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The 700 Club - August 4, 2011

A violent shooting wounded Brooks Douglass and killed his parents. For years he was haunted by the crime, plus the miraculous healing of Laura after a near fatal car crash.


For one town, the crime of the century. He had a double barreled shotgun pointed at me. Four shot . . . . I felt the bullet hit me. . . . . two dead. They sat down and ate the dinner my mom had been fixing. And a victim who wanted revenge. “For the last 15 years, I’ve wanted nothing more than to see your death.” On today’s 700 Club. This ends now! Well, welcome to this edition of The 700 Club. The game goes on now. Who is going to be the man to go against Obama? The presidential field apparently is crowded. Many activists say there’s still room for one more candidate. Can that be Texas Governor Rick Perry? Well, Jennifer Wishon talked with Terry about jobs, state rights, marriage and why he may have the experience that Americans want to see in the White House. For a man considering running for president, Rick Perry is calm, cool and collected. He entered his office for our interview singing “Yankee Doodle Dandy.” But if you want to get him riled up, ask him what the federal government can learn from Texas. I think in the decade of the 2000s, 2.2 million jobs were lost, and at the same time Texas created 730,000. The last two years we’ve created more than half of the jobs created in America. And listen, it wasn’t by accident. Perry credits low taxes, fair regulations, and a system that actually punishes people who bring baseless lawsuits for helping keep Texas afloat while much of the country treads water during this tough economy. That is the simple, yet profound way for America to get back to be the powerful economic engine that it could be. I don’t make any bones about it. I mean, this is not rocket science. You need to free the private sector from all of these regulations, all of this litigation, all of this taxation. If America hears that and they see that, our best days are in front of us. How does that give you an advantage if you decide to get into this race? I think Americans are looking for someone who has the experience of running a big state, in particular. The longest serving governor of the second largest state also surrounds himself with heroes like Texan Sam Houston, Abraham Lincoln, and Ronald Reagan. (Interviewing): I am looking at this bust of Ronald Reagan over your shoulder, and some have said that Rick Perry is the second coming of Ronald Reagan. I’m a huge Ronald Reagan fan, but there will only be one Ronald Reagan and I respect that. Some suggest Perry’s Lone Star swagger may not play well outside of Texas, and if he decides to run he’ll be joining the race late. But his conservative pedigree may be enough to push him to the top of the pack in early voting conservative states like South Carolina, a place he’s visiting later this month. He’s such a believer in states rights that he’s defended state decisions that he fundamentally disagrees with. But on issues like traditional marriage, which he says are important to the fabric of the nation, he supports amending the constitution to make it the law of the land. I support the Federal Marriage Amendment and I also support the same with the issue of abortion. And I also support that same process for a balanced budget amendment to the United States Constitution, so Washington will finally get the message of, “Hey, quit spending all the money.” His announcement on whether he’s running for president is expected in the next few weeks. I have no idea what God’s plans are for me, but I’m going to try to be as faithful to Him as I can be. Jennifer Wishon, CBN News, Austin, Texas. Incredible. I think if I make a prediction the evangelicals are going to flock to support him. But probably in Iowa, Michelle Bachmann seems to be leading right now, and there’ll be some other states in the Midwest. I don’t know if Perry can raise the money. If he can raise the money that’s needed for the campaign, Mitt Romney is way ahead. I think this Perry, I don’t know. It’s going to be remarkable. Well, what he says is true. I do think there’s a benefit to having someone who has governed well and to have governed a big state well. Three terms. They like him. They have the lowest unemployment. They have a balanced budget. They’ve done all these good things down there. Of course, having oil flowing out of the ground like crazy, doesn’t hurt. But nevertheless, he’s been a successful governor. Terry, I really believe that this job of being president is enormous. It really is. It is bigger than any corporation in the world. It is the biggest economy in the world. You put somebody like Obama in who has absolutely no experience in anything, and he just continuously makes mistakes, because he doesn’t have the training and experience. So, you look at somebody who’s the governor of a big state, or you look at somebody who’s run a big city. But there’s only a couple cities like Los Angeles and New York that would qualify, and maybe, maybe, maybe they have the experience. But nobody else in my opinion has the same level of experience. So it’s going to be a question of what the voters want to say, what they like. I guess he’s not a candidate yet. Rick Perry is not a candidate. Not yet. I don’t think it’s coming in too late. Really it’s pretty early right now. Well, he’s going to a big debate down in South Carolina, and we’ll see how it goes. We’ll see. Iowa, I daresay, it’s going to be tough to muscle in on, and I think Michelle Bachmann looks like she is leading according to the polls in that part of the world. So anyhow, it’s going to be interesting. If you look at a three-person race, it’s going to be Perry; it’s going to be Mitt Romney; it’s going to be Michelle Bachmann. Wow! According to the polls. Of course, polls change. Polls change, but they’re not going to change that much. All right, Lee Webb has the rest of our top stories from the CBN newsroom. Lee. Pat, the government’s debt is now larger than the entire economy. Agence France Presse reports that after the president signed the new debt deal into law, the