The 700 Club: November 12, 2009

Ruth Graham discusses how to break free of anxiety and trust God in uncertain circumstances. Also, a brother saves his sister from a life in a cult.


UnderWing Transcripts PO Box 16282 Clearwater, Florida 33766 540 455-2333 / UnderWing@underwingtranscripts.com ________________________________________ The 700 Club Daily Broadcast Thursday, November 12, 2009 PAT ROBERTSON: Well, welcome to The 700 Club. Our area is under the grip of a vicious nor’easter. It may be one of the worst in our history. TERRY MEEUWSEN: I canoed in this morning. PAT ROBERTSON: Did you? You made it. TERRY MEEUWSEN: Today, yes. PAT ROBERTSON: Well, I tell you, streets are flooded. Downtown Norfolk is flooded. TERRY MEEUWSEN: Unbelievable. PAT ROBERTSON: Portsmouth is flooded. The streets are impassable. And here we are to tell you about the health care bill, which is now in the hands of the Senate. Democrats are scrambling to get it passed, but they’ve got a lot of defection in their ranks. TERRY MEEUWSEN: That’s right. They’re facing not only defection within their party, but polls are showing that voters are starting to turn on them. Here is White House correspondent David Brody. CARE DAVID BRODY: The Democratic leadership in the Senate is doing all they can to try to pass and gift wrap a health care bill before Christmas. But you have a handful of Democrats who may end up playing the role of Ebenezer Scrooge. Donald Duck (as Ebenezer Scrooge): And a bah humbug to you! Actor (as Ebenezer Scrooge): Humbug! DAVID BRODY: At the front of the line is Democratic Senator Ben Nelson, who is now on the record saying he'll vote with Republicans to block the bill if it's not to his satisfaction. Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Nebraska): Any bill that I could support would have to be able to be sure we didn't add to the deficit, that we don't add taxes, that we really do reduce the increasing cost of health care. That has to happen. And any bill that doesn't do that I just am not going to be able to support. DAVID BRODY: That is scary talk for Majority Leader Harry Reid and the Obama Administration because they're going to need every Democratic senator on board to pass healthcare. Just one wayward senator can sink the bill. And to make matters even worse for supporters of health care reform, Nelson now says he wants the same strict pro-life language that was passed in the House bill. Sen. Ben Nelson: Any bill that I could support would have to make sure that it does not use federal dollars to fund abortions. DAVID BRODY: But initially, the Senate bill is expected to include language that would allow people who receive federal subsidies to buy health care plans that cover abortions. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is calling the abortion issue a temporary distraction. Rep. Nancy Pelosi (Speaker of the House): Beware of any of these kinds of issues, because the fact is they want to take your attention away. DAVID BRODY: Abortion is just one major stumbling block, but there are certainly others. You have Independent Senator Joe Lieberman saying that he'll vote against the bill if it has any sort of public option in it for a government-run insurance plan. Then you have three Democrats who want to not even debate the bill until its full text has been posted on the Internet for three days. And now, Democratic officials are saying that Harry Reid is considering higher payroll taxes on the wealthy in the Senate bill as an additional way of paying for health care. The Republican Party has tried to tie this health care reform effort by the Democrats directly to out of control fiscal spending. Well, it may be working. The latest Gallup poll shows Republicans, for the first time with a 48 to 44 percent lead among registered voters in a generic ballot for the 2010 elections. And among Independents, the news is even better. By 52 percent to 30 percent, Independents prefer a Republican candidate to the Democrat. It's enough to get Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and President Obama reaching for the Excedrin with one big giant headache. David Brody, CBN News, Washington. PAT ROBERTSON: Thanks, David. The American people aren’t fools. They say, “Well, you can fool all the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.” And all this smoke and mirrors about, “We’re for change. Change. I’m a candidate of change,” and so forth. And the change turns out to be the old liberal nostrum of tax and spend. Big taxes, big spending, enormous deficits and the country going out of control. And the American people feel that and they’re in this generic ballot that Gallup ran. They’re saying, “We’re going to vote against the Democrats.” And I think any Democrat office holder who is a little tenuous in his time in the House of Representatives or even the Senate had better look out, because there is a tidal wave coming. People are really disgusted. Terry. TERRY MEEUWSEN: I think you’ve nailed it on the head with the way you’ve put it. I don’t think it’s so much people like Ben Nelson siding with the Republicans as voting against something that they just can’t put their name behind, and a wise move on their parts for doing that. PAT ROBERTSON: Exactly. And there are many, many others who will feel the same thing, the people in the House who are on record. You could hear the rifles clicking as the Republicans have them in their sights, because it’s going to be a heated campaign next year and many, many incumbents are going to go down because of this. If they walk the plank for the President, maybe he doesn’t care. Well, Lee Webb has the rest of our top stories from the CBN Newsroom. Lee. GOLD GOING UP LEE WEBB: Pat, call it the new gold rush. The price of the precious metal hit another record Wednesday: 1,119 dollars. And the president of one of the world's biggest gold companies says the world may be running out of gold. Aaron Regent of Barrick Gold told the London Telegraph that global output has been falling since 2000. The tighter supplies have helped drive gold to new highs, and Regent believes gold production will keep falling in the years ahead. Pat. PAT ROBERTSON: Well, we heard about peak oil, and now they’re talking about peak gold. I don’t know if that’s the case or not. But there are only so many big veins. The veins that they were mining had something in the neighborhood of ten, 11, 12, 13 grams of gold per ton. Now, they’re down to three grams of gold per ton, and it means it’s a whole lot more expensive to get the gold out. And the demand is enormous. When the Indians picked up, I think it was 7.5 billion dollars worth of gold, it sort of sent a tightening through the market that there are some big players who figure that the dollar and fiat currencies, paper money, are just not going to be much good. And they’re going to