The 700 Club: October 20, 2009

A man is miraculously healed of sinus cancer. A teen battles drug addiction after the loss of a friend. Plus, CBN News reports on same-sex marriage in Maine.


UnderWing Transcripts PO Box 16282 Clearwater, Florida 33766 540 455-2333 / UnderWing@underwingtranscripts.com ________________________________________ The 700 Club Daily Broadcast Tuesday, October 20, 2009 PAT ROBERTSON: Well, welcome to The 700 Club. Former UN ambassador John Bolton called the President “Ethelred the Unready,” because he doesn’t seem to be able to make up his mind as to what to do in Afghanistan. Does he go in hard? Does he take off? What does he do? And he’s now facing one of the toughest decisions of his presidency. So how is it going to come out, Kristi? KRISTI WATTS: I don’t know, Pat, and I don’t think he knows, either. Well, Afghanistan will soon have a runoff presidential election, and that could give Mr. Obama more time to decide what he needs to do. Here is reporter John Jessup with that story. OBAMA JOHN JESSUP: Afghans went to the polls to elect a new president two months ago today, but allegations of widespread fraud have kept the results in question, until now. President Hamid Karzai has agreed to a runoff after a third of his votes were thrown out because of fraud. The uncertain outcome doesn't only affect the 28 million people who live there. It also affects US and NATO troops fighting a war now eight years in the making. Anders Fogh Rasmussen (NATO Secretary General): I really hope that we will have a clarification of the political situation in Afghanistan as soon as possible because, in general, time is not on our side. JOHN JESSUP: President Obama is weighing his options about the way forward militarily. Key members of his administration have hinted that a final decision depends on the election results and partnering with a credible government. Hillary Clinton (Secretary of State): Obviously, this is a major part of our strategic review as to getting the election behind us, getting a new government that can represent the partnership we're seeking as we move forward. JOHN JESSUP: The top military commander in Afghanistan, General Stanley McChrystal, wants to send in 60,000 more troops. But disagreement among the President's team of advisors has led to several meetings without a decision for a clear strategy, leaving critics to question his strength and leadership. Kevin Madden (Republican Strategist): The President has reached a tipping point where deliberation is starting to look like hesitation. JOHN JESSUP: Senator John Kerry, the top lawmaker on the Foreign Relations Committee, has been in Afghanistan trying to negotiate an agreement on the disputed elections. There, he defended the President for taking time to deliberate. GRAPHIC: CBS “FACE THE NATION” Sen. John Kerry ([D] Massachusetts): I don't see how President Obama can make a decision about the committing of our additional forces or even the further fulfillment of our mission that's here today without an adequate government in place or knowledge about what that government's going to be. JOHN JESSUP: During the campaign, President Obama promised to ramp up the war effort in Afghanistan, now seen as a test of his own making. The question is, will he scale back on this increasingly unpopular war and appease his liberal base, or will he affirm his own belief and fulfill his campaign pledge? Many are still waiting to see how he decides. John Jessup, CBN News, Washington. PAT ROBERTSON: Thanks, John. You can’t blame him for some indecision on this one. It does seem like we’re making a big mistake to go deep into that war again. The Brits tried it in the last century. They got their head handed to them. And I don’t think that the Russians were terribly beaten by the Afghan resistance that took place. When we gave them stinger missiles, they began to knock down those Russian helicopters. It just seems like we’d be better to say to the Afghan people, “It’s your deal. You do what you want to with it,” because we’re allowing them to grow unconscionable amounts of opium poppies. It’s the largest exporter of opium in the world. And it’s being done under our jurisdiction. There is something seriously wrong with this whole picture. And to have American young men and women sacrifice their lives for that corrupt mess is not what the American people are looking for. And it just seems like if they want to have a small strike force to go in after pockets of al Qaeda, well, that won’t be such a bad thing. But 40,000 or 60,000 more troops, 100,000 more troops, in a huge war that costs billions and billions of dollars. Not on your life. Lee Webb has the rest of our top stories from the CBN Newsroom. Lee. LONG HEALTH CARE BILL LEE WEBB: Pat, the health care measure passed by the US Senate Finance Committee has been made public, and it comes in at 1,500 pages. The massive bill will serve as the starting point for Democratic debates on health care. Politico reports that five senators are worried about one of the bill's main provisions: a 40 percent tax on high-end insurance plans. That tax would hit individuals who pay more 8,000 dollars a year for their insurance and families who pay more than 21,000 dollars. The five senators say those levels are too low and will hit the middle class. BARY CITIZENSHIP QUESTIONS LEE WEBB: New questions now about the citizenship of the young Christian convert who ran away from her Muslim home. Seventeen-year-old Rifqa Bary went to Florida, because she feared her Muslim parents might have her killed for becoming a Christian. Last week, a Florida judge ruled Bary’s case would be returned to