Treasury Department quickly borrowed more money. That took total public debt to more than $14.58 trillion, higher than the total gross domestic product of $14.53 trillion at the end of last year. By comparison, 30 years ago the national debt was less than a third of the GDP. China and Russia are criticizing the U.S. for not coming up with a plan to slow down the rapid growth of its massive debt. Pat. Gold is up $10 an ounce already, about $1670. It is on the way to $1800. To get back to the high of where it was, inflation-adjusted, it would have to go up to $2300 an ounce. So, what are you saying? We should mention, for people who are wondering what that noise is and why were laughing, we have some people fixing the roof here. Well, I told people to throw them off the roof. We’re trying to get them to hold that off for an hour. It may be a little painful. Maybe we can get a stuntman from Hollywood. So, what’s the deal with gold? What are your thoughts on that? Well, what the deal is, the United States government has trashed it’s dollar. The dollar doesn’t buy as much as it used to. It isn’t that gold is worth more; the dollar is worth less. So that which is priced in dollars is going to cost more dollars, just that simple. And it’s going to happen. Lee, you can talk about it now, thank you. Lee Webb. A growing number of investors and analysts are worried that the debt crisis in Europe and think that it could hurt the global economy. One of the biggest problems is Italy, which is the seventh largest economy in the world. Stock and bond markets have been selling off out of fears that the problems could spread. One official with Guggenheim Partners tells CNBC that Europe is a quote, “Train wreck” on the “brink of a major financial crisis.” Well, many cities have turned to automated cameras for help in catching and ticketing red light runners. Most drivers oppose the system and claim it doesn’t make anyone safer. Now one of America’s largest cities is pulling the plug on the cameras, because residents refuse to pay the fines. Efrem Graham has that story. Red light cameras are everywhere, catching violators who ignore red lights and blast through intersections, causing serious injuries and even death. There’s no hiding from it. The camera captures the scene and then records the license plate number. The hefty fine shows up in the mail box a few weeks later. But the city of Los Angeles can’t get violators to pay up. Apparently paying the $500 fine is voluntary. Get rid of them. If you can’t collect any revenues for them, what good are they doing for the city? The city can’t figure out how to legally enforce the fines. Only about 60 percent of the tickets are paid. Los Angeles is losing $1.5 million a year on the program. Today it is time for us to shut it down and shut it down now. This week, the city council voted to turn off the cameras. Drivers who actually paid the fines are now outraged to learn they didn’t have to. At the time, trying to be upstanding citizens, right, and pay it. Can I get refunds for the ones I already paid? If you’ve paid the fine, you paid the fine. If you didn’t pay the fine, for the most part you’re able to get away with it. The city says it will not issue any refunds for fines paid. More than 500 cities across the country use red light cameras. Dozens of those are dumping the programs because of collection issues and data showing that cameras don’t actually make intersections any safer. Efrem Graham, CBN News. Well, Pat, I’ve got to tell you. I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but I believe red light running in this country, in this entire country is an epidemic, and something has to be done to get people to stop at red lights. If you want to have a real thrill, go to Spain and drive there. They don’t stop for anything. They just blow their horn and keep going and hope people get out of the way. It’s crazy. I think Portugal’s the same way, all that bullfighting mentality apparently. I don’t know, but watching those videos is . . . . Oh, it’s frightening Frightening, it is. It’s amazing. I think this question of people are texting. They’ve got their minds on something else. They’re not paying attention. They’re listening on the radio. They’re adjusting dials and knobs, and there’s too much information. It’s dangerous. Apparently they couldn’t collect, so that’s the way it is. Big brother didn’t work. Lee. It may be years before the controversial mosque near Ground Zero is built. The developer says it will take time to figure out what kind of project the community wants. Sharif El-Gamal tells the New York Times that decisions will be made after consulting with area residents and Muslims in the New York city area. His vision for the project includes a mosque, and Islamic community Center, a health club, and theater. The famine gripping the Horn of Africa is spreading. Tens of thousands of Somalis have died in the catastrophe. Now reports of severe food shortages and famine are emerging from northern Kenya. CBN’s Operation Blessing is delivering food and emergency relief though, to more than 700 families. David Darg is on the ground on Turkana, Kenya. Operation Blessing has come to Kenya in response to the famine that sweeping East Africa. We’re here in the northern part of the country in an area called Turkana, and the people behind me are the Turkana people. They’re very beautiful. They where this fantastic looking jewelry, but underneath that they are facing a very serious problem. They’re facing extreme food shortages due to a drought that’s lasted for years now. The rains just haven’t come. Operation Blessing is here providing emergency food relief to these people to other people in this area. At this distribution we’re distributing 12 tons of corn. That’s a lot of food that we’ve trucked in with our truck here, way far out into the desert of northern Kenya. This is one of the areas which is very much affected with hunger. Many people have died here, and there are some who are in their homes who cannot be able to walk because of hunger. About 3.5 million Kenyans are affected by this crisis. It’s hard for us, Pat, to relate to this sort of catastrophe, but