The 700 Club: November 5, 2009

Author and pastor Tim Keller talks about his book, Counterfeit Gods. Also, Foreigner lead singer Lou Gramm talks about his battle with a brain tumor.


UnderWing Transcripts PO Box 16282 Clearwater, Florida 33766 540 455-2333 / UnderWing@underwingtranscripts.com ________________________________________ The 700 Club Daily Broadcast Thursday, November 5, 2009 PAT ROBERTSON: Well, welcome to The 700 Club. Congressional Democrats apparently are ignoring the results of Tuesday’s elections in New Jersey and Virginia. And they are going ahead with their plan to destroy themselves. And whether it’s going to work, I don’t know. But they’re going to vote on a trillion-dollar health care bill that the American people say they don’t like. TERRY MEEUWSEN: Well, Republicans are warning that there is a growing political backlash against big government spending and that it could hurt Democrats at the polls next year. Here is reporter Paul Strand. PAUL STRAND: Republican leaders are cheering their big election night victories in Virginia and New Jersey, and they’re warning this is a sign Americans are upset with what Democrats are doing and want to do in areas like health care reform. Rep. John Boehner (House Minority Leader): I think there's a political rebellion going on in America, and what we saw last night was just a glimpse of it. Michael Steele (GOP Nat’l Cmte. Chairman): The President has put forth policies that are different, controversial, but I think out of the mainstream of where America is. America doesn't want the federal government running its health care. Rep. Nancy Pelosi (House Speaker): From my perspective, we won last night. PAUL STRAND: But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says the House will push full-steam ahead on health care reform, aiming for a vote by this Saturday. She points out the Democrats actually picked up congressional seats Tuesday. Rep. Nancy Pelosi: This was a victory for the health care reform and other initiatives for the American people. So from our standpoint, we picked up votes last night, one in California, and one in New York. Sen. Harry Reid (Senate Majority Leader): Republicans are the party of “no,” and that's why in New York, a congressional district that for 150 years has been Republican went Democratic. PAUL STRAND: But Reid is giving the White House jitters, saying the Senate may not be able to vote on health care this year. That might be reflecting the worry some Democrats have that if they vote for a controversial health care overhaul, they may well lose their seats next year. Independents and suburban voters could hold the key; they gave President Obama his wide victory of margin last year. Now they've shifted from the Democrats to the Republicans by 13 percent in Virginia and 12 points in New Jersey. Bob McDonnell ([R-VA] Governor-Elect): We had Independents and Democrats that came over to support us. PAUL STRAND: On top of worries about issues like health care is something close to panic among voters over an economy that's still tottering and a jobless rate still growing. Even the White House admits that makes it tough for the party in power. David Axelrod (White House Sr. Adviser): These are tough times, and obviously there is a heavy burden and responsibility that falls on the governing party. PAUL STRAND: And a tough economy, along with controversial votes and heavy government spending, could mean trouble for the Democrats next year when all of the House and a third of the Senate will face the voters. Paul Strand, CBN News, Washington. PAT ROBERTSON: Think what the Democrats are standing on. They’re talking about higher corporate taxes. They’re talking about cap and trade, which is going to decimate parts of our country. They are talking about a sweeping trillion to two trillion dollar health care overhaul in the midst of this terrible recession we’ve had. And you ask yourself, what in the world is going on? Why don’t they settle down and try to get some jobs to people? But their stimulus isn’t working yet. So I’m glad I’m not in politics, but I sure would hate to face the voters next year with that kind of a record. Lee Webb has the rest of our top stories from the CBN Newsroom. Lee. CAL TAX WITHHOLDING LEE WEBB: Pat, California is withholding an extra ten percent out of paychecks. The LA Times reports the hike is technically not an income tax increase. The state is simply “borrowing” the money from taxpayers, they say. The Times calls it, though, a, quote, “forced interest-free loan” for the state government, which is cash strapped at this time. Californians will get any extra withholding back in April through refunds. At least, that’s what they’re claiming is going to happen. But given the state of the economy, the plan isn’t very popular with Californians. The move comes just as the biggest shopping season approaches and gas prices are rising steadily out there. INTEREST RATES STAY LOW LEE WEBB: The Federal Reserve is keeping interest rates low for now. The Central Bank says the economy remains weak, but some analysts believe the Fed will have to start raising rates sometime soon to prevent inflation from taking off. Despite the Fed’s view of the economy, commodities markets are showing plenty of strength. Oil is holding at 80 dollars a barrel, and gold came very close to 1,100 dollars an ounce on Wednesday. Pat, what’s your prediction for gold? You’ve been pretty strong on that commodity. PAT ROBERTSON: Eighteen hundred dollars. But I said it when it was down at 650 it was going to go to 1,000. And now we’re looking at over—well, we’re right at 1,100. And it seems to be no end in sight. The Indian government bought up all the gold that was being offered in a big sale a few days ago. And it’s stabilized the gold market. But there is no question that people are worried about the dollar. And when they’re worried about the dollar, they want commodities, and oil and gold are the beneficiaries. Lee. OBESITY AND CANCER LEE WEBB: Being overweight is directly linked to certain types of cancers, USA Today reporting more than 100,000 new cases of cancer are caused by obesity each year. A new in-depth analysis was just released by the American Institute for Cancer Research. Breast cancer tops the list with the strongest link to obesity with 33,000 new cases a year. Other cancers linked with excess body fat: endometrial, kidney, colorectal, pancreas, esophagus and gallbladder. Researchers with the American Cancer Society say that list will almost certainly increase as they continue to research this link. PAT ROBERTSON: Well, if there’s ever a compelling reason to push away from the table, that’s it. That is compelling evidence from the American Cancer Society. This isn’t just some fringe group coming up with a survey. This is the respected group of physicians saying “this is a clear link.” The obesity epidemic in the United States is going to have a chilling effect. It’s going to bring forth bitter fruit. Well, there is a problem with Iran trying to destabilize Israel. Surprise, surprise. Lee. SHIP LEE WEBB: That’s right, Pat. The Israeli Navy seized hundreds of tons of weapons believed sent