Ohio after her family produced valid immigration papers. But there are several reports now those papers may not exist and the family may be in the country illegally. We asked Regent University law professor Lynn Kohm what that could mean for Rifqa’s case. Lynn Kohm (Regent University): No papers means deportation. And this actually happens in a federal court. Federal law is different than state law, obviously, and preempts state law. Family courts are in state courts. And a federal court would preempt what’s happening in this state court. LEE WEBB: Kohm says there are legal means to prevent sending Rifqa back to Sri Lanka, but that could mean dividing the family. We’ll keep you posted as new details emerge in this story. HOTEL LEE WEBB: A Christian couple in England is facing trial and could lose their business simply for having a debate with religion about being a Muslim. Efrem Graham has that story. EFREM GRAHAM: When the Christian owners of a hotel in the northwest of England entered into a debate about Islam with a Muslim guest, little did they realize they would be prosecuted for a crime. Police arrested Ben and Sharon Vogelenzang, who run the Bounty House Hotel in Liverpool, after a Muslim woman complained. She was offended by comments made back in March of this year. Because the legal case is ongoing, the couple cannot comment publicly. Newspaper reports say the debate at the hotel involved whether Jesus was the son of God or just a minor prophet of Islam. Newspapers also report the debate included comments that Mohammed was a warlord and Muslim dress for women was a form of bondage. However, the facts of the case are disputed, according to Mike Judge from the Christian Institute, a legal organization that’s helping fund the couple's defense. And he says it is important Christians defend their right to talk about their faith. Mike Judge (Christian Institute): Freedom of speech is something that is protected in England. But it is being eroded, and there are cases of Christians now being told by police officers that they are not allowed to express their religious beliefs in a public setting. EFREM GRAHAM: Judge says the allegations have caused the couple serious financial harm. The hotel has seen an 80 percent drop in its income, because a local hospital used to book its local outpatients there. Mike Judge: As a result of this case and the criminal charges that have been put against these Christians, the hospital has decided not to send its outpatients there anymore. So you can imagine that’s had a huge impact on Ben and Sharon’s business. EFREM GRAHAM: Despite this, Judge says Ben and Sharon have been overwhelmed by the support they've received from Christians around the world. Mike Judge: Ben and Sharon are greatly disturbed at the thought of facing criminal charges for defending their faith. They’re disturbed at the fear of losing their business, but they've been tremendously encouraged by hundreds and hundreds of Christians from all over the world e-mailing in to say, “We're standing with you. We're praying with you. We're horrified that this is happening to you. And we hope that you succeed in your legal defense.” EFREM GRAHAM: The pair is being prosecuted for a public order offense, when someone feels insulted for their membership of a religious group. But Judge says this case raises significant free speech and religious liberty issues. Mike Judge: The reason this case is so important is that the freedom to share the Gospel in a Christian country really needs to be paramount. And if people can't get involved in a debate about religion, then we are losing our freedom of speech. And this is not just an issue that we're facing in Britain, but we're facing it in other Western countries as well. And Christians across those nations have to stand together to defend our freedom of speech. EFREM GRAHAM: Efrem Graham, CBN News. LEE WEBB: A criminal trial is set for December 8th and 9th at Liverpool Magistrates' Court. If convicted, this couple could face a maximum fine of 5,000 pounds. That’s the equivalent of 8,000 dollars. They will also have a criminal record. This case raises major concerns for Christians across the UK who are concerned they are losing their right to talk freely about their beliefs. Pat. PAT ROBERTSON: Lee, I am shocked. I am horrified. This is Great Britain. This is England. This is the country that has stood for so many centuries as a bastion of free speech and freedom of conscience. I cannot believe that they would allow something like this to happen and that the constables or officers would tell people, “You cannot talk about your faith openly in public.” Whoever heard of such nonsense? What is happening to our dear friends across the water? It’s time that they get together and say, “Enough of this foolishness.” This is a horrible thing. And to allow Muslims not only to come into your country and try to overturn your way of life, but now to persecute those who are standing fast for the principles that have made your country great. After all, the Queen of England is supposed to be head of the church. They haven’t established church in England. This isn’t like it’s not something that is part of their life. It is part of their life. What is happening to the Brits? Lee. FLU VACCINES TOO LATE? LEE WEBB: Pat, health officials have spent months trying to convince Americans to get the swine flu vaccine, but a new study by Purdue University warns that vaccine may arrive too late for some, the Washington Times reporting the Centers for Disease Control says production of the H1N1 vaccine has fallen behind schedule. They had hoped 40 million doses would be ready by