the pictures speak volumes. I was over there with President Bush number one when he was vice president, and the refugees coming out of Tigray and Eritrea, were just heart gripping. You can’t believe the suffering, and the little children who were dying in their mother’s arms. I remember we used to see the children weighed in some of these kids were 5 1/2 pounds. There were so many months old and they were just skeletons. Folks, Operation Blessing is doing something. We believe in doing something for them. If you want to participate, just send something for famine relief, because where ever it is, we’re there for you. We’re there to help those who are suffering, and that was just one of the important things that we’ve done. That’s Kenya and Somalia. You know, they cut out all the trees, the problem is; and one of the things we did a few years ago, we planted trees. We had a lot of strip of trees. Once the trees are in the ground, they start bringing moisture which in turn allows the crops to grow and the moisture to come, otherwise, it’s just barren sand. That used to be a very productive area until they cut all the trees down. It’s just such a huge number of people impacted by that. Oh, it’s awful. They’re so helpless and they’re suffering. They’re goodhearted, high spirited people, and it’s a shame. All right. Well, up next we’re going to take you to the birthplace of the Jewish people. And then later we’ll be taking your questions from our live chat room. Just log on to CBN.com and send us your questions now. We’ll Bring it Online, later on today’s show. Coming up later . . . . . . . . for one town, the crime of the century. He had a double barreled shotgun pointed at me. Four shot . . . . I felt the bullet hit me. . . . . two dead. And they sat down and ate the dinner my mom had been fixing. And a victim who wanted revenge. For the last 15 years, I’ve wanted nothing more than to see your death. On today’s 700 Club. This ends now. Look, like I to read and all, but who has the time? It was killing me that I didn’t have time to read the new book everyone was talking about. 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Tomorrow . . . . . . . . he was the Mick’s protégé. Mickey Mantle came up, put his arm around me and said, “Come on kid, step in here and take some swings.” And later his closest friend, Yankee legend Bobby Richardson, on life in and out of pinstripes. Plus . . . . . . . . he was muzzled by political correctness. Now he’s speaking out about censorship. Former NPR contributor Juan Williams, joins us live, tomorrow on The 700 Club. The Israelis and the Palestinians have been in talks for years about how to solve their mutual problems. The Palestinians really don’t have anybody to negotiate with, because Hamas controls a portion of it, and the Palestinian Authority controls a portion, and Israel says “we have no negotiating partner.” Well, the Palestinians who are there, somebody or other, I don’t know whether it’s Hamas or the PLO, they say, “Well, we’re going directly to the United Nations. So this September, we’re going to ask the UN to establish an independent state.” They’re claiming the land known as the West Bank. Chris Mitchell is going to tell us that that area has a history that started long before the world ever heard of Palestinians. Most of the world calls it the “West Bank,” but the Bible gave it a different name. We find it in the Bible that it is not called the West Bank. Although it is on the west bank of the Jordan, we know it as Judea and Samaria. On the hills of Judea, Samaria, the Jewish people were born, and that’s where it all started. That’s where Abraham walked. That’s where Isaac and Jacob lived. That’s where Jacob slept and had his famous dream. This is the modern-day community of Beit-El, named after biblical Bethel “The House of God.” It may not look ancient; but here, 4,000 years ago, the Bible says God appeared to Jacob and promised this land to him and his descendants forever. Jordan took over the West Bank following the 1948 Israeli Arab war. About 20 years later, Israel regained control during the 1967 Six-Day War. One point six million Palestinians and 350,000 Israeli Jews live here. Now this area, known as Israel’s biblical heartland, could be the future Palestinian state. This is Highway 60, the main West Bank thoroughfare for both Israelis and Palestinian Arabs. But Dean Bye says it’s much more. It’s probably one of the most amazing roads in all of history, because God met with his patriarchs. He met with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He covenanted this land there. Along this road Jesus met with the Samaritan woman. It’s along this road that he declared to her who He was. Some biblical highlights along this road are present-day Jewish communities. They include Jerusalem and Shiloh, home of the first Jewish Tabernacle. This Israeli Park is near Anatot. According to the Bible, this is where God told Jeremiah to buy a piece of land and bury the deed in a clay pot as a sign the Jewish people would return to the land. He says, “I want you to buy from your uncle a piece of land in Anatot, and would you do it up legally with a seal and a deed and a title; and would you put it in a clay pot so that it will last a long time?” Despite the significance, you won’t see many visitors. That’s because many West Bank cities are under Palestinian Arab control. In fact the only controlled areas frequented by tourists or Bethlehem and Jericho, the oldest city in the world. Holy sites under Arab control, unfortunately time and time again, are ruined. For example, long time Israeli-Palestinian agreements protected protected Joseph’s Tomb in Nablus as a Jewish holy site. But in 2000, Palestinians forced out the Jewish study center there and ransacked the place. Then a few months ago, a Palestinian policeman killed a Jewish worshipper there. Israel called it a “terror attack.” Other sites under dispute include Rachel’s Tomb in Bethlehem, and the cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron, where Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and their wives are buried. While some Israelis would be willing to swap Judea and