from Iran and bound for Hezbollah terrorists. It was the largest cache of weapons captured in Israel's history. Chris Mitchell has that story now from Jerusalem. CHRIS MITCHELL: The German ship Francop was flying an Antiguan flag when Israeli commandos boarded the vessel about 100 miles off the coast of Israel. More than 500 tons of weapons were estimated to be stashed in the vessel en route to Hezbollah, one of Israel's most ruthless enemies. Thousands of rockets and various shells were hidden in Iranian shipping containers on the vessel. The containers carried enough weapons to carry on a war for a month. The arms shipment was ten times larger than that of the Karine A, the Iranian arms shipment bound for the Palestinians and seized by Israel in 2002. Israeli Army spokeswoman Lieutenant Colonel Avital Leibovich said it was clear the shipment came from Iran. Lt. Col. Avital Leibovich (IDF Spokeswoman): The shipping certificate stated clearly that the port from which the ship left was an Iranian port. CHRIS MITCHELL: Israel's Defense Minister Ehud Barak said Iran is trying to hurt Israel's civilian population through its messengers, Hezbollah and Hamas. Israel's foreign ministry is hoping to use the seizure to focus international pressure on Iran. Some describe the amount of weapons seized as astronomical, but a senior military source warned it is probably just the tip of the iceberg. Chris Mitchell, CBN News, Jerusalem. LEE WEBB: Hezbollah denies Israel's claim that the arms were meant for them. But an IDF spokesman told CBN News the shipping certificate shows its final destination was Lebanon and that this route is one of the main ways Iran smuggles its weapons to Hezbollah. Pat. GRAPHIC: FOR MORE INFORMATION LOG ON TO CBN.COM PAT ROBERTSON: Well, it’s a frightening thing. But we all know that the mullahs in Iran are trying to cause trouble in the Middle East. They want to destabilize and destroy Israel. They have already announced it. They want to wipe them off the face of the globe. And if they get an atomic weapon, that’s the target. They’re going to target Israel. They have said that. Well, they also are targeting the “Great Satan,” and the amazing thing is that on the anniversary of the takeover of the American embassy in Tehran, there have been demonstrations, not in favor of the mullahs, but in favor of the United States. Those people want freedom. And it’s time that our government realized that and not to continue to play footsie with Ahmadinejad and his cronies. Lee. CRUCIFIXES BANNED LEE WEBB: Crucifixes have been banned from public schools in Italy. Europe's Court of Human Rights ruled the display of the Catholic symbols violates religious and educational freedoms under the continent's rights convention. The ruling came after an Italian woman complained that her children had to attend a school that displayed crucifixes. Italy's government argues that the crucifix is a national symbol of culture, history, identity and tolerance. YANKEES WIN SERIES LEE WEBB: For the 27th time in their history, the New York Yankees are the champions of Major League Baseball. They beat the Philadelphia Phillies last night seven to three to take the series in six games. Hideki Matsui led the way with six RBIs, tying the World Series single game record. The Yanks capped the series in their new stadium. It opened this year, replacing “the house that Ruth built,” which opened in 1923. And, oh, by the way, Pat, the Yankees also won the World Series in that year. PAT ROBERTSON: Well, they were weak in pitching, and they have gone out and hired a bunch of very expensive pitchers. I don’t know how much over 100 million dollars their payroll has gone, but Steinbrenner apparently has a very, very deep pocket, and he doesn’t mind spending to get a winner. And he’s got a winner. He has these incredible people, like Arod, who hit long balls and homeruns. And Matsui, by the way, they’re talking about retiring him, but he’s apparently the MVP of the Series. He’s an amazing guy. And the Yankees did it. I guess there is no joy in Philadelphia. TERRY MEEUWSEN: Not today. Not today. PAT ROBERTSON: The mighty Bronx Bombers have done it again. All right. Lee. PLAYER LEE WEBB: Well, Pat, staying on the sports theme, a college football player is crediting God and a player on the other team for preventing what could have been a paralyzing injury. Auburn University defensive back Zac Etheridge suffered a serious neck injury on this play in Saturday's game against Ole Miss. He collided with his own teammate and immediately lost all feeling and the ability to move. It was a scary moment for those watching, but especially scary for Etheridge. GRAPHIC: WWW.AI.COM Zac Etheridge (Auburn Defensive Back): Well, when it first happened, I was just laying there. I was in shock, just not being able to move. There was a lot going through my mind. The only thing I could say was, “Jesus, Jesus,” just calling on His name. LEE WEBB: All this time, Etheridge was lying motionless on top of Ole Miss running back Rodney Scott, the player he was trying to tackle. Players are coached to get up quickly after a play and run back to the huddle, but Scott sensed that something was wrong and stayed on the ground, trying to remain as motionless as Etheridge was. Zac Etheridge: But I’ve just go to give my hats off to him because he could have moved anyway, and I wouldn't be here today. I'd just still be laying in the hospital bed. LEE WEBB: It was several minutes before medical personnel were able to carefully lift Etheridge off of Scott, onto a stretcher and rush him to the hospital. He suffered a torn ligament in his neck and a cracked vertebra. He is out of the hospital now and even walked into a team meeting to visit his teammates. Gene Chizic (Auburn Head Coach): He's a great young man, and he'll rebound well from this. We're just glad that he's made a lot of strides since Saturday. LEE WEBB: The season is over for Zac Etheridge, but he still wants to play. Zac Etheridge: Definitely. I would love to be able to step back on the field and continue to play the game. But right now we’ve just got to take it one day at a time. LEE WEBB: A very fortunate young man. By the way, Etheridge plans to talk to Rodney Scott by phone and thank him for what he did, or in this case, what he didn't do. Scott has already received a multitude of thanks from Auburn fans who are praising him for his sensitivity and sportsmanship. And, Pat, having graduated from Auburn University myself and a big fan of the Tigers, I was watching that game the other day. And it was a compelling story. I want to thank Rodney Scott myself. PAT ROBERTSON: It’s an extraordinary thing. He’s a freshman, and he’s trained to jump out of the huddle, get out of the situation. TERRY MEEUWSEN: That in itself was a God event that he just stayed there. PAT ROBERTSON: Yes. And he just senses that something is wrong with this guy, and he just lies motionless. And because of it, his teammate is going to walk. It’s a great story. And I didn’t know you went to Auburn, Lee. Are they beating anybody in the southeast? LEE WEBB: Well, it’s a rebuilding year for us, Pat. They were six and three, but hopeful. And, of course, there is that big game with that other school in Alabama coming up. We’ll see. PAT ROBERTSON: Well, maybe they can pull off a miracle. TERRY MEEUWSEN: I think there’s a place in politics for you, Lee. I don’t know. PAT ROBERTSON: Yes. All right. What’s next? TERRY MEEUWSEN: Coming up next, this is home video of a seven-year-old German boy snatched from his parents by the police. GRAPHIC: HOME INVASIONS Find out why abductions like this are causing families to flee from parts of Europe. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * GRAPHIC: NO MORE FOREIGNER LEE WEBB: Coming up later, he’s the man behind the hits “Hot Blooded” and “Cold as Ice.” Foreigner’s Lou Gramm tells us why he’s singing a new song on today’s 700 Club. Lou Gramm: I let them know that I wouldn’t be doing any more. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * SPOT 1: SWISS AMERICA Pat Boone: Pat Boone here for my good friends at Swiss America, the company that has helped Americans to rediscover gold for over 25 years now. You may have noticed gold prices have more than doubled in the last five years, but do you ever wonder why? Economists say the top five reasons are: a falling dollar, which also creates number two, a rising cost of living. Third, increasing demand for gold worldwide. Fourth, political uncertainty. And fifth, new Wall Street gold funds. It all adds up to higher prices ahead. Gold offers safety first and then profit. A wise economist has said a portfolio without gold is like walking around naked in zero degree temperatures. So don’t get caught in the cold without gold. Call Swiss America now for a free educational kit. Ask about tax free gold IRAs. Seize this rare opportunity today. Call now. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * NEXT DAY PROMO GRAPHIC: DESERT OASIS LEE WEBB: Tomorrow. Man: This cul-de-sac that we’re driving right here was claimed by an Hispanic gang. LEE WEBB: A drive by in the desert. How one murder claimed a life, but rescued a community. Man: We knew then what we could do. * * * GRAPHIC: MATT REDMAN LEE WEBB: Plus, a live performance from worship leader Matt Redman. * * * GRAPHIC: CASTING CROWNS LEE WEBB: And then, Casting Crowns debut their new single. Tomorrow on The 700 Club. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * PAT ROBERTSON: Homeschooling is one of the highlights of American education. Parents do a very good job. Homeschoolers come out in national tests usually ahead of public school students. And as many as two million American children are homeschooled. But if parents in some European countries try to teach their own children, the government can actually take the kids away from them. Dale Hurd has this shocking report and shocking video. FOCUS: EUROPEAN HOMESCHOOLING DALE HURD: In Sweden, police burst onto a plane and snatched seven-year-old Dominic Johansson from his parents as they were about to leave the country. Earlier they had told school officials they were going to homeschool Dominic, and officials opened an investigation. In Germany, home video of the government’s abduction of seven-year-old Dan Schulz: As police grab him, you can hear him scream in German that he doesn’t want to leave his home. His mother, Heidi, is pleading with police. Dan was kept out of school because of fears that his Heidi's estranged husband might kidnap him. Dan had been home-schooled and began attending a private Christian school one day before this raid. This is typically how homeschooled children are taken in Germany, in police raids. Germany’s well-documented trampling of parents’ rights and homeschoolers caused the Wunderlich family to flee for France in hopes of finally being free to educate their children themselves. Except a few weeks ago, French police raided their home, taking custody of the Wunderlich’s four kids. Cases like these repeated over and over in Europe are why some say Europe has declared war, not just on homeschoolers, but on parents’ rights. Sweden is about to make homeschooling illegal in most cases, and even Britain is looking to clamp down on homeschooling. But Germany is by far the most repressive state in Europe toward homeschooling. There may be as few as 300 homeschooling families left in Germany. The rest have fled. Some say when it comes to homeschooling, the old wall around communist east Germany has simply moved west. German homeschoolers are watched by their neighbors. They're turned in. They’re questioned, investigated, fined, jailed until they either quit or flee the country. One family that refuses to give up is the Schmidts in the Bavarian town of Otting, near Augsburg. The government first tried financial pressure against them, more than 20,000 dollars in fines, and is now trying to take custody of their youngest son, Aaron. The Schmidts are a model family by any standard. Their oldest son, Josua, was homeschooled and has done well on his national exams. The father, Hans, works with the handicapped, teaching them skills. The mother, Petra, is a tutor of other children and is a school crossing guard entrusted by the state with the lives of other parents’ children. But German officials ignore not only that, they ignore their own laws that uphold parental rights. Joel Thornton of the International Human Rights Group is one of the lawyers representing the Schmidts. Joel Thornton (Int’l Human Rights Group): The constitution, their state constitution, the federal constitution, the European Convention on Human Rights all specifically and explicitly give parents the right to control the education of their children, particularly because of religious belief. DALE HURD: And Christian families like Schmidts don't want their kids in German state schools, where very young children may be taught occult practices and explicit sex education. Joel Thornton: A lot of things that are going on in the second, third and fourth grades are things that I'm not comfortable sitting here telling you go on. There are homework assignments where children come home and are asked to interact with their parents about their sexual relationship, in the fourth grade. DALE HURD: The German government treats homeschoolers like common criminals. The Schmidts have had their bank accounts frozen and been threatened with a lien on their home, and jail. But Petra is not giving up. Petra Schmidt (Homeschooling Parent): Just ask the children. They know I'm a fighter. And a mother fights for her children. With every new attack, I feel in my heart, “Lord Jesus, we're going to keep pressing on.” Hans Schmidt (Homeschooling Parent): The more difficulties that have arisen through this situation, we realize more and more how God was standing behind us, supporting us. And God always, at the last moment and the end, did exactly the right thing for us. And I want to give Him the glory for that. DALE HURD: Son Aaron wonders why the state won't just leave them alone. Aaron Schmidt (Homeschooler): I ask myself why, why does this all have to be? Why can't they accept homeschooling? DALE HURD: The Schmidt's German lawyer, Gabriela Eckermann, says the answer is political correctness. The trampling of parents’ rights and the abductions of children from good families in Europe have some in this country worried that America needs a parents’ rights amendment to the Constitution. Critics say it has little chance of passage. The Schmidts remain in the midst of a long court fight. Good news for the Wunderlich family, a French court has returned the children to their parents. But Dominic Johansson in Sweden remains in state custody, as does Dan Shulz in Germany. His mother, Heidi, says she prays every day for the return of her son. Dale Hurd, CBN News, in Munich, Germany. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * PAT ROBERTSON: Thanks, Dale. Who owns your children? There have been some liberal educators that said the state owns your children. We talked about that some years ago. The state owns your children. And that, of course, is what’s playing out in Europe. The state owns your children. So when a family wants to leave the country intact, the state comes on board an airplane and seizes their child, as if that child is state property and cannot be taken out of the jurisdiction. TERRY MEEUWSEN: And what threat at that point, because they’re actually leaving your society. So it’s not like they’re going to stay and continue to go against whatever their perception of the law is. PAT ROBERTSON: It is the oppressive—you think it’s so-called liberalism. Folks, it’s nothing liberal about it. But it’s ridden to extremes in Europe. And under the Nazis, they had the same thing. And it seems to be there’s a culture over there that likes government interference in their lives. And this is outrageous. But it’s happening, and we need to fight against that here in America. Political correctness run amok. What do you have? TERRY MEEUWSEN: Indeed. Well, up next, for years he sang, “I want to know what love is.” And now, he knows. Lou Gramm: I think about the years wasted before I knew the Lord. I don’t mourn those years, because I am where I am now, and that’s the best news ever. TERRY MEEUWSEN: Foreigner’s Lou Gramm talks about the tumor that nearly took his life and the prayer that saved it. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * SPOT 2A: AMMED DIRECT “NICOLE” Nicole Johnson: Hi, I’m Nicole Johnson, Miss America 1999. I’ve had diabetes since 1993, and I hate boring food. Don’t you? Well, I got these three free cookbooks with fantastic tasting recipes for people with diabetes. If you have diabetes and have Medicare or qualified insurance, you can get these cookbooks free. Announcer: Call now to qualify for not one, not two, but three free cookbooks. Call 1-800-746-6449. Nicole Johnson: You’ll love this rich, chocolate cake. It makes my mouth water. Plus, oven fried chicken and nachos. Yum! You’ll also get this free meal planning guide and this free diabetes magazine. So call now for your free Better Care kit with three free cookbooks. Announcer: To qualify, call 1-800-746-6449. That’s 1-800-746-6449. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * SPOT 2B: 700 CLUB HD ANNOUNCER: The 700 Club. See it as never before: the stories, the places, the people. So close, you’ll feel as though you were there. The 700 Club, now in HD. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * TERRY MEEUWSEN: The British American rock band Foreigner ruled the music charts in the late 1970s and early ‘80s. For over 20 years, Lou Gramm was the lead singer for that group. Well, recently, Scott Ross talked with him about the radical change in his music and his life. LOU GRAMM SCOTT ROSS: On the strength of hits like “Juke Box Hero,” “Hot Blooded,” and “I Want to Know What Love Is,” Foreigner sold over 50 million albums worldwide with Lou Gramm behind the mic. Today, 30 years later, Lou is still performing after battling a brain tumor that almost killed him. Lou Gramm: I’m left taking about 15 or 16 prescribed medications twice a day. SCOTT ROSS: Lou enjoys remembering the late 1970s when Foreigner was rock’n’roll royalty. Lou Gramm: It’s pretty staggering, and it happened extremely fast. It seems like we would come out at the studio, right into a tour, and the last two weeks of the tour, we would be putting ideas together for the next album. SCOTT ROSS (Interviewing): One song seemed to stand out and kind of blew the world open I think at the time: “I Want to Know What Love Is”. Lou Gramm: When the New Jersey Mass Choir sang, “I want to know what love is,” and we were in the control room, and I can remember the short hair on the back of my neck standing up. I was like, “Dear me.” SCOTT ROSS (Reporting): But after 15 years of drugs, sex and rock’n’roll, Lou had a revelation. Lou Gramm: A night after we had played Madison Square Garden. And I really believed that the lifestyle had the better of me and that I couldn’t walk away from it now, that I needed it more than it needed me. And I prayed for the strength and the sense to break the chain. SCOTT ROSS: The next morning, Lou checked himself into rehab and was soon praying the sinner’s prayer with a staff pastor. (Interviewing): This pastor prays with you. You pray, “Jesus Christ, come into my life?” Lou Gramm: Yes SCOTT ROSS: It was one of those kind of prayers? Lou Gramm: Absolutely. It certainly was. SCOTT ROSS: It was a conversion prayer? Lou Gramm: yes. SCOTT ROSS: Did you tell your band mates? Lou Gramm: Not right away. I waited until the next tour, and we were on the bus. And the cocaine lines came out. The joints came out, and I let them know that I wouldn’t be doing that with them and I wouldn’t be doing it anymore. SCOTT ROSS: And their response was? Lou Gramm: “What in the world’s wrong with you?” SCOTT ROSS (Reporting): Lou remained with Foreigner for years, finally parting ways in 2003. Around that time, while recovering from brain surgery, he remembers feeling called to sing a new song. Lou Gramm: After my operation, which there was a very good chance I might have died on that operating table, that I had thought long and hard about making a Christian rock album. SCOTT ROSS (Interviewing): The Lou Gramm Band. Lou Gramm: Yes, it is. SCOTT ROSS: With the Graham brothers. Lou Gramm: You’d better believe it. SCOTT ROSS: Singing. This album is Jesus? Lou Gramm: Yes, it is. SCOTT ROSS: God. Lou Gramm: And it rocks hard. SCOTT ROSS: For all intents and purposes, Lou Gramm is back. Lou Gramm: Yes. I think about the years wasted before I knew the Lord. And I guess everybody has to go through something different. I don’t mourn those years, because I am where I am now and that’s the best news ever. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * TERRY MINISTERS SALVATION TERRY MEEUWSEN: I love what he says there. “I think about those years.” And he wishes they would have been different. When people are on their deathbed, very few of them say, “Gee, I wish I had one more line of cocaine. I wish I had one more night with one more faceless person sexually. I wish I had one more great big business deal to cut.” But lots of people look back over a life poorly lived and say, “Wow, I wish I had a chance to do that again.” The great thing about God is He gives us new beginnings. Can you believe that? I don’t know another place in the world you get that. But I know it is what Jesus Christ offers to anyone who will call upon His name. That’s exactly what happened to Lou. He realized his lifestyle was living him. He wasn’t living the lifestyle. And then, to his credit, he did something about it. He started out by doing what he knew to do. He checked into a place that could help him with his addictions. And then when he heard that there was a God who loved him just as he was, but who could give him a fresh start, he said yes. That’s what the Bible says. These are God’s words, not mine. “If any man or woman is in Christ, they become a brand new creation. Old things pass away. All things become new.” Brand new. Brand new. Maybe you’re at a place in your life as you listened to Lou today, and you’re saying, “Boy, I’d like a new beginning.” You can have it. It’s available to anybody who calls upon the name of the Lord. You don’t have to clean yourself up. You don’t have to get good enough. God says, “Come to Me. Come to Me.” Today will you do that? Will you put aside life the way that you were living it and ask God for a fresh beginning? The one prerequisite is that we have to come to Him with humility, recognizing that He’s great, that we’re small, that He’s forgiving, that we’re in need of a Savior, that He invites us to a big plan, a God plan. But we have to be humble enough to surrender ourselves to it. I’d like to pray with you today, so you could have a fresh beginning. We can do it right now. It’s just talking to God. It’s saying yes, yes to Him, yes to His way, and walking away from doing it your way. Pray with me. Do what Lou did. Start fresh today. You really, really can, even if you’ve got addictions, even if there are things that are controlling you and holding you down, holding you back. God not only saves us, but He fills us with the presence of His Holy Spirit, and there is power in the Spirit of God, power to live differently, power to change you, power to change your life. Pray with me right now. “God, I’m listening to this man’s testimony. He had it all by the world’s standards. And yet, he knew he had nothing. I’ve come to the place in my own life where I’m empty. I’m empty. I know I have a need, and I don’t know how to fix it. I know that my lifestyle is living me, just in frenetic-ness, God. I want to be different. I want to be changed. I want to know you. And I don’t right now, so Jesus, I am saying to you today I am a sinner in need of a Savior. Will you be the Savior of my soul? Will you forgive my sins, great as they are? I’m asking you for a start over. But I’m also asking you to change me on the inside. Will you fill me with your Holy Spirit right now? Become the Lord of my life as well as the Savior of my soul. Jesus, show me how to live for you. When I read your Word, open up the ears of my understanding to what I’m reading there. Open the eyes of my heart, so that I’m willing to be obedient to what you’re speaking to me, not out of some kind of slavish following, but obedient because I understand how much you love me. I want to know you. I want to know you. Thank you so much for waiting for me. Thank you for listening to this prayer. Thank you for a new beginning. I receive it all today. Let me glorify you. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.” If you’ve just prayed that prayer, there are a couple of things we want to suggest to you. GRAPHIC: 1-800-759-0700 CBN.COM One, that you get into a Bible teaching church. Two, that you read the word of God, because it’s life-changing, life-changing. There is power in the Word. And three, that you call the toll free number on your screen. It’s 1-800-759-0700. And ask for this free packet. It’s called “A New Day.” It’s been put together with you in mind, and it’s filled with information that will help you grow in your relationship with the Lord. GRAPHIC: OUR GIFT TO YOU 1-800-759-0700 CBN.COM So call now. You can also log on to CBN.com and do it that way. Pat. PAT ROBERTSON: Thanks, Terry. Well, still ahead, meet the man who is making a spiritual impact on a city known for its cynicism. GRAPHIC: TIMOTHY KELLER Manhattan’s minister to the upper east side is going to join us later on today’s 700 Club. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * SPOT 3A: GREAT IS THY FAITHFULNESS Announcer: Thanksgiving is one of the best times of the year when we remember God’s blessings with the people we love. 700 Club partners, this year you can make CBN’s Great Is Thy Faithfulness a part of your celebration. Your Thanksgiving gift brings life changing help to people in need. You feed the hungry all around the world, including those here at home. Watch for this mailing. Remember God’s blessings, and send in your gift. Serve up God’s love this holiday season. Give, so others can know God’s faithfulness. It’s like inviting the world to your Thanksgiving table. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * SPOT 3B: BIG SPOT Announcer: Everyone’s got an opinion. Why not get paid for yours? Visit BigSpot.com and become an online survey taker. 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Opponents have warned that if the domestic partnership measure passed, gay marriage could be the next step in Washington State. NO CHRISTMAS PARADE JOHN JESSUP: An Ohio village is canceling its annual Christmas parade because of protests and legal concerns. Amelia City Council members were told the village could be sued for using public money to sponsor an event celebrating the birth of Jesus. The town had considered having a “holiday” parade instead, but even that idea drew protests. And a local church refused to let its parking lot be used as a staging area. The Amelia Business Association has sponsored the Christmas parade and says there just aren't enough volunteers this year. Well, you can always get the latest from CBN News by going to our web site at CBN.com. Pat and Terry will be back with more of The 700 Club, right after this. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * SPOT 4: HUMANA LIVING BETTER Spokesman: If you have Medicare, you may have questions. 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Man: This cul-de-sac that we’re driving right here was claimed by an Hispanic gang. LEE WEBB: A drive-by in the desert. How one murder claimed a life, but rescued a community. Man: We knew then what we could do. * * * GRAPHIC: MATT REDMAN LEE WEBB: Plus, a live performance from worship leader Matt Redman. * * * GRAPHIC: CASTING CROWNS LEE WEBB: And then, Casting Crowns debut their new single. Tomorrow on The 700 Club. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * PAT ROBERTSON: Well, spiritual awakening is happening in New York City among the most unlikely group of people: Manhattan’s cultural elites. They’re responding in surprising numbers to the preaching of Tim Keller, who is pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church. SET-UP PIECE LEE WEBB: What began in 1989 as a handful of believers has grown to 5,000 people gathering each Sunday in places like this college auditorium on Manhattan’s upper east side. The worship service and surroundings are rather low-key, and so is Tim Keller’s speaking style. Tim Keller: The average person, when they think of mega church, thinks of a style, a polish, either a very slick person, teeth capped, an actor, or a person who is deliberately in jeans and a goatee and little granny glasses and who is trying to be hip. And they don’t get either of those things with me. LEE WEBB: Slowly, Keller is gaining a reputation in New York and across the country. The Bush Administration asked him to speak at the memorial service marking the fifth anniversary of 9/11. He loves the city and its culture, and his goal is to add hundreds of churches to the sixty that Redeemer has already planted here. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * GUEST: TIMOTHY KELLER PAT ROBERTSON: I just had the joy of reading a very interesting book by our guest called Counterfeit Gods, the empty promises of money, sex and power. That’s a book for the great Manhattan, or Gotham. Tim, it’s good to have you with us, Pastor Tim Keller. Tim Keller: Thank you. PAT ROBERTSON: You were in Hopewell, Virginia, I believe. Tim Keller: Not far from here. PAT ROBERTSON: I know. And then you went up to Manhattan, and suddenly you’ve got this church of 6,000 or 7,000 people. Tim Keller: Well, I taught in Philadelphia at Westminster Seminary for a number of years. And when I was there, I think it helped me get more involved in urban ministry. And I often ministered at Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, and Jim Boyce was there at the time. And I think that gave me a taste for urban ministry. And so it was right from Hopewell to New York City. I had a time in Philadelphia that I think helped me take what I learned in the small town of Hopewell with what I learned in Philadelphia and take it to New York. PAT ROBERTSON: It’s considered that New Yorkers are avaricious. They’re harried with the concerns about life. What do you do to reach them? What’s the message? Because it’s obviously succeeding. Tim Keller: I think in some ways they’re more open to talking about the meaning of life because they’re under a lot of pressure. I remember one of the very first visits I took to New York, I went to a Bible study. I saw a young man who was clearly searching. And he said, when I asked him, “Why are you at a Bible study? You’re a young Manhattan sophisticated”—he was in the financial world—“banker,” and he said, “There’s so much pressure on you in New York that you need a spiritual center. And he actually felt more of a need to get that spiritual center when he lived in New York than when he was living out in the suburbs in middle America. PAT ROBERTSON: Well, I don’t doubt it. The pressure is unremitting. I lived there for a while. I was working on an executive ulcer and a few other things when I was in my early days of business in New York. So I know what it’s like. You’ve written a book. It’s a fascinating book called Counterfeit Gods. And you name the various idols that people set up. Talk about idolatry. What is it? Tim Keller: Well, an idol is a good thing turned into an ultimate thing, a God substitute. It’s subtle; because when we think of sin, we think of sin as breaking God’s law and doing bad things, and that’s true. But the Bible also says you can be an idol worshipper, which means you can make an idol out of your career. And that’s a good thing to want to do a good job, but when it’s more important than God, it becomes an idol. And it’s a way that sin gets a grip on you in a more subtle way. So idols, I always say, are not bad things. They’re good things turned into ultimate things, which then destroys you spiritually. PAT ROBERTSON: You have a story in here about a musician who had, I guess, a modicum of talent, but not sensational talent. Talk about the idol that was in this musician’s life. Tim Keller: Well, it was a combination. Here you have a family that told a particular woman that she could be a great, great classical violinist. And so she wanted to please her parents, and she also wanted success in the world. And though she worked very hard, she never did very well. And as a result, she ended up in a mental institution. And I remember the doctor said to me, “If she felt she could accept herself, that she felt loved, she could get out of here. But she can’t, because she feels like she has disappointed her parents and she has disappointed herself.” And what she had done was taken a good thing, turned it into an ultimate thing. And because she had failed, it was now destroying her. PAT ROBERTSON: She actually had mental sickness because of the image that her parents had imposed upon her. Tim Keller: Her parents’ view of her was more important than God’s view. She would actually say, “Oh, I believe in God. I’m sure He loves me. But I’ve disappointed my parents, and that’s the reason why I hate myself.” And, of course, what that meant was that her parents were her god and her music was her god. And it destroyed her. PAT ROBERTSON: Well, the biggest, I guess, god we talk about is mammon, the worship of money, and you’re right in the middle of the money scene. Tim Keller: It’s even obvious to the most secular people that greed is a form of idolatry. And I know that you have that famous Wall Street line from the old movie, “greed is good.” And when things are going well, everybody laughs at that. But they are not going well right now; and I think there is a lot more openness to this idea that greed is making money into a god. And in New York I think there is an openness on the part of a lot of people there. PAT ROBERTSON: If their god fails, does that mean they kill themselves, the end of their existence? Tim Keller: When your god fails, you either go get the true God or you get another false god. Sometimes I’ve seen people who got off of the treadmill of being successful and making money, and they go into a political realm where they say, “I’m going to save the world by getting my candidate elected, and then that will save the world.” Now, actually, I think we should be politically involved and we should put forth candidates that we think will help. But it’s possible to get your heart so invested in a political ideology that you feel like this will save the world rather than God, and then you have actually just moved from one false god to another. PAT ROBERTSON: What about sex? Is that an idol? Tim Keller: Like money and like career, sex is a good gift of God when it’s within the bounds of marriage, when it’s something that is not driving you. Physical beauty should not be the main reason you marry somebody; it should be a character. And therefore, sex in its place is an incredible good. But when sexual pleasure or physical beauty becomes a be all and end all, it drives women to hate themselves if they don’t look good enough. It drives men to choose women who are actually not good mates. They look good, but they don’t have good character. It drives people to sexual addictions and pornography. Yes. The answer is it’s a huge idol in our culture. PAT ROBERTSON: It is. Can you give us a for instance of some woman, for example, who made beauty an idol? Tim Keller: I think probably Cleopatra. And then if you want me to get more specific about living people, I don’t think I’ll divulge any names. PAT ROBERTSON: You shouldn’t do that. I shouldn’t ask a priest what happens in the confessional. Tim Keller: That’s true. PAT ROBERTSON: Tim, this is an incredible book. You bring in a great many illusions to classical writers and other philosophers along the way. It shows a depth of study. But it’s a wonderfully readable book. Has it been out long in the marketplace? Tim Keller: No, it’s only been out about a month, or less than a month actually. And I tried to base it on the way I preach. It’s not simply sermons put into print, but it’s based on the sermons I’ve preached over the years about idolatry. PAT ROBERTSON: Well, it speaks to the heart of the modern situation. And this is called Counterfeit Gods. It’s available in bookstores, wherever books are sold, certainly Christian bookstores. And Timothy Keller, a wonderful church in New York, where they have 5,000 plus people in attendance. And it’s so good to see you. We congratulate you on the work you’re doing. Tim Keller: Thank you. PAT ROBERTSON: I struggled in those concrete canyons for a number of years. It’s a tough mission field, probably the hardest in the world. Tim Keller: Perhaps. PAT ROBERTSON: Perhaps. Well, best wishes. Thank you. Tim Keller. Terry, what’s next? TERRY MEEUWSEN: Well, still ahead, we’re going to Bring It On with your e-mail questions. Kelly asks, “Is it a sin not to associate with a co-worker who moonlights as a stripper? I don’t want to hear about her activities outside the office.” TERRY MEEUWSEN: We’re going to tackle Kelly’s dilemma and more on today’s 700 Club. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * SPOT 5: DVD BIBLE Spokeswoman: And with us today, Emmy Award-winning narrator Stephen Johnston with his brand-new DVD Bible. Stephen Johnston: That’s right. And brand new technology has put the entire King James Bible on just one DVD. Instead of 29.95 for two discs, we’re passing the savings on to you, and all you’ll pay is just 19.95. Easy to see large text is displayed on your TV, while I read every word to you. Stephen Johnston (Narrating): “Whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” Spokeswoman: Well, this would be great for someone like my mother who’s beginning to lose her vision. Stephen Johnston: With a touch of your remote, you can go to chapter and book. It’s easy. Stephen Johnston (Narrating): Chapter Four. Spokeswoman: I understand there’s a bonus section. Stephen Johnston: That’s right. There’s a tour of the Holy Land, gallery of photos, with all its rich history. Spokeswoman: Well, I’ve never seen anything like this. Stephen Johnston: We’ve sold over a million of the two disc DVD Bibles for just 29.95. But this new single DVD Bible with the Holy Land photo tour is yours for just 19.95. You save ten dollars. And when you order now, you’ll get the DVD Family Christmas Sing-a-long. (Singing): “Let earth receive her King . . . .” Stephen Johnston: A 14.95 value, free. Spokeswoman: The DVD Bible makes a great gift. Stephen Johnston: You’re right. And because the DVD Bible makes such a perfect gift, when you call in the next 20 minutes, we’ll send you a second DVD Bible to share with a loved one absolutely free. You get two complete DVD Bibles, a 40 dollar value, for just 19.95. Spokeswoman: Order your DVD Bible right now. 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DAN REANY: After numerous miscarriages and years of costly infertility treatments, John and Shari Gregory ended up more than 60,000 dollars in debt. John Gregory: We would buy things that we really didn’t need to just to try to comfort us, separate from the Lord. Shari Gregory: We began to look at our situation, and I thought, “Well, we’re never going to get out of debt. It will take 100 years.” DAN REANY: Yet, even through difficult times, the Gregorys remained faithful Christians. They tithed and gave to The 700 Club. Shari Gregory: We called and we said, “Well, we want to be 700 Club members, but can we be half members, because we can’t afford a full membership.” And the lady laughed, and she said, “Of course. Every amount that you give helps for those people in need.” DAN REANY: John was a manager in a paper mill. He made a decent living, but debt from the medical bills and overspending totaled more than twice their annual income. Getting out of debt seemed impossible, until one night, Shari read the Lord’s Prayer. Shari Gregory: I prayed the part where it said, “Forgive us our debts as we forgive other’s debts.” And I thought about it, and I thought, “Debts. Well, I know that’s sin, but what about financial debts?” So we began to pray and ask the Lord to forgive us, not only for going into debt, but for not trusting Him for our needs. DAN REANY: The Gregorys were given an opportunity to become partners in a new financial consulting business. The company grew quickly, and so did their profits. John Gregory: Within two years, we were debt free. Shari Gregory: God provided enough money that we could do something I didn’t think was possible in our lifetime. DAN REANY: Then God answered another prayer, by bringing their two adopted children, Joel and Sela, into their lives. Shari Gregory: I absolutely adore my children. I know they’re the ones that He intended me to have. DAN REANY: Today, the Gregorys are members of CBN’s Chairman’s Circle. Shari Gregory: We love to give. We absolutely love to give. John Gregory: We had always been faithful in tithing. We had always faithful as members to The 700 Club. And as the years went by, we would increase our membership. Even when we didn’t have the money, it was just something we believed in. DAN REANY: The Gregorys sold their partnership in the consulting business and opened a gift shop, something they always wanted to do. They say God recently provided them with a new location that tripled their traffic. And because they see their business as a ministry, they say they are able to reach out to more people. Shari Gregory: If you live a life of generosity, you will receive from the Lord generosity back. It absolutely is a guarantee. It can’t be broken. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * PAT ROBERTSON: Well, God likes people who believe His Word. And the Gregory’s believed God’s Word. GRAPHIC: 1-800-759-0700 CBN.COM And as a result, they prosper. And folks, we’d like very much to have you join the Gregory’s and people like them who are reaching out to the world and at the same time they’re seeing the blessing of God in their finances. For those who join our 700 Club at 65 cents a day, I have a little gift I want to give you. It’s a DVD or a CD, actually, from my book, Right on the Money. GRAPHIC: YOURS WHEN YOU JOIN 1-800-759-0700 CBN.COM I did a reading of that book, and I hope it will be helpful to you. It’s got all kinds of tips about how you can save money, make money, build up an estate. And it’s important. TERRY MEEUWSEN: Lots of people interested in knowing what they ought to do. And things are still fluctuating, so it’s good to have that. PAT ROBERTSON: Everybody wants to know what they ought to do, and I’m almost scared to tell them. But it’s here in a sanitized version. TERRY MEEUWSEN: It’s good. PAT ROBERTSON: All right. TERRY MEEUWSEN: It’s good. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * BRING IT ON TERRY MEEUWSEN: Well, we’ve got some e-mail questions. PAT ROBERTSON: Go. Bring It On. TERRY MEEUWSEN: Pat, this first one is from Kelly, who says, “Is it a sin to not want to associate with a co-worker who moonlights as a stripper? I forgive her. I do not gossip about her or judge her, but I don’t want to hear about her activities outside of the office because of their sinful nature. So far, she is not receptive to hearing about salvation.” PAT ROBERTSON: Well, Kelly, you really don’t—there’s something else in that that we didn’t put on the screen. She says it’s not only a stripper, but she’s a hooker. So she’s a prostitute. And you don’t have to get to be buddies with prostitutes. You can reach out to them. You can tell them. You can pray for them. But you don’t have to associate if you don’t want to with somebody like that. There is no sin not to want to have your friends who are prostitutes. TERRY MEEUWSEN: Yes. Well, it would be good to pray for her. PAT ROBERTSON: Yes, just pray for her and be there to bless her and let her know you love her. But I think beyond that, that’s it. What else have you got? TERRY MEEUWSEN: This is Barbara, who says, “The first chapter of Genesis tells us that God made man in His image and likeness. But in the second chapter of Genesis, it says that Adam was formed out of the dust of the earth. Which one is correct?” PAT ROBERTSON: Well, they’re both correct. You have to have some material to make man in his image, and He used dust. And the word “adam” is dirt. It speaks to the dirt. He came from the dirt of the earth. And so that’s where you and I come from. So don’t get too puffed up . . . . TERRY MEEUWSEN: Full of yourself. PAT ROBERTSON: . . . . over your exalted status. You’re worth about 97 cents. All right. What else? TERRY MEEUWSEN: I’m feeling so much better right now. Okay, Brenda says, “Pat, I’m a 30-something adult female who just gave her heart to Jesus. What would you recommend I do to grow as a new believer?” PAT ROBERTSON: The most important thing is to build up your knowledge of the Word. You live in the Word. You study the Word. Thy Word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against Thee.” And I recommend that you start with the Gospel of John. Read it carefully. Read it again. The letters in there from the apostle Paul and Peter and others, they’re like love letters from God to you. Read them. Read them over again. Hid them in your heart and then begin to live what they say. And the next thing is, of course, associate with people who are of like precious faith. Don’t go to some dead church where they’re not preaching the Gospel. But get together with people who love the Lord and who are on fire for Jesus. And that will encourage you. What else? TERRY MEEUWSEN: This is Jennifer, who says, “Pat, while fasting, I become very, very cranky, and I even lash out at people. Do you think it’s worth fasting since I end up being such a bad witness? I usually fast by eating one meal a day for a week, only drinking water or milk during the day. But how can I when I’m so very cranky?” PAT ROBERTSON: Well, I think you’re doing it wrong. There comes a time that your body will react to fasting, and it will actually have a beneficial effect. But you need to fast for two or three days, like fast, not eat one meal a day and so forth. You’re essentially continuously breaking the fast. It isn’t easy necessarily; but your body will cleanse itself of toxins, and it will begin to take off the hunger. TERRY MEEUWSEN: Also, don’t you think during fasting, the whole point of fasting is to draw closer to the Lord. So it’s not just an exercise that you go through in denying yourself food. You have to be focused on the right things spiritually. PAT ROBERTSON: But you’re going to drink milk during the day, that’s food. And so you’re going to eat. It’s not much of a fast. I think fruit juice, water, something. But you’ve got to let your body get into the system. And the first days . . . . . TERRY MEEUWSEN: The first day or two it can be tough. PAT ROBERTSON: It’s tough, and after then . . . . TERRY MEEUWSEN: Some people get headaches. PAT ROBERTSON: . . . . your body begins to do the right thing and begins to eat some of the fat that’s there and so forth. All right, what else? TERRY MEEUWSEN: This is Linda, who says, “Pat, I want to know how to seek God’s face. I think the time is getting near when I’ll need to be a lot closer to the Lord. I know there are angels, and I want to see into the spirit realm. How do you seek God’s face?” PAT ROBERTSON: Well, I think the Bible says, “Early will I seek Thee.” I think we need to have a time when we spend with the Lord. And I think to go apart for several days to seek God is the best way, because there is so much in this world that gets us away from God. There are so many things that distract us. TERRY MEEUWSEN: Yes. You talked about that earlier with Pastor Tim Keller, that the world is so full of stuff, stuff that really is legitimately demanding time. It does require getting away. PAT ROBERTSON: And they become idols. And the next thing you know, everything demands. So if you want to seek God’s face, you have to spend time with Him away from all of the cares of the earth. And it’s hard to do, because they will always interfere. But if you could turn off your cell phones and disconnect the Internet, get rid of your e-mails . . . . TERRY MEEUWSEN: You’ll find out what your addictions really are. PAT ROBERTSON: That’s right. Well, you’re addicted to the e-mail. In any event, I recommend that. Well, that’s all the time we’ve got. Thanks for those questions. We leave you today with these words from James 4, . . . . GRAPHIC: James 4:8 “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” (NKJV) . . . . “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” Thank you so much for being with us. And Lord willing, we’ll be back to see you again on Friday and then next Monday. So, in the meantime, have a great weekend if you’re starting the weekend. Or have a great Friday, and we’ll see you then. Bye, bye. GRAPHIC: COPYRIGHT 2009 CHRISTIAN BROADCASTING NETWORK * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * END SPOT: PAT ENDORSEMENT PAT ROBERTSON: The world’s financial landscape is rapidly changing. Each of us needs to understand the new economy and how we can survive and thrive amid such sweeping change. That’s why I’ve compiled a special CBN partner audio edition of my latest book, Right on the Money. ANNOUNCER: In this special CBN partner audio edition by Pat Robertson, you’ll discover the biblically based principles that can help you get out of debt, create a road map to wealth, protect your investments and much more. Get Right on the Money, our gift to you when you join The 700 Club. PAT ROBERTSON: Above all, I want you to remember that God is greater than any economic downturn. He knows who you are and every circumstance in your life. He has provided opportunities all around you. Get the wisdom you need today and build a secure financial future.


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