the end of this month, but fewer than 30 million doses will be ready. Experts predict about 63 percent of the US population will be infected with the swine flu by the end of this year. $80 OIL LEE WEBB: Oil has hit another milestone, crossing 80 dollars a barrel today. It fell dramatically during the recent recession. But one reason oil is going up again: the dollar is going down. Oil is priced in dollars and the dollar has been steadily falling in recent months. Some analysts expect oil prices to fall back in the next few months or so, but others say that in the long term, the price of oil will still go higher. Pat, your prediction. PAT ROBERTSON: Well, I’ve already made my prediction. I believe that oil is going to go a whole lot higher. It might hit as high as 300 dollars a barrel before it’s finished. The dollar is in the tank. The government of the United States, the members of Congress, the administration have studiously trashed the dollar. And instead of being the reserve currency of the world, it’s now a laughingstock around the world. And to think that the Chinese are going to be dumping dollars, and when they begin to turn their huge trove of dollars into gold or into some other kind of commodity, we’re going to have some chaotic times in America. You don’t have any idea what this is going to do to you. But this is the price of profligacy when you have elected officials who don’t care. And if you put them into office, you’re responsible, ladies and gentlemen. We, the public, are responsible for the actions of our representatives. And they have not acted as good stewards of this great nation. Kristi. KRISTI WATTS: I tell you what, Pat, speaking of chaotic times, look at the way our society is right now. What used to be may not be any more. Check this out. Up next, no more husband and wife and no more bride and groom. Woman: It makes me angry, quite frankly. Being a female, you dream about being a bride and all that goes along with that. KRISTI WATTS: See why residents in Maine are fighting mad and how that battle could actually affect you. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * GRAPHIC: DEFYING DEATH KRISTI WATTS: Still ahead, diagnosed with a deadly tumor. Man: They couldn’t get to it without making me blind or killing me. KRISTI WATTS: Why this lawyer risked his life. Doctor: He had decided not to take any more treatments. KRISTI WATTS: Later on today’s 700 Club. Man: You don’t tell me when I’m going to die. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * SPOT 1: SWISS AMERICA Spokesman: Seventy-seven million baby boomers hope to retire in the next ten to 20 years, and just three percent will be financially independent. But Uncle Sam wants to help you put gold into your retirement plan by creating a self-directed Precious Metal IRA. There are no tax penalties or new contributions needed to convert an existing IRA or other retirement fund into gold. 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KRISTI WATTS: And how you can protect them. Tomorrow on The 700 Club. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * PAT ROBERTSON: Well, last May, the legislature of Maine voted to legalize same sex marriage. That means men can marry men and women can marry women. But supporters of traditional marriage are in the process of trying to veto that law. And two weeks from today the public will get to vote on the issue. Mark Martin explains why this vote is so important for the rest of the country. FOCUS: MAINE MARRIAGE MARK MARTIN: These days, the vacation land of Maine is more of a battleground. The fight is over the definition of marriage. Should it be limited to one man and one woman? Traditional marriage supporters, who brought the issue to a vote, are getting their message across through the airwaves . . . . Announcer: Special interest groups got the legislature to approve homosexual marriage and tried to prevent Mainers from voting. But Question 1 gives us our vote. MARK MARTIN: . . . . as are those in favor of homosexual marriage. Announcer: Or gay grandparents. In Maine, we have many different kinds of parents. But outsiders are trying to make these families feel ashamed. MARK MARTIN: Currently Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa and Vermont allow homosexuals to marry. New Hampshire joins the group in January. All five legalized same-sex marriage without the input of voters. The state of Maine almost became the next state to legalize same-sex marriage back in May. Lawmakers voted against state law, which defines marriage as between a man and a woman, and instead passed a new measure upholding homosexual marriage. The governor then signed it. But a group of citizens from around the state said, “Hey, not so fast. The people need to have a say.” Pastor Bob Emirch (Director, Maine Jeremiah Project): The Lord stirred the hearts of His people so that they got involved like they never have before. MARK MARTIN: They got involved in what's known as “The People's Veto.” In Maine, any new law can be subject to repeal by voters. The coalition known as “Stand for Marriage Maine” had only 90 days to gather 55,087 signatures. More than 100,000 residents signed the petition in just 45 days, half the time allowed by law. Marc Mutty heads up the “Stand for Marriage Maine” campaign. Marc Mutty (Stand for Marriage Maine): I'm certainly not doing it for any personal reasons. Who would enjoy being removed from a number of boards and organizations that I worked for, for years, because of my position with the campaign? MARK MARTIN: A heavy price to pay, but worth it for the men and women encouraging residents of Maine to vote “Yes on 1” and uphold