Samaria and its biblical heritage for peace, Naftali Bennett objects. The source of the Bible is here. If, God forbid, we uproot ourselves, there will never be peace. They’ll say, “Man these Jews don’t feel any connection. So how about just wiping them out of this country altogether?” If we’re not in Jerusalem, if we’re not in Hebron, if we’re not in Bethel, we won’t be in Tel Aviv. Bye says it’s up to Christians to take the side of God. I think God’s plan and His purposes were that Israel would allow the stranger to dwell here, but He has given this inheritance to Israel. He’s given this to Israel to be the steward of this land. The least we can do is respect God’s choosing. Chris Mitchell, CBN News, Beit-El. Excellent report, Chris. Ladies and gentlemen, I want to tell you, the Jews, the Israelis, will probably give up that West Bank territory under pressure from the United Nations and the nations of the world. But what’s going to happen next? God says, “They divided my land,” and He’s got judgment upon those that do that. But the fight’s going to be over Jerusalem. When the Palestinians insist on taking half of Jerusalem as their capital, I believe that Benjamin Netanyahu and the Jewish leaders will say, “No. It’s not going to happen. This is our historic capital, and we’re not going to divide it.” When that happens, the next war is going to come about. That’s what the prophet Zacharias says, and I believe Zacharia was telling about the future of what’s going to happen in our time, that the nations of the earth will come against Jerusalem. So, mark it down. Look at your newspapers. It’s going to happen. Terry. Well, up next the murders that shook a quiet, peaceful town. He had a double barreled shotgun pointed at me. I felt the bullet hit me, and the second shot and my mom screamed, and then I heard four other shots go off pretty rapidly. Find out what happened next, when we return. Her story touched us. When can I surf again? Her comeback inspired us . . . . I don’t need easy; I just need possible. . . . . and showed us what it takes to be a true champion. Soul Surfer, now on Blu-Ray combo pack. CBN TV, on CBN.com. All the video you love in one easy-to-use location. This is the information retailers don’t want you to know, especially now. They don’t want you to learn just how much money you’ve been giving away to retail markups on items you purchase for your home, all because you don’t know how to buy like the insiders do at DirectBuy Club, the home improvement and furnishings club with direct insider prices. When you go to DirectBuy, you know that things are going to be a lot less than retail, and you don’t have to worry about sales. 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But Brooks remembers it like it was yesterday. Hi, how you doing? I’m looking for a fella who lives around here named Mike Mitchell. “I don’t know anybody by that name. Did they give you a phone number?” He said, “Yeah, I was hoping I could use your phone,” So he came in, and I heard the front door open again behind me, and Steven Hatch had walked in and was standing in front of my parents’ bedroom door, and he had a double-barrel shotgun pointed at me. And when I turned back around to Ake he had a 357 magnum pointed at the end of my nose. After looting the house, Glen Ake and Steven Hatch raped Leslie, Brooks’ younger sister, and then they hog-tied the whole family on the living room floor. They sat down and ate the dinner my mom had been fixing and talked about whether they should kill us or not. I felt the bullet hit me, and then the second shot, and my mom screamed, and then heard four other shots go off pretty rapidly. His mom and dad died within minutes. Brooks and Leslie were injured but managed to untie themselves and drive to a neighbor for help. They were both hospitalized for a few weeks and then moved in with friends. Physically, they recovered, but their mental anguish continued. We both were really, I think, in such shock. And we were just putting one foot in front of the other and not having any idea of what was going to happen next. Over the next fifteen years, Brooks was forced to testify nine times at trials and clemency hearings. As the years went by, he re-lived the nightmare over and over. In 1971 Brooks had become a Christian when he prayed with his father at the age of nine. He understood what the Bible says about forgiveness. But could he really forgive the men who murdered his parents and raped his sister? “I know that it’s something that I should do, and I know it’s something my parents would want me to do.” And so, more or less saying, “Lord, I’m not ready, but I’m willing to be made ready, down the line.” In 1990 Brooks graduated from law school, and that same year became the youngest state senator in Oklahoma history. From the outside, Brooks seemed to have it all. But on the inside, anger and rage were tearing him apart. So my way of dealing with it, or my way of not dealing with it was to keep myself so busy and keep things so chaotic that I really began to realize that, man, I did carry some anger around. In 1995, as a state senator, Brooks took a tour of the Oklahoma State Penitentiary, the same state pen where Glenn Ake served his life sentence. I was worried. The guy at one time could deadlift 900 pounds. He was a strong and very mean guy. So I grabbed a deputy warden, and I said, “I want to know where you are holding Ake.” And I remember just feeling that rage and fear as well. But I remember the most overwhelming feeling was “I want to be in the room with this guy. I want to talk to him, and I want to talk with him now.” And so I met with the warden and the warden said, “No.” They all said, “Bad idea.” And that’s when I literally said, “Okay, I’m on this committee called ‘Appropriations,’’ and they said, “Okay.” My father always told me I should forgive. I forgive you. And then I remember feeling like someone had taken a clamp off my chest, and then I could breathe for the first time in 15 years. Suddenly I felt air actually going all the way up into the top of my lungs, and it was just amazing. Several years later, Brooks co-wrote and co-produced his first feature film Heaven’s Rain about his journey to forgiveness. Part of telling the story was to pay tribute to my parents, but beyond all that is ultimately the story of forgiveness. I tried to be faithful, and as it turns out God was faithful in bringing me down this road to a place of forgiveness, even if I did it sort of kicking and screaming. I didn’t really understand it as much at that moment, but I knew that the only way I was going to get up, and walk out of that room, and be able to start dealing with other things in my life was by forgiving him. Can you imagine what went on in his mind? What kind of hatred you would have if you watched your beloved mother and father shot down before your eyes by a couple of crazed killers? Your sweet sister raped, raped by these animals who had come into your house, invaded you, shot you in the head, left you tied up. What would you feel? You’d have every reason to hate them. You’d have every reason to want them to be killed. You’d want to get your hands around her neck and squeeze and do some torture to them to make them experience the pain you had. You’d want that wouldn’t you? I mean that’s human nature. But Jesus said when you stand praying, if you have ought against any, forgive that your heavenly Father might forgive you. And let me tell you it’s tough. It’s tough to forgive those who have hurt you. It’s tough to forgive those who’ve trashed your reputation. It’s tough to forgive those who’ve taken away the most precious thing in your life. But it’s got to be done if you want freedom. Otherwise you’ll have this clamp on you. Your access to the Father will be shut off. You won’t have freedom to pray. You won’t have a chance to see miracles. And Jesus said this is the key to miracles. If you want miracles, if you want healing, you want financial blessing, you want peace, you want all the things you’re looking for, if you want those things, you’ve got to forgive. If you have ought against any. It doesn’t matter whether you’re justified. It doesn’t matter whether they’ve done some horrible thing to you. What matters, what’s important, is that you are willing to forgive even as your heavenly Father’s forgiven you. The Bible says, “Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord. I’ll repay.” Now, those monsters are in prison for the rest of their lives. So they’re being dealt with by the state. So you don’t have to exercise vengeance. “Vengeance is mine says the Lord.” He’ll take care of it. When He asks us to do is forgive. Are you willing to forgive? Somebody has insulted you. An in-law has tried to destroy your marriage. Somebody’s cheated on you. Somebody’s hurt you. Somebody lied about you. Are you willing to forgive? Do you want to have power in your life? If you do, I want you to pray with me right now. You want power? You want miracles? This is the key. Turn the key. Open the lock. Pray with me right now. I want you to think about who you’re mad at, who’s hurt you. Again it’s not a question of whether or not you’re justified in feeling that way. Brooks was justified in hating. But he said no. So I want you to bow your head, and I want you to pray. Pray these words and mean them in your heart. “Lord God, you know how I’ve been hurt. You know what’s been done against me. I know it. I’ve been hurt. I’ve been angry, and I’ve been resentful. But right now I forgive the one who hurt me. I forgive, and not only that Lord, I ask your blessing upon them. I asked that they might understand the joy that I have in Jesus. I believe you, Lord. And may there be peace and blessings on the ones who’ve hurt me. I pray for them even as you pray for me. In the name of Jesus, I thank you that at this moment I am free from that bondage. In Jesus’ name, amen.” All right, if you prayed with me then, you’ve already sensed something has let go in your heart. We’ve got a little booklet called, “Forgiveness: What sin particularly blocks the flow of miracle power?” It’s right here, from my book The Secret Kingdom. We’ll send this to you if you want it. It’s something to read and understand the importance of it. I want you to go to your phone and call and say listen, “I just prayed with Pat. I’ve gotten free of that hatred, that bitterness I’ve had in my heart.” It’s a toll-free number, 1-800-759-0700. Call now and tell somebody what you’ve just done. I think it’s important. You’re free of this thing. Don’t bring it back. You’re free of it. It’s gone. It’s gone. 1-800-759-0700. Call in and say “I’m free,” and I’ll send you this book unforgiveness if you want it or anything else we can do to help you. Terry. Still ahead, a car wreck that left a teenager in a fight for her life. We were told she had a dramatic brain injury. Her lungs had collapsed. She had broken scapulas. “She’s critical and she’s not going to make it.” See how she not only made it but went on to become valedictorian of her class. Obamacare is not only going to ruin our health care system, but it’s going to put us so far in debt, we will never recover. Perhaps worst of all, it was concocted in an undemocratic process in locked rooms in the middle of the night. Obamacare was passed and rammed down the throats of the American people. In January after we delivered petitions to the House, they voted to repeal. Now the Senate is only four votes short of repeal as well. It’s critical that you call today and add your voice to the new U.S. Senate petition. Even if you’ve signed a petition or made a call, do it again and ask your friends to do it again. We don’t want them to ever think that we’re giving up so that they can give up. Call 1-800-488-8017 or go online to RepealItNow.org to sign the official petition. Together we can force Washington to repeal this costly and destructive law. Call 1-800-488-8017. Welcome to Washington for this CBN Newsbreak. U.S. troops stationed in Afghanistan have built an Islamic center at Kandahar airfield. The troops spent 10 weeks converting an old building into the center. It will be used as a place of worship and offer weekend classes. Some say the project shows that the U.S. is not trying to change the Afghan people or their religion. The conversion was completed just in time for the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. A judge in Ohio is getting help in his effort to post the 10 Commandments in his courtroom. The American Center for Law and Justice is supporting Judge James Dewey in a brief to the Supreme Court. The American Civil Liberties Union is suing to have the exhibit taken down. In its briefing to the court, the ACL J said the ACLU does not have the legal standing to bring the challenge to the nation’s top court. You can always get the latest from CBN news by going to our website at CBNNews.com. Pat and Terry will be back with more of the 700 Club right after this. Store sales Now is a good time to get a new HD TV, but did you know you need more than a cool TV to see true HD? Thirty percent of the people watching a high def television are not watching high def programming. Why would they do that? Because you need a HD provider. Dish Network is the leader in hi def. I’m going to step up and check out Dish Network. It’s the biggest deal in HD entertainment. Get HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, and Stars, free for three months. Packages start at just $24.99 a month. And you’ll get your HD channels absolutely free for life. Guess how much Dish network charges you for HD? Fifty bucks? Fifty bucks! No, it’s free! Free for life. Free is better. Free HD for life. How cool is that? That is very cool. I like free. I can afford free. Free for life? Free for life. Bring it. 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We come to the door, and there are two highway patrol officers with the two purses and two IDs and, “Are these your children?” He said, “There’s been an accident. Alicia crossed over the median on I-35, and then she hit a van, a full-size van, head on. And when she did, she instantly died.” I stood there for a moment, trying to grasp that he had just told me that my firstborn child was gone. And it seemed like an eternity. Then I said, “What about Boo?” Then he said, “Well, they’ve air flown her to the trauma center. She’s critical. And she’s not going to make it.” Roger and Dawn Lane prayed that God would spare their daughter, Laura, affectionately called “Boo.” I felt the Spirit of God rise up within me. I heard the Lord begin to speak to my heart in that moment, and He said, “I told you not to worry about Boo, because she’s in the palm of My hand.” And it was at that very moment that I settled it. And I just put my hand on Roger’s shoulder, and I said, “She will live, and she won’t die.” Earlier that day, the Lanes’ two oldest children, 19-year-old Alicia and 15-year-old Boo, were driving home from a Christian youth rally in Oklahoma City. Suddenly an 18-wheeler passed Alicia and clipped her car. She lost control and went across the median into oncoming traffic. Alicia was killed instantly. Med Flight R.N. Nathan Dilley was working that afternoon and among the first on the scene. He knew it was a life or death situation for Boo. I could tell by the condition of the car that it was pretty well smashed up and that she had been thrown out. We could see someone doing resuscitation on her. So I knew that that was a serious situation. It doesn’t get any worse than that. The chances of her living through that would be about one percent or less than one percent, actually. In addition to providing medical care on the 15-minute flight to the hospital, Nathan and his partner took another step. They prayed for their dying patient. When we see someone that’s this gravely injured that may not survive, we always make the decision to pray for them and just to continue to pray. And we realized ourselves that this was not going to be our care that brought this person through that, but God’s hand. Boo made it to the hospital. Dr. Roxie Albrecht led the trauma team who received her. Boo came in as a priority one trauma or a level one trauma. And that’s our highest level of activation. And her injury severity score was 41, which is very, very high. Now, over 25 is critical. When the Lanes arrived at the hospital, they rushed in to see their daughter. I knew that when they took me in to see Boo that she wasn’t going to look like my Boo. I already knew that. But you’re never prepared for the moment that you’re going to see your child look that bad. It was scary, seeing her with all the hoses and the tubes, and there was nothing that she could do for herself laying there. And all you could do was just hope and pray and believe. We were told that she had a traumatic brain injury. Her lungs had collapsed. She had broken scapulas, bilateral ones. The face bones were all fractured on the side of her face. It was all crushed and broken, and they had already told us she was going to need surgery on her leg. As doctors worked to save Boo’s life, her parents clung to their faith in God. I knew that I had the promise of God to stand on, that no matter what she looked like, no matter what they said, I knew that I could still believe God for His Word and that she was going to pull through this. Dawn’s boss at the time, a physician’s assistant, came to the hospital to comfort the family and help them understand Boo’s condition. When they told us what all had happened, I really didn’t feel like that she would make it. I thought she was going to lose two daughters that day. Doctors did all they could to save Boo’s life. She survived the first critical hours, but there were no guarantees for long-term survival. You know, brain injuries are a black box. It all depends on where the injury is, what deficits you’re going to have. It’s hard to quantify what patients’ outcomes are going to be until you just give them time. The doctors and Boo’s family were ready for the long and uncertain road ahead. But on the day of her sister’s funeral, Boo woke up. And it was right before we got there. It was right after the funeral. And when we walked in, she was awake. Doctors expected Boo to spend 30 days in ICU, and then several months in hospital rehab. But that wasn’t necessary. Boo was formally discharged from the hospital in 27 days. Twenty-seven days. She came home with a leg casts on. She wasn’t there mentally. You could see it in her eyes that there were still pieces missing. But she was home. And that just goes to show you that God answers prayer, that when God gives you a specific word, that He has her in the palm of His hands, nobody, nothing, no principality, no power, no healing can take her out of His hands. With every passing day, Boo continued to improve. She started making progress in physical therapy. She still went through the things that you would have to go through. She just progressed a lot quicker than most people get to. By the end of summer, she made a full recovery. She had a lot of good care, and I would agree with that. But I think she had God’s healing, too. It was nothing short of a miracle, a miraculous recovery that I’ve only seen a handful of times in the 20 plus years of doing this. Boo returned to school in the fall and graduated as valedictorian of her class. It’s remarkable to come in unstable, and to get resuscitated and go through the hospital that many days and get out and be a valedictorian, not miss a beat. That doesn’t happen. Boo has gone on to complete college with a degree in nursing. She’s also married now to a guy her sister knew and wanted her to meet. It was just really neat to find out that my sister was just, she was such a big part of his life, too. God is always faithful. Just stick with Him, and He will see you through anything that comes your way. It’s the same message over and over. God is always faithful. He’s always there. Amazing story of restoration. It is. We went to pray for some people. Yes. That build your faith. What do you have? Well this is another miracle. This is Timothy. He lives in Westland, Michigan, was told he’d never walk again after a saw mutilated his leg. He had torn muscles and tendons, badly damaged nerves. Two weeks after he had surgery, he was watching this program with his leg propped up; and, Pat, you had this word of knowledge, “Doctors say you will never walk again, but God will heal the leg.” At that moment Timothy said he felt incredible heat flowing through his leg. His leg was healed, and he now walks without a limp. Most importantly he wasn’t a Christian. But he accepted the Lord after this experience. Wow! You know, I didn’t know him, didn’t know about his leg, but God knew about it. He felt heat go through his leg! A leg that he had been told he could never use again. A saw! Praise God. All right. For 11 years Joanna of SeaTac, Washington. I didn’t know that they’d call it SeaTac. That used to be the airport out there. It’s in between Seattle and Tacoma. Had trouble with her eyes. They would water constantly. The doctor told her that her tear ducts were scarred and not functioning. Joanne was told she would have to have surgery, however the results would be temporary. One day she was watching this program. Terry, you had a word. “You have a chronic eye condition where your eyes just water constantly. And it affects the skin under your eyes. God is healing that condition.” She said, “That’s me.” Within a short while, her eyes stopped watering. Over a few weeks the skin around her eyes had cleared up. And guess what? She’s problem free since. Folks, God has a blessing for you. Because He loves you. He loves you. And Terry and I are going to join hands together and we’re going to believe God for you. “Father, we believe God. We believe God. And you said, Jesus, “have faith in God.” Lord, you’re all powerful. You created the heavens and the earth. You brought mankind into being. You brought everything that lives into being. You are He who causes everything to be. And so we come to you with the problems of your creation. Your people, they’re hurting Lord. And they’re asking for specific touch in their bodies and in their minds and in their finances and in their marriages. Lord, reach out I pray. Reveal yourself to people today. Show forth your power, Lord God, in the name of Jesus. Terry, what’s God saying to you. Well, there’s somebody you have a very odd condition. I don’t know what it is. It must be nerve related, but it’s the palms of your hands but also the bottoms of your feet, and it just itches. Itches, and itches, and itches and will not stop. God is touching that condition for you right now, and it’s going to go away. And someone else, you have a chronic sinus condition, and you’ll know it’s you, because it’s not just your condition, it’s genetic, like everybody in your family has this. But God is healing you right now. Just take that and receive it from Him. There’s somebody who’s inside the throat was burned, and it’s having a hard time healing. It must be awfully hard to swallow, even. Right now, put your hand on your throat, on your neck, in the name of Jesus, God has healed you. Thank you, Lord. And someone else, you have a stomach issue. I don’t know why but your stomach is like half the size it should be in is causing all kinds of reflux problems for you. God is just touching your entire system right now. Your digestion is going to be normal. The reflux is going to be gone. Everything is going to be in order. Gods’ heard your prayer for hundred and $175,000. He’s going to supply the need that you’re asking for, Jim, whatever. Ask Him, He’ll give it to you. Terry. Thank you, Lord. Somebody with vocal chords, they’re almost like frozen. That’s a term that’s been used, and God is just releasing that for you right now. Just feel that kind of warmth come into your throat and receive that. Let the peace of God extend to everyone of you. Receive His piece into your life. Receive the joy of the Lord. Receive the answers to your prayer. Receive the new walk with Jesus, in His name. Amen. Where ever you are, if you have something happen to you, we wish you’d call. We love to have reports of answers to prayer. It builds our faith and the faith of others. So call, 1-800-759-0700. If we can help you, people are on the phones 24 hours a day to meet your needs. So if you have a problem, pick up the phone, toll-free, no problem, no cost. Terry. Well, I want you to meet a young mom in the Philippines. Today, Sarah works with CBN’s Orphan’s Promise to feed hungry children in her village. But it wasn’t long ago that Sarah and her children were the ones who needed help. The community that grew