gold, silver, precious metals, commodities, oil, et cetera, to hedge their bets. So it’s happening. I’ve been saying it. I said it would go from 750 or 700 to 1,000. It did that. And I’m saying now it’s probably going to hit 1,800. They’re talking now 1,300, but I think that’s just going to be a way station on the way to much higher. And if we look at gold historically, if we adjust for inflation, the high point reached during the Carter Administration was 2,300 dollars, adjusted for current inflation. It wasn’t that high then, but it was in terms of inflation adjusted. So I do hope you’ve—did you sell your gold jewelry yet? TERRY MEEUWSEN: Not yet, but I’m working on it. PAT ROBERTSON: You’ve got more. All right. Well, everybody needs a little . . . . TERRY MEEUWSEN: A little bling, right? PAT ROBERTSON: A little bling. Lee. FORECLOSURES FALL LEE WEBB: Pat, fewer people are losing their homes. The number of foreclosures fell by three percent last month. It is the third straight month that’s happened, according to a new report from RealtyTrac. It comes as foreclosure prevention programs have been coming to the rescue of more borrowers. Even so, foreclosure filings are up 19 percent from a year ago, and that number could go up as more people lose their jobs. WAS HASAN PSYCHOTIC? LEE WEBB: Army medical officials started wondering more than a year and a half ago if Nidal Hasan was psychotic. National Public Radio reports the Army psychiatrist was under scrutiny when he was stationed at Walter Reed Army Medical Center due to his, quote, “paranoid, belligerent and schizoid” behavior. By the spring of 2009, some medical officials wondered if Hasan was unfit to continue as an Army psychiatrist, one official saying, “Everybody felt that if you were deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan, you would not want Nidal Hasan in your foxhole.” Hasan was transferred to Fort Hood, Texas, where last week he shot and killed 13 people and wounded 30 others, Pat. PAT ROBERTSON: Lee, as I’ve said before, I say it again, it was criminal, criminal, of the Army not to cashier that man out. It’s just ridiculous to let somebody as psychotic as he is deploy in a combat unit and put at risk those young men down at Fort Hood that he just slaughtered. There they were just waiting, and it’s so easy to kill them. You’ve got a gun, and all you do is go out and shoot them. And he was psychotic, but he was also an inflamed, sincere jihadist Muslim. And I don’t think we can hide that face that what was generating his hatred and his angst was extreme Islamic teaching, which he got from one of those imams. I believe he was in contact with one in Yemen. Lee. AL QAEDA LEE WEBB: Pat, like a corporation, al Qaeda maintains regional franchises around the world. One of the terror group's most active branches is based in North Africa. And as Erick Stakelbeck reports, Europe and America are among its main targets. ERICK STAKELBECK: Top Al Qaeda leaders say that if they get their hands on Pakistan's nuclear weapons, they'll use them. GRAPHIC: WWW.YOUTUBE.COM Mustafa Abul Yazeed: God willing, the nuclear weapons won't fall into the hands of the Americans and they will be seized by the fighters and used against the Americans. ERICK STAKELBECK: So when a physicist at this Swiss nuclear lab was arrested this month and charged with having ties to al Qaeda, counterterrorism officials took notice. They believe he was in contact with a group known as AQIM: Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb. It's an area of North Africa that extends from Morocco to Libya on down to Mali. AQIM has carried out deadly bombings throughout the region. A number of its members have experience fighting US troops in other al Qaeda hotspots. Rudy Atallah: Some go to Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq. ERICK STAKELBECK: Lieutenant Colonel Rudy Atallah worked until recently as the Pentagon's director of counterterrorism for Africa. He says AQIM's pipeline reaches into neighboring Europe. Rudy Atallah (CEO, White Mountain Research): They have the connections to where they can move people, passports and that kind of stuff, into the European areas and back into the Middle East. ERICK STAKELBECK: And the group is on the record threatening Europe and the United States. AQIM's leader told the New York Times in 2008, his followers share the goals of Al Qaeda's hiearchy in Pakistan, saying, quote, “Everyone must know that we will not hesitate in targeting the United States whenever we can and wherever it is on this planet.” One weapon used against the West is kidnapping, including Christian missionaries. They're often held for ransom in the remote Sahara Desert region of Mali where the group has several terror training camps. Rudy Atallah: More last year. We’ve had Austrians, Swiss, UK citizens kidnapped. That's interesting to me, because what you see is Al Qaeda trying to make money any which way it can. ERICK STAKELBECK: An Arab government official tells CBN News that AQIM has become heavily involved in the African drug trade as a way to fund its operations. The official added that the terror group Hezbollah has also established a foothold in the region. It, too, works closely with drug cartels. Erick Stakelbeck, CBN News, Washington. LEE WEBB: Pat, it certainly appears that al Qaeda is not going away anytime soon. PAT ROBERTSON: No, it sure isn’t. And I appreciate Erick. Erick is doing some groundbreaking reporting on what’s happening out there. He’s an expert on the situation, and we’re glad he’s on our team. Lee. DETROIT PASTOR LEE WEBB: Here at home, a Michigan minister, who was beaten and stabbed 37 times, has returned to the pulpit with a message of forgiveness. Kevin Ramsby: I don't want this to be the Kevin Ramsby story. I want this to be something that begins to be a God story. LEE WEBB: A few months ago, we brought you the story of Kevin Ramsby, the executive pastor at Revival Tabernacle outside Detroit. He told the church he has forgiven the man who broke into his home. And he wants to meet and pray with him when police make the arrest. Kevin Ramsby (Revival Tabernacle Church): I want God to get the maximum glory through this incident. And this did not happen for the enemy to steal, and the enemy to destroy and to take land back that God has already begun to capture and recapture for His kingdom. LEE WEBB: It’s quite a story, and you can see it on our web site at CBN.com, the full story. Ramsby says it is a miracle he was stabbed 37 times and not one vital organ was harmed. THERAPY LEE WEBB: America's wounded veterans need help adjusting to regular life when they return home from war. And Lorie Johnson shows us how horses are making that happen. LORIE JOHNSON: Staff Sergeant Mike Cain, who lost his leg in Iraq, is just beginning to use his new prosthetic leg. Riding a horse teaches him how