traditional marriage, what they believe is a building block of society. If homosexual marriage is allowed in Maine, terms like “bride” and “groom” and “husband” and “wife” will be wiped out and made gender-neutral throughout the law, including in public documents and court rulings. Mary Conroy (Stand for Marriage Maine): It makes me angry, quite frankly. Being a female, you dream about being a bride and all that goes along with that. And it's so special because it's unique to a female. Scott Fish (Stand for Marriage Maine): It just bothered me. I said, “This is not good.” This is not good for this generation of Mainers. It's not good for future generations of Mainers. MARK MARTIN: Supporters of traditional marriage are concerned about how a gender-neutral society, where same-sex marriage is legal, can harm children, their upbringing and education. They believe it will fundamentally change how children are taught to understand marriage and family. Marc Mutty: So when Susie asks, “But aren't my father and mother bringing me up? Isn't that the norm in society?” No, no, it's going to be, “Any combination is just fine, and one is no better than the other, thank you very much.” MARK MARTIN: Thirty other states have voted on this issue, and each time, people voted in favor of traditional marriage. Recent polling shows 39 percent of Americans support legalizing same-sex marriage. One of them is Maine resident Reverend Marvin Ellison, a professor at Bangor Theological Seminary, and a spokesperson for the “No on 1” campaign. Rev. Marvin Ellison (Supports Same-Sex Marriage): There is no more fundamental right than the right to enter into an intimate association with another person of one's own choosing and become next of kin. MARK MARTIN (Interviewing): Do you believe homosexuality is a sin? Rev. Marvin Ellison: I don't believe you can talk about sin in terms of categories of persons. MARK MARTIN (Reporting): Voters here will be the first in any state to repeal or uphold the law passed by the state legislature, and that has Maine under the political microscope. This issue is by no means limited to the state of Maine. Both sides believe it has national implications, and they are bringing in reinforcements from across the country to help. Frank Schubert: This is the opportunity that God has given us. MARK MARTIN: That includes Frank Schubert, who coordinated the Proposition 8 campaign in California where voters banned gay marriage. San Diego Pastor Chris Clark also helped in that effort and knows the importance of getting out the vote. Pastor Chris Clark (San Diego Pastor Helping in Maine): What happens in Maine is going to galvanize one side or the other. So we're going to be directly involved as to the results here in Maine. Tony Perkins (Pres., Family Research Council): What takes place here in Maine will have an impact on what other state legislatures will do. You've got Congress looking at the Defense of Marriage Act. The President said he wants to repeal it. MARK MARTIN: Money is also pouring in from outside of the state, but those on the front lines say the battle over redefining marriage must be fought on a different level, so that the light of truth about marriage shines clearly. Pastor Chris Clark: This is a spiritual issue. And this is one that is fought on its knees. This is a battle best fought in the arena of prayer. This has to be done by God and God alone. MARK MARTIN: Mark Martin, CBN News. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * PAT ROBERTSON: I don’t really believe homosexuals want to get married. What they want to do is destroy marriage and some of the other things that we have in our society. There has been an outright campaign against the traditional moral values that have grown up in a Judeo-Christian culture. And they don’t want any hindrance to their particular lifestyle or their particular way of having sex. That’s what it amounts to. But whether or not this is going to be something that will change the country, the country has voted overwhelmingly in favor of traditional marriage. They don’t want homosexual marriage. But you find a few states, Maine, Massachusetts, Iowa, a few that have voted them in through the legislature. And yet, when the people have their say, the people say no way. Kristi. KRISTI WATTS: I tell you what, Pat, and it’s important for us to pray, yes, but we also have to work. We have to raise up our voices, too. I’m really getting tired of all these different stories. And everyone is offended at this and offended at that. I tell you what, Christians need to stand up and say, “Listen, I’m offended, too.” Don’t get me started. Coming up, his parents and coaches didn’t have a clue. Man: I was doing drugs while I was playing high school basketball. I lived such a double life where I had my coaches fooled, my parents fooled. KRISTI WATTS: See how a cokehead got clean after a night in The Basement. That’s up next on The 700 Club. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * SPOT 2: SIMPLEX Announcer: Attention, those on Medicare with diabetes. Woman: Results from testing my blood glucose were often wrong. I’d have to code my meter. Pharmacist: If you’re on Medicare with diabetes, then you need to know about the newest methods in checking your blood glucose. You don’t have to code your meter anymore, and you don’t have to stab your fingers. These new no-code meters are easier to use and nearly painless. Woman: This new method hurts less, and I don’t have to code the test strips anymore. Pharmacist: No coding helps make testing faster and confirms accuracy. And the best news is that Diabetes Care Club will send you one of these new meