are in great need, both physically and spiritually. You’re bringing hope and joy to millions around the world, just like you did for Akhtar and Rasheed. They were abandoned by their father, left to hunt for food and sleep on the streets. You gave them a wonderful new home and a bright, happy future. Your monthly gift makes it possible to heal the sick, feed the hungry and preach the Gospel, both at home in America and throughout the world. So please watch for this mailing and send in your pledge. Imagine lifting someone’s life out of despair and filling it with hope instead. That’s what you make possible every day, and it only happens because you were there. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * SPOT 6B: ALERT USA Dr. Joyce Brothers: Hi, I’m Dr. Joyce Brothers. Those of us who are independent and live alone shouldn’t do so without having emergency protection. And for reliability and peace of mind, I recommend Alert USA. Announcer: With Alert USA, if you ever need assistance, just press your pendant to be connected to an operator who can summon help to your home 24 hours a day. Dr. Joyce Brothers: I’ve been giving advice for many years, and I believe Alert USA provides the best emergency support and value for your dollar. Call now for a free brochure. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * GORDON ROBERTSON: If you are looking for work, CBN is hiring. Imagine that. GRAPHIC: FOR MORE INFORMATION LOG ON TO CBN.COM CBN is hiring. But we’re hiring for specific things. And so if you don’t know what this is, don’t apply. But if you do, if you know what an Interactive Intelligence System Engineer is, we have need for that. We also have need for an Exchange Administrator Network Engineer and a SQL Server Database Administrator, SQL. If you want to be used by God and you’ve got these skills, and you want to be used, go to CBN.com. You can get more information. We are now hiring. KRISTI WATTS: I’m just glad I didn’t see my position up there. GORDON ROBERTSON: You didn’t? KRISTI WATTS: You said, “We have some positions available,” and I was like, “Oh, Lord, let it not be mine.” GORDON ROBERTSON: We just break off fear off Kristi right now. Just extend your hands to her. KRISTI WATTS: In Jesus’ name. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * BRING IT ON KRISTI WATTS: Okay. Well, let’s jump right in and do some questions, your questions that you’ve either called in or e-mailed in. We’re going to start with Colleen, who writes in and says, “I’ve been having the same terrible dream at night over and over and over again. Do you think nightmares can be related to spiritual warfare and what can I do to be set free from these reoccurring dreams?” GORDON ROBERTSON: Dreams and visions can be related to spiritual warfare. It depends on the dream. Sometimes it’s just you had too much pepperoni pizza, so you can read too much into it. But a recurring dream is a pattern, and if you think it’s spiritual warfare, all you have to do is just bind it. Realize the power you have as a believer. And Jesus says to you as a believer, “Whatever you bind on earth is bound in Heaven.” And you can literally bind that. And don’t just look at it from the standpoint of the dream, but what is the dream trying to tell you? And then bind that thing on earth and see what happens. KRISTI WATTS: That’s so true. I remember there was one specific season in my life where there was drama going on. And I would, I guess, process it through my dreams. GORDON ROBERTSON: That was a season? KRISTI WATTS: A season. It was a long season. It was a long one. I’m not going to go there. Anyway, there was a long season where there was a little bit of drama, and I would process it through my dreams and just have these horrible dreams. But it was fascinating. I would wake myself up yelling. But the yell was, “Get thee behind me in the name of Jesus! I cast down every thought! I cast down every imagination! I plead the blood from the top of my head to the soles of my feet!” And I would actually say that in my dream out loud and wake myself up saying that. GORDON ROBERTSON: Praise God. KRISTI WATTS: Praise God. GORDON ROBERTSON: Yes. KRISTI WATTS: And so the season passed. GORDON ROBERTSON: Yes. It’s a sign, if you’re a Christian in your sleep. KRISTI WATTS: Isn’t that the truth? Isn’t that the truth? Exactly. You might call yourself a Christian, but when you start rebuking in your sleep, you know you’re real. All right, Carol writes in and says, “I know that we are to bring our needs to God through prayer and to believe He will answer in His perfect timing. Does that mean that we shouldn’t ask God again or ask others to continue praying?” GORDON ROBERTSON: Carol, go read the eleventh chapter of Luke. And there is a reason Jesus gave us the parable. It’s the parable of the widow who comes to the unrighteous judge. There is also the story of the man who has travelers come visit him, and he has a neighbor that he knows has bread, and the neighbor is asleep. Both those stories are in there to show us that we have to keep on asking. And then Jesus concludes both of them with, “Ask, and keep on asking. Knock, keep on knocking. Seek, keep on seeking. For he who asks,” it’s that kind of sense that with the expectation. When my children want things from me, they don’t just say, “Well, hey, Dad, how about this?” and then leave it. They come again and again and again, because they know if they can get my attention they will get what they ask. And Jesus gives us the same example and says, “This is effective prayer.” KRISTI WATTS: And to kind of piggyback on that, too, when you look at Philippians and it talks about also to rejoice in the Lord through prayer and petition with thanksgiving in your heart, I remember there have been seasons when I’ve prayed and prayed and prayed, and literally the Holy Spirit starts speaking to me, saying, “Okay, now it’s time to rejoice in it.” So I went from pressing in and praying, “Lord, can I have? Lord, will you do?” to “Father, thank you so much that you’ve done it. Thank you. I rejoice in it.” And with an expectant heart. Then eventually, the blessing manifested itself from the spiritual realm into the physical realm. GORDON ROBERTSON: Let me add one PS to it. Don’t be like the Israelites in the desert where you’re complaining and then you’re questioning, “Can God do it?” That isn’t what Jesus is talking about. He is with expectation knowing that they have the answer and the ability to give the answer, then come with a constant request. But it’s always good to come with thanksgiving. KRISTI WATTS: Absolutely. All right, Crystal writes in and she says, “How can you tell if you have a demon inside you? Someone close to me said the Holy Spirit revealed to him that I have a demon in me. I’ve been saved for about two months, and this is very depressing for me. I don’t see how I could have a demon, so how can you tell?” GORDON ROBERTSON: Crystal, I think somebody is lying to you. For whatever reason in the western world, we have all these synthetic demons, this manmade junk that we’ve added in. And it’s just not there. I’ve had the rare privilege of preaching around the world. And you go to some places where they have extreme idolatry. And the people literally ask the spirit in the idol to come and possess them. They give them permission to take over. And for me, that’s always sort of been the key. Have you given permission? And that seems to be the key. And, boy, there is no doubt about it. There is no, “Do I have? Do I not?” They have, and they do things that they literally have no control over. In western civilization I think some of the extreme things with lust, pornography, those kinds of issues can lead to possession, as well as some aspects of drug addiction. But go to your pastor. Go get wisdom and counsel from someone. And just be like the early Christians and say, “I renounce Satan and all his works. I bind it, and I cast it from my life.” And you can walk free. That’s all the time we have. We leave you with these words from Ephesians, . . . . GRAPHIC: Ephesians 2:8 “For by grace, you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God.” (NKJV) . . . . “For by grace, you have been saved through faith, and not of yourselves. It is the gift of God.” * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * END SPOT: PLEDGE EXPRESS Announcer: While Mary feeds her two young daughters, she also helps feed needy families around the world. While Bob hands a drink out to a co-worker, he helps give water to villages with new wells. And while Carl builds a house for his son’s new puppy, he helps rebuild homes in disaster areas. TERRY MEEUWSEN: These people all have something in common. They’re CBN partners who have joined Pledge Express. It’s easy to sign up. Just give us a call, log on to CBN.com or return the Pledge Express form you receive in the mail. Then each month, we’ll send you “Power for Life,” and you’ll receive this powerful CD called Overcoming Stress. So join us and change the world for someone today.


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