to walk again. Larry Pence (Caisson Platoon Equine Programs): When a horse moves as they walk, their hip movement is the same as yours and mine. What we want them to do is get in synch with the movement of that horse. LORIE JOHNSON: Mike feels himself getting stronger with the so-called horse therapy. Staff Sgt. Mike Cain (US Army): It's a huge core workout. You have to kind of keep yourself stable and balanced enough to stay on the horse. LORIE JOHNSON: Riding horses helps the wounded warriors emotionally, too. Vincent Short, who suffered a brain injury in Iraq, said it helps alleviate his depression. Vincent Short: This right here is a great big confidence gain. LORIE JOHNSON: But it doesn't just help the wounded soldiers, it also helps their trainers, because they are the Army's distinguished Caisson Platoon, who, until now, have only had the solemn duty of laying to rest their fallen brothers and sisters at Arlington National Cemetery. This additional job of offering hope to their living comrades is welcome relief. Cpl. Christopher Leonard (Old Guard Caisson Platoon): Every day we deal with the funerals, and it can be difficult to mentally handle at times. So being able to work with the wounded warriors in a way provides a mental release. LORIE JOHNSON: A win-win for soldiers trying to heal from the ravages of war. Lorie Johnson, CBN News. LEE WEBB: Pat, it’s a great unit. The Old Guard up in Northern Virginia near DC, the 3rd U.S. Infantry with a proud heritage. And now they’re getting to do this, and it means so much to those soldiers to be able to help their fellow soldiers in this way. PAT ROBERTSON: I think it’s wonderful. And it’s wonderful therapy. I have had several operations, and I immediately try to get back up on a horse as fast I can, because it is wonderful therapy. TERRY MEEUWSEN: Much to our chagrin, I might say. PAT ROBERTSON: Much to our joy. They asked me this last time, “Have you started riding yet?” “Yes. The answer is yes. Yes.” TERRY MEEUWSEN: You are unbelievable. PAT ROBERTSON: It’s so good for you. TERRY MEEUWSEN: Well, it is very therapeutic, and it’s hard when you are a rider to see a beautiful horse and not want to get on it. PAT ROBERTSON: I didn’t know it did your core. But I guess it does your core, too. TERRY MEEUWSEN: He’s back out there today. PAT ROBERTSON: Yes, but not in this rain. No. Well, later. TERRY MEEUWSEN: Well, coming up, the other side of an extreme home makeover. Man: The week of the build is kind of a blur. Looking back, it’s a pretty miraculous thing how it all comes together. TERRY MEEUWSEN: See what happened after the cameras stopped rolling, after this. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * SPOT 1: NEXT GEN Grace W. (Arizona): My dad gave me this gold coin as a birthday gift. It’s a pure gold coin, which he says is to remind me of his enduring love. Gold coins are a great way to invest for the next generation. You see, gold coins are something tangible that grow in value year after year, just like my boys, who are the next generation. Now I’m teaching them to save gold coins. Do your kids a favor and rediscover gold today. Pat Boone: The best investment of the new millennium: gold. And Swiss America has provided millions of Americans with the best educational resources in print, online and now on television. Take a moment to request a free, rare opportunity booklet, CD and DVD. Call the number below or visit online. Until next time, this is Pat Boone for Swiss America saying don’t wait to buy gold. Buy gold and wait. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * NEXT DAY PROMO GRAPHIC: EXTRAORDINARY LEE WEBB: Tomorrow. If you’ve ever asked “why me?” Man: My dad had to leave the room, and he couldn’t believe what he saw. LEE WEBB: One man found the answer. Man: There was nothing else I could find. There was nothing else that could give me peace. * * * GRAPHIC: RX FOR A MIRACLE LEE WEBB: Plus, a little boy with a big problem . . . . Woman: It was the worst type of E. coli that you could get. LEE WEBB: . . . . gets a prescription from mom. Woman: I walked back into the hospital room with the Krispy Kreme donuts, and my little boy was back. LEE WEBB: Tomorrow on The 700 Club. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * PAT ROBERTSON: Well, ladies and gentlemen, for seven years, America has watched ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition. It’s a very popular show. It touches the hearts of people, because it transforms families. And the episodes are often must-see TV. But the stories don’t end when the credits roll. Efrem Graham has this behind-the-scenes look at the show’s visit to Toledo, Ohio. FOCUS: ABC EXTREME MAKEOVER GRAPHIC: LOCK & KEY PRODUCTIONS Ty Pennington: Good morning, Frisch family! EFREM GRAHAM: When ABC’s Ty Pennington and Extreme Makeover Home Edition rolled into Toledo, they sparked an instant excitement across the city. The show also delivered long-awaited answers to prayer. Ty Pennington: The house that you’re living in now is not working. Woman: No. Ty Pennington: By the end of this week, we’re going to give you a house that is working. Tim Schlacter: Looking back, it is a pretty miraculous thing how it all comes together. EFREM GRAHAM: Home builder Tim Schlacter and his business partner, Mike White, were chosen to lead the project. This opportunity came after Slachter had prayed “The Prayer of Jabez” every day for three years. Tim Schlacter (Buckeye Real Estate Group): It was a prayer to God that said, “Enlarge my territory, not in service to myself, but in service to others.” EFREM GRAHAM: And for three years, in another part of Toledo, Aaron Frisch and his wife, Jackie, prayed for a home a little bigger than the 1,800 square foot house they shared with their 12 children. Aidan: Aidan, I’m 14. Miguel: Miguel, I’m 13. Connor: Connor, and I’m 12. Johnny: Johnny, and I’m ten. EFREM GRAHAM: In addition to three biological sons, there are five boys adopted from Haiti, three boys adopted from foster care, and one girl. Jacki Frisch (Toledo Resident): We had prayed and said, “God, we believe you have asked us to take children, but our house is full. So we will have as many children as you give us space to accommodate.” EFREM GRAHAM: For the Frisch family and for Tim Schlacter, God's answers went exceedingly above all they could ask or think. Tim Schlacter: What I think is amazing about God is how He meshes prayers. You stand in the middle of this, we’ve got a lot to get done. And, “Lord we have got two days of rain coming. How does this work out?” Well, it gives people an opportunity to see how through perseverance and faith it does work out. Aaron Frisch (Toledo Firefighter): My wife and I looked at each other and we said, “Who is going to come out and build our house?” This is Toledo. And I was involved in the North End riots and all that kind of stuff, and I go out and I see the worst of society with the shootings and the stabbings and the overdoses. EFREM GRAHAM: The best of the city came out for round-the-clock work. Thousands of hands helped build the more than 4,000-square-foot home, complete with a prayer pond in the back yard. They had less than a week and a day of rain but finished with time to spare. Tim Schlacter: The week of the build is kind of a blur. We stayed on site the entire time. Crowd: Move that bus! Move that bus! Move that bus! Jackie Frisch: Everyday I am reminded of the miracle of God's provision and what He has done for our family. So, it has been a whirlwind. EFREM GRAHAM: When ABC’s Ty Pennington shouted, “Move that bus!” it revealed this home, a home some 4,000 Toledo volunteers built in just 99 hours. And the building and the giving didn’t stop there. Volunteers who couldn’t work on the project wanted to keep the giving going after the cameras stopped rolling. Tim Schlacter: It was just neat to see people say “that’s a great example.” And I guess if you say you want to live as a model, that someone taking that and saying, “Well, what else can we do with it?” EFREM GRAHAM: They started The House Next Door project literally just blocks away from the Frisch family. Sixteen-year-old Brandon Lillibridge had been paralyzed following a car accident just a month earlier. His dad, who donated all the cabinets to Extreme Makeover’s project, now needed help himself to make their home more accessible for his son. Craig Lillibridge (Father): We're a pretty quiet family, not real outgoing. I didn't think a lot of people knew about us or of us when this happened. Just out of the woodwork, everybody was there to help. EFREM GRAHAM: The Lillibridges are the first family to receive help from The House Next Door project. These days, builder Tim Schlacter is praying he can keep it going in the face of even tougher economic times. Tim Schlacter: The prayer today is just one of just clarity. Where do we go from here? EFREM GRAHAM: And as he waits for God’s direction, this house is his reminder God hears and answers prayer. Efrem Graham, CBN News, Toledo, Ohio. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * PAT ROBERTSON: What a heartwarming story. TERRY MEEUWSEN: Wow, I guess so. PAT ROBERTSON: Isn’t that beautiful? TERRY MEEUWSEN: Wonderful. PAT ROBERTSON: The people all came together. That’s what we can do when we all work together. I was reading where Jesus was praying, and He was asking His Father, “that they might be one, Father, even as we are one,” that we might be one. And when we are one in a endeavor of that nature, there is just no limit to what we can do. TERRY MEEUWSEN: I tell you, that Prayer of Jabez is a dangerous prayer. You’d better buckle your seatbelt if you pray that. PAT ROBERTSON: Ooh, is it ever. Okay. TERRY MEEUWSEN: Well, still ahead, Billy Graham’s daughter talks about the personal struggles that nearly destroyed her family and the promise that held it together. Plus, we’ve got mail. Eileen says, “I’ve been falsely accused of a crime and proven not guilty. But the rumors are still there, and they’re plaguing my life. How do I get my good name back?” TERRY MEEUWSEN: We’ll Bring It On with that question and more, later on today’s show. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * SPOT 2: BOSE Announcer: These are the new Bose QuietComfort 15 noise canceling headphones, engineered to make air travel quieter, more relaxing, and to make listening to music more enjoyable. Bose was the first to introduce noise cancelling headphones over 20 years ago. And now QC15 headphones set an entirely new standard. Seth Porges of Popular Mechanics states that, “Compared to the competition, the QC15s are vastly superior.” Mark A. Kellner of the Washington Times says they “reproduce music with extreme clarity, fidelity and definition.” And with a very comfortable fit, you won’t find any other headphones like them. When you fly, engine roar fades away. You’ll also hear a lifelike music reproduction you may never have experienced. Try QC15 headphones for 30 days risk free, with free shipping. Compare them to any other headphones and judge for yourself. New Quiet Comfort 15 headphones. Performance that’s only from Bose. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * TERRY MEEUWSEN: Religious violence in Orissa, India, has left hundreds of Christians dead and thousands more homeless. For Sadhana, just walking down the street meant risking her life. SADHANA TERRY MEEUWSEN: Sadhana grew up as a pastor’s daughter in Orissa, India. She studied hard, so she could become a doctor. But one day, on her way to class, she was attacked by a group of men who hated Christians. Sadhana: Some people knew that my father was a pastor. When they saw me they yelled, “Catch her!” I was so afraid. They told me to give them my bicycle and books. I did, because if I didn’t, they would have set me on fire, too. TERRY MEEUWSEN: Sadhana wasn’t the only one attacked. In December 2008, more than 120 Christians were killed in Orissa, while 50,000 fled to refugee camps. When Sadhana’s home was set on fire, she and her family ran to hide in the jungle. For five days they lived without food or clean drinking water. Then they heard about an Operation Blessing refugee camp. Sadhana: We were left with nothing. But Operation Blessing took us in and cared for us. They gave us clothes, food, everything. TERRY MEEUWSEN: More than 300 families were given shelter, food and medical treatment at the camp. While there, Sadhana spent most of her time teaching the younger children reading and math. But she was worried that she would never be given the chance to continue her own education. Sadhana: I was very upset, but my father told me that I could leave everything behind, except Jesus Christ. I remembered that in John 16:33, Jesus said that we will have suffering in this world, but we need to be of good courage. Even if we have problems and the world laughs at us, we shouldn’t be afraid, because He has won the world. TERRY MEEUWSEN: After the violence subsided, her family decided to move back to Orissa. But through your gifts to Operation Blessing, Sadhana was relocated to a college in a safe area. They also paid for her tuition, books and other school supplies. And they gave her one more special gift, a new bicycle. Sadhana: When I was in trouble, Operation Blessing helped me. If not for them, I would have not been given the chance to follow my dreams. I will never forget what you have done. Thank you so much! * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * TERRY MEEUWSEN: These are our brothers and sisters in Christ, and in that part of India, in Orissa, it’s very violent, and they are suffering persecution. GRAPHIC: 1-800-759-0700 CBN.COM You allowed us to come in and make a huge difference in the lives of 300 families, 300 families who had been living in the woods, who had lost everything. 