up around the Pieta Stump is one of the poorest in the Philippines. Most of the families forced to live here struggle with even the basics. For single moms like Sarah, the situation seemed even more hopeless. It is so painful to see my children going hungry. Sarah makes less than a dollar a day selling rice on the street. They live in a one-room house built next to a garbage dump. It’s all they could afford. But things began to look up for Sarah when she met someone from Orphans Promise. We set up a program in one family’s home where we provide a warm nourishing meal every day for children like Princess. I like the yummy food. I’ve made friends there. The teachers are nice too. As Sarah saw the positive change in her daughter, she began to volunteer at the Orphans Promise feeding program. There she, along with the children, heard Bible stories and the Gospel. Sarah even prayed to become a Christian. I feel God’s love for me. I’ve given my life to Him. To help Sarah better provide for her daughters, Orphans Promise also gave her everything she needed to start a small business making and selling peanut butter in the community. Our lives are much better now. God is so good. He brought Orphans Promise to us. Thank you. You know, we meet so many amazing people who have the ability, who have gifts and talents. They just don’t have opportunity. You allow us to come into the midst of that situation and give them a tomorrow filled with all kinds of promise. We want to say thank you 700 Club members. You’re doing that in the lives of people like Sarah all around the world. Will you help us to continue to reach out? The needs are great in so many countries and the more you join with us, the more people we can help. So, you join the 700 Club today. It’s 65 cents a day, $20 a month. But you can change the world with that, and together we can make a huge difference. And by the way, if you’re already a 700 Club member, would you consider going up to 700 Club Gold? If you’re a Gold member, join our 1000 Club. It’s when we all do as much as we possibly can that we can touch the world in the name of Jesus Christ. All you have to do is call that toll free number that’s on your screen. It’s 1-800-759-0700. Say, “I want to join the 700 Club.” When you do, we want to send you Life Beyond the Grave. This is an amazing DVD with some astonishing testimonies of people who’ve had death experiences and then gone to Heaven or to Hell and returned to tell about it. You want to hear what they have to say and Pat’s teaching about what the word has to say as well about eternity. So call right now. Questions. Questions. Ready? From the chat room. All right. This first one is really poignant, Pat. This is Celina. She says, “I’m an 11-year-old girl with a horrible life. I was homeless for a year. My dad left us six years ago. I hate my life and don’t know what to do. What can I do?” Celina, you have a Father in Heaven who loves you, and He wants to take you to Himself so that you’ll be with Him, and He’ll be with you. That doesn’t mean you have to die, it means that the Father will be there. You need to talk to Him as you would an earthly Father and tell them your problems and ask Him to minister to you and to give you the answers to your prayer. And as you draw closer to Him, some of these things that are around you will go away. But let’s face it, you’ve got about six or seven years before you’re old enough to go off on your own. So, if you can handle it in this period of time, and the Lord will help you through, but He says there’s no testing that has taken you that is such as common to man. There are a lot of other young people that have horrible things happen. But God is faithful who will, with a testing, make a way of escape that you may be able to bear it. Get close to Him and let His miracle power come into you. All right. You know sometimes you can find a local church, too, and really get fed and have some people come around you. Okay, here’s a question from I guess you say “Mich.” “Yesterday on ABC, I saw a show about people who saw Heaven. They had an atheist woman who saw a ‘white light’ and saw her uncle who told her she had to go back. How did she see what she saw if she’s not a Christian? Why didn’t she experience Hell?” Well, it may be God’s got a plan for her that will take her out of that and out of this experience she’ll come to the Lord. One last question. This is Crystal who says, “How can we really know that God is real and not just something that man wrote about is fiction thousands of years ago?” If you experience Him. If you experience Him. If you see His miracle power. If you hear His voice. If you see His blessing. If you look all around you and see the creation, the heavens declare the glory of God and the Earth shows forth His handiwork. It’s all around you. But ask Him. If you will surrender to Him and do His will, He’ll show you and you’ll know the doctrine. That’s all the time we have for today’s 700 Club. Tomorrow, he was fired for telling the truth. Ron Williams talks about the assault on free speech, NPR. We leave you with these words from the Psalm. Here at CBN, we see amazing things happen when we stand together. That’s why we want to say thank you to the thousands of you . . . . . . . . who recently pledged to join the 700 Club. Your monthly gift makes it possible to bring crucial help to those who need it most. You help heal the sick, feed the hungry . . . . . . . . and preach the Gospel across America and throughout the world. You’ve brought health and hope to people in desperate need. And changed their lives forever. When Kitty was abandoned by her parents, she went to live with her grandmother in the middle of a garbage dump. They ate scraps of food from the dump and tried not to get bitten by the rats. That’s when you built them a new home and set up a small clothing business near the market for Kitty’s grandmother. You rescued them from hunger and fear. So please watch for this mailing and send in your pledge. This year millions will know . . . . The love and saving power of Jesus Christ. And that only happens, because you were there.


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