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PAT ROBERTSON: We’re getting some wonderful comments, by the way. I was quite heartened by those who have received this CD. It’s a CD. It’s not a DVD. It’s audio. And they really appreciate it, because it tells you things that are important about how to manage your money. Well, coming up later, by day her family were devout Catholics, but by night they were immersed in the world of Santeria. Woman: I saw manifestations. I saw people possessed, people that are not normally bad. They became like these horrible people after the spirits took over their body. PAT ROBERTSON: See how she broke the curse of this cult, when we come back. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * SPOT 3: YOU WERE THERE TERRY MEEUWSEN: Hi, this is Terry Meeuwsen. I have the privilege of traveling around the world, seeing the life changing things CBN partners make possible. On a recent trip to South Africa, I saw firsthand the incredible difference you’re making in orphans’ lives. Here at home and across the nations, you are bringing the help people so desperately need, just like you did for Lesly who lives along the Amazon River. When the floods came, her house was completely underwater. You built this single mom and her children a new home and even gave her a start in a new business, so she can support her family. Your monthly gift makes it possible to heal the sick, feed the hungry, preach the Gospel and so much more. Please watch for this mailing and send in your pledge. Imagine lifting a life out of despair and filling it with hope. That’s what you do every day as CBN partners, and it only happens because you were there. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * MORMONS AND GAY RIGHTS LEE WEBB: Welcome back to The 700 Club. Surprising news in the battle over homosexual rights. The Mormon Church has backed pro-gay legislation for the first time. With that support, Salt Lake City, Utah has passed a ban on discrimination against homosexuals. Mormon leaders had been steadfast in opposition in opposition to gay marriage. The new ordinance makes it legal to fire someone from their job because of their sexual orientation, and also forbids landlords from evicting residents on those grounds. Mormon leaders say the church supports the ordinances because they are fair and reasonable and do not do violence to the institution of marriage. BRAZIL POWER OUTAGES LEE WEBB: A major power outage in Brazil is raising concerns about that country hosting the 2016 Olympic games. But government officials there say Brazil’s power grid is reliable. And the Brazilian Olympic committee says Rio, the host city for the Olympics, will have its own direct energy feed during the games. The Tuesday night blackout left as many as 60 million people in the dark and affected 18 of Brazil’s 26 states. Authorities blame storms that took down power lines and towers. You can always get the latest from CBN News by going to our web site at CBN.com. 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That’s 1-800-746-6449. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * PAT ROBERTSON: As a teenager, Linda Correa was terrified of something called Santeria. She was afraid of the evil spirits that inhabited at séances and the demonic possessions that occurred during them. But there was one thing that scared Linda even more: the leader of the cult, her own godmother. LINDA CORREA Linda Correa: As a child, I remember thinking there’s just something not right, but then again at the same time, what could be wrong where my parents are taking me into these ceremonies? And what could be wrong with what we’re doing? DEBBIE WHITE: When she was a little girl, Linda Correa spent her Sunday mornings attending Catholic mass, but under the cover of night, she and her family followed a darker religion called Santeria. It’s a cult-like practice that merges Catholicism with voodoo-type ceremonies and saint worship. Linda Correa: My parents took us to these ceremonies, these prayer meetings, these séances. DEBBIE WHITE: Linda says the rituals were frightening. Linda Correa: I saw manifestations. I saw people possessed, people that are not normally bad. They became like these horrible people after the spirits took over their body. DEBBIE WHITE: Linda and her brothers also feared their godmother and the influence she held over their parents. Linda Correa: I would just compare her to like a cult leader, because it seemed like she had some control over my parents that I can’t understand. She used to be very verbally abusive to us, and sometimes she got physically abusive. And my parents didn’t really do anything about it. DEBBIE WHITE: When her brother, Isaac, was a teen, he took a stand against their godmother. Linda Correa: During the ceremony, a spirit went into a lady, and she became very flirtatious. She was cursing. She was very sexual. She was almost like a prostitute. And my brother, he questioned, “If this is a good religion, if this is a good thing, why is she acting like a prostitute? Why is she cursing like that?” I guess my godmother noticed that he was questioning Santeria. And what she did was actually turn us against him. DEBBIE WHITE: Around this same time, Isaac made a new friend. He started going to church with him and reading his Bible. Linda Correa: My brother just kept coming home and questioning what he had learned from the church and the Bible. He kept coming home and he kept saying, “You know what you’re doing is wrong. The Bible says you’re not supposed to be worshipping idols.” We were angry at him, because nobody likes to be questioned about their religion. He kind of started opening up our eyes. DEBBIE WHITE: One night, Isaac came home and smashed all the family’s statues. Linda Correa: I came home and I found my mom crying, because my brother was in a fury. He smashed all the idols, and my mom was devastated. DEBBIE WHITE: After the statues were destroyed, Linda felt a shift in her family. Linda Correa: It was like a curse was lifted. Little by little, we stopped going. It’s ironic how my parents would go to these ceremonies to obtain luck and good fortune, and we had the opposite. We were living in hell. DEBBIE WHITE: Linda’s family broke away from her godmother and from Santeria, but it was a few years before she was truly free. At age 20, Linda was going through a painful divorce. Linda Correa: I got married, and it only lasted about five months. And I was devastated. And it was that point in time that I was hurting the most that I turned to God. I remember giving my life to Christ, and from then on my whole life changed. He gave me strength, and He changed me. I became a new woman. DEBBIE WHITE: Over the next few years, her relationship with God continued to grow. Linda Correa: I considered Jesus my friend. I had a hunger for God. I wanted to know everything about Him, and it was the first time in my life that I read the Bible in its entirety. I had never done that before. And I just started gaining wisdom, and I wanted to just learn all about this wonderful God that delivered us from this horrible, I call it a horrible, evil cult. DEBBIE WHITE: Today, she has something that Santeria could never give her. Linda Correa: I have peace. I have peace. I have joy. I’m not going to say I don’t have any problems. I have problems, but I won’t turn to Santeria to resolve my problems. I will turn to the Bible. I will turn to my Jesus. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * PAT MINISTERS PAT ROBERTSON: People say, “Well, Santeria, that’s just a superstition. All that voodoo stuff, it’s just something for poor people in third world countries. But the truth is, there are demons. And demons do possess people. Demons possess people. And there are many people, I believe, walking around the United States, perhaps they’re working on Wall Street or they’re working in banks or they’re working next door to you, and inside they are manipulated by demonic power. It’s real. I don’t want to start getting spooky on you, but that’s just the way it is, because the Bible talks about spirits, evil spirits, unclean spirits. And when Jesus was here, He came against those spirits, because the Bible says when the devil, Satan, was cast out of Heaven, he took about a third of the so-called angels with him. And these angels that were cast to earth are demonic spirits. And they desire to inhabit people. Now, you may have a problem. These things may come and give you bad dreams at night. They may disrupt your family. They may cause discord and unhappiness. They may seem like a curse. What is it? It is satanic, demonic power. And right now, I want you to be free of that. But I know you want to be free of it. You don’t want this kind of thing in your life. So let’s pray together. And if you’ll let Jesus take over, then we’re going to bind these spirit forces. We don’t want any of this to come into your life. You don’t have to belong to some strange oriental cult or something in South America to be touched by Satan. But I want you to be touched by Jesus and by the Holy Spirit. So bow your head and pray these words right now, if you don’t know the Lord. “Lord, in Jesus’ name, I come to you. I know you died for me. I know you rose again. And I know you are God Almighty. Jesus, I believe in you. And I ask you now, come into my life and set me free from addiction. Set me free from demonic power. Set me free from any of the works of Satan. I want to be free. And in Jesus’ name, I declare my liberty. Thank you, Lord, that you’ve heard my prayer. Thank you that you’ve saved me. Thank you, Lord. From this moment, I am yours.” Now, I want to pray for you right now. Father, let the anointing of God come in the lives of those who prayed. And Satan, in Jesus’ name, I bind you and the forces of evil. I command you at this moment to loose these people, that they might be free into the liberty of the Lord Jesus Christ. Satan, your power is bound from this moment on in the lives of these people. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Lord God, for hearing our prayer. And thank you for touching people’s lives. If you would like to know more, I want you to move into the things of God. GRAPHIC: 1-800-759-0700 CBN.COM I have something called “A New Day.” It’s real pretty. “A New Day.” And it has a compact disc, CD. GRAPHIC: OUR GIFT TO YOU 1-800-759-0700 CBN.COM It has 73 minutes of very important teaching for you, and a little booklet there. You can get it if you call 1-800-759-0700. Just say, “Look, I prayed with Pat Robertson. I gave my heart to God,” 1-800-759-0700. Well, let me tell you, Jesus Christ loves you. Jesus Christ loves you. Whatever situation you’re going through, Jesus Christ loves you. Call in: 1-800-759-0700. And Terry has got something special for us. TERRY MEEUWSEN: Well, I do. Coming up, Ruth Graham was known as the divorced daughter of Billy Graham, but for her divorce was just the tip of the iceberg. GRAPHIC: RUTH GRAHAM She’s going to share with us the most difficult times in her life and how she survived them, after this. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * SPOT 5: DVD BIBLE Spokeswoman: And with us today, Emmy Award-winning narrator Stephen Johnston with his brand-new DVD Bible. Stephen Johnston: That’s right. And brand new technology has put the entire King James Bible on just one DVD. Instead of 29.95 for two discs, we’re passing the savings on to you, and all you’ll pay is just 19.95. Easy to see large text is displayed on your TV, while I read every word to you. 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Order now. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * TERRY MEEUWSEN: From dealing with her daughter’s unplanned pregnancies to her husband’s infidelities, Ruth Graham knows about tough times and she knows about how to get through them. SET-UP PIECE DEBBIE WHITE: Unpleasant circumstances like layoffs, relationship troubles and the threat of a flu epidemic can cause stress and anxiety. Instead of worrying, Ruth Graham says there is more to life than a fear of the unknown. In her new book, Fear Not Tomorrow, God is Already There. Ruth reminds us how to fight fear by focusing on God instead of our anxiety. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * GUEST: RUTH GRAHAM TERRY MEEUWSEN: Please welcome back to The 700 Club the author of the new book Fear Not Tomorrow, God is Already There, Ruth Graham. It is wonderful to see you again. Ruth Graham: Thank you, Terry. It’s great to be back. TERRY MEEUWSEN: You have gone through some real struggles. Most of us don’t know each other’s struggles behind the scenes, but you have been kind enough to share yours to encourage all of us. But talk about some of the difficulties that God has walked you through. Ruth Graham: Well, I think God has given me a unique voice in my family because of some of the stuff I’ve been through, with the infidelities and the depression that followed the divorce, and then knowing that my oldest child was suffering with an eating disorder, and my son was dabbling in drugs, and my third child came to me and said, “I think I’m pregnant.” And we went through that. We released the baby for adoption. And then she did it again. But she decided to parent this little boy. And more recently, Terry, I got a phone call from her. And she was pregnant. She’d gotten married, and already had a year and a half year old. And she called me, and she said, “Mom, I’m going into labor.” But it was a little early. I said, “But call me,” and that night she didn’t call me. And I woke up, and I said, “Well, the baby obviously didn’t come.” And so I went on to my walk and got a call from my oldest daughter, who said, “Have you talked to Winsor?” And I said, “No, but apparently the baby didn’t come.” She said, “Yes, it has. You need to call her now.” And the baby had come early with multiple problems. And the baby has esophageal atresia, which means the stomach and the esophagus don’t meet. And that was in August. And he is still in the hospital and will have surgery next week. So I know what it is to face uncertain times. And when you are driving up the highway to go see your child, and every mile the phone would ring and the information got worse, and I thought, “I don’t know what I’m going to find when I get there.” And I couldn’t read my Bible, because I was driving. The praise music was just sort of not registering. TERRY MEEUWSEN: Swirling around you. Yes. Ruth Graham: And in the back of my book, I have an ABC praise list, a characteristics of God with ABCs. And that’s what I pulled into my mind, is, “All right, God is Almighty. God is bountiful. He’s beautiful. He is compassionate. He is caring. He is a deliverer. He is eternal. He is faithful.” And I go through all the ABCs. And you change your focus from the circumstance to who God is. And that’s when we can let go of the fear. TERRY MEEUWSEN: And you are so right about what you say. It’s so hard when your internal self is swirling and you try to get into the mode of praise. But sometimes when you’re in distress, it’s very difficult to get there. Focusing on God is the key. One of the things He also is, He’s there. And that’s what you talk about. I love the title, Fear Not Tomorrow, God is Already There. Talk about that. Ruth Graham: Well, the title actually came from a little plaque that hung over my mother’s Bible study desk for years. I can’t remember a time it wasn’t there. And when I was going through a difficult time with one of my children, she pulled it off the wall and sent it to me. And now it hangs in my office. And when I got it, I thought, “Is that a platitude? Fear not tomorrow, God is already there. Is He really there? What’s He like? Is He angry? Is He harsh? Is He just waiting to get me?” So I wanted to delve into the scriptures to find out the character of God through the person of Jesus Christ. TERRY MEEUWSEN: Well, and I think one of the other things people struggle with, Ruth, and you talk about the importance of this, is when things don’t look like they’re fair, and when they’re not going your way, and when disaster happens, when you’re about to lose someone that you love, how do you trust God in the midst of that? How did you come to an answer for yourself? Ruth Graham: Well, it’s knowing who He is. And we have to build a track record. And we can begin today. If you don’t know Him, you can begin today with a track record and keeping track of what He’s done in your life. And I have to write it down, otherwise I’ll forget. But one of God’s big gripes with the Israelites was that they didn’t remember. And they would get into trouble somewhere, and He’d say, “But don’t you remember I delivered you?” And they grumbled because they didn’t have food. “Don’t you remember I delivered you?” And so over and over again, they would forget. And I’m the same way. I face a new problem, and I get all upset, and I get anxious and worried. And He wants to remind me, “Don’t you remember what I did back here?” And so that’s how I focus on God and keep a track record with Him. And, of course, you do that through the scripture, through prayer, through friends. Other people help keep us on track and help us to remember. And it’s very important to have Christian friends surround us. TERRY MEEUWSEN: You’re not the only one in your family that has struggled, though. I know your sister Gigi has gone through a difficult time. Do you guys—first of all, is it tough being Billy Graham’s kids? Ruth Graham: We are so blessed to have a wonderful father whom we really love. And I’m so excited, because he’s trying to get better, so that he can preach one more time. He says he really—God has put it on his heart to preach one more time. He has a message that he wants to deliver. TERRY MEEUWSEN: God bless him. Ruth Graham: And so I’m praying that God is going to strengthen him, and I would ask your viewers to pray that God will strengthen him, and He can do it. TERRY MEEUWSEN: We would love to hear from him one more time. Ruth Graham: Yes. Yes. Absolutely. But they never put pressure on us because we were Billy Graham’s kids. They just reminded us that we were representatives of Jesus, and therefore to act in a way that would honor Him. TERRY MEEUWSEN: Well, do you as a family encourage and support each other? As brothers and sisters, you all know what it’s like to be in that pressure cooker, that bubble that everybody is watching. Ruth Graham: Well, we’re all so busy, and we’re all going in so many different directions. It’s hard for us all to get together. TERRY MEEUWSEN: I’m sure. Ruth Graham: Fortunately, just last week I got Franklin’s e-mail. So now he’s going to hear from me. And my nephew was going through a difficult time recently in Florida with Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, and I just e-mailed him to just let him know that I was loving him and praying for him. But if it weren’t for e-mail, we probably wouldn’t stay in touch like we do. TERRY MEEUWSEN: Yes. Well, you have a ministry of your own called Ruth Graham and Friends. And I’m sure there is a lot of encouragement in that ministry. Ruth Graham: There really is. I believe in the church, and I wanted to be able to come alongside of the church and equip the church to deal with the messy part of life. Churches do well with grief and family issues and health issues, but they don’t do well with pornography or addictions or depression or abuse . . . . TERRY MEEUWSEN: Or divorce. Ruth Graham: . . . . or divorce. And if you were addicted to pornography, would you want to go tell somebody at the church? TERRY MEEUWSEN: That would be a no. Ruth Graham: No. So I wanted to equip the church, the leadership in the church, because they don’t have time, equip the laity, to train them, so that it relieves some of the burden from the pastors. TERRY MEEUWSEN: Ruth, it’s so important in the hour that we live in, this is the moment for the church to rise and shine, and we need to be ready to do that. Ruth Graham: That’s right. TERRY MEEUWSEN: I love your book. I love your candor in everything. I want to mention to all of you, this is a book well worth reading: Fear Not Tomorrow, God is Already There. Trusting Him in uncertain times. What a message for each and every one of us. It’s available nationwide. Thank you so much. Ruth Graham: Thank you so much, Terry. TERRY MEEUWSEN: It’s always a treat to have you here. Ruth Graham: Great to see you. Thanks. TERRY MEEUWSEN: Thanks. You, too. Pat. PAT ROBERTSON: Thanks, Terry. Well, coming up, it’s time to answer our e-mail. Betty says, quote, “Members of my Bible study told me the Bible came from the Koran. Is there any truth to this?” PAT ROBERTSON: Well, we’ll find out when we Bring It On, right after this. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * SPOT 6A: BIG SPOT Announcer: Everyone’s got an opinion. Why not get paid for yours? Visit BigSpot.com and become an online survey taker. As an online survey taker, you’ll earn cash and rewards for sharing your opinions on the products and services you use every day. And there are never any fees to pay. What’s the catch? There isn’t one. Market research companies value your input and pay out millions of dollars each year to survey takers. Why not get your share? 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It’s like inviting the world to your Thanksgiving table. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * PAT ROBERTSON: A few years ago, I was thinking about the wonderful meal we would have at Thanksgiving, then I realized that I couldn’t sit down to turkey and dressing and cranberries and all this stuff you have and think that there were people starving to death in this world. And I thought, “Well, what can I do?” And I said, “Well, I can certainly figure out how much we spent on this meal, and I can write a check to CBN for the Christmas appeal.” And so we did that. And so a lot of other people thought that was a pretty good idea, and I think we raised a couple million dollars, and then we put it out in the communities, and then we had other organizations that matched it. GRAPHIC: 1-800-759-0700 CBN.COM And so before it was finished, the two million turned into four or six or eight. I forget how much it was. But it helped a lot of people. So this is in your mail, Great is Thy Faithfulness. It’s a beautiful envelope. And inside is a card we’d like you fill out and send something in. GRAPHIC: DECLARE GOD’S FAITHFULNESS 1-800-759-0700 CBN.COM But if you keep that in mind, what are you going to spend for Thanksgiving? What are you going to spend for Christmas for your food or for the whole thing if you want to? And write a check. And we will see that that is used to help those less fortunate at this holiday season, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Terry. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * BRING IT ON TERRY MEEUWSEN: Well, we’ve got some e-mail questions. PAT ROBERTSON: Go for it. TERRY MEEUWSEN: And a little time left to address them. This is Eileen, who says, “Pat, what do you do when you’ve been falsely accused, then proven not guilty by the law, yet rumors spread by accusers begin to plague your life? Is there any way to get my good name back?” PAT ROBERTSON: Well, Jesus was accused of all kinds of things. that He was going to tear down the temple, that He was going to undermine the Jewish faith and all the rest of it. TERRY MEEUWSEN: They thought He was a fraud. PAT ROBERTSON: That He was fraud. Sure, that He was illegitimate, that He wasn’t the Son of God. Well, He didn’t defend Himself. Don’t you defend yourself. You let God defend you. The greatest defense is to be righteous and to accomplish something. And you get on with your life and you accomplish something. And don’t worry about that other. People have short memories. Whatever rumor is going around, they will forget it. And the Bible says a curse causeless cannot lie. In other words, if a curse is coming at you and it has no cause and no validity, it can’t stick. That’s what the Bible says. It won’t stick. All right. TERRY MEEUWSEN: This is Betty, who says, “Dear Pat, I’m very troubled about an incident that occurred at a Bible study I regularly attend at my church. Members of the study told me that the Bible came from the Koran. Is there any truth to this? And how should I respond?” PAT ROBERTSON: Well, I would say this is colossal ignorance and that you’re appalled that people in the Christian faith could be so stupid. Mohammed lived like 622. The Bible goes all the way back to Moses at 1300 BC. The Koran borrowed huge sections of the Bible, many references to Moses and things like that, because Mohammed was copying the Bible, not the other way around. TERRY MEEUWSEN: Well, you would really want to know you were in a study, too, where somebody who was leading it had better knowledge than that. PAT ROBERTSON: Who would know something, know something. Just, good grief. Anyhow. TERRY MEEUWSEN: Okay, this is Arriel, who says, “My mother and I are both very religious. She’s a born again Christian, while I’m not yet. I hope to become born again soon—I’m in my 20s and live with her. I want to go away to grad school, but my mother says I can’t become born again if I’m not living in her house, because I won’t be living under the influence of another Christian. Is this true?” PAT ROBERTSON: Totally false. Totally false. But look, all you’ve got to do is bow your head and say, “Jesus, come into my heart.” It isn’t something that you’re going to work up to or you’ve got to spend four years in some monastery. You just bow your head and say, “Lord, I surrender to you. Come in. Be my Savior. I receive you.” That’s it. Boom. TERRY MEEUWSEN: And then take Him to grad school with you. PAT ROBERTSON: And then take Him to grad school with you. All right. Well, I guess that’s all the time we’ve got. TERRY MEEUWSEN: We don’t have time for more. PAT ROBERTSON: Thanks for your questions. We leave you now with the words of Jesus from John 15, . . . . GRAPHIC: John 15:12 “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.” (NKJV) . . . . “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.” That’s all the time we’ve got. Remember, our telephones are available 24 hours a day. GRAPHIC: 1-800-759-0700 CBN.COM And, Lord willing, this program will be back on the air tomorrow. And then a weekend. And if you live in this area, I hope you don’t get flooded out. We’ll see you. Bye, bye. GRAPHIC: COPYRIGHT 2009 CHRISTIAN BROADCASTING NETWORK * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * END SPOT: PLEDGE EXPRESS Announcer: While Mary feeds her two young daughters, she also helps feed needy families around the world. While Bob hands a drink out to a co-worker, he helps give water to villages with new wells. And while Carl builds a house for his son’s new puppy, he helps rebuild homes in disaster areas. TERRY MEEUWSEN: These people all have something in common. They’re CBN partners who have joined Pledge Express. It’s easy to sign up. Just give us a call, log on to CBN.com or return the Pledge Express form you receive in the mail. Then each month, we’ll send you “Power for Life,” and you’ll receive this powerful CD called Overcoming Stress. So join us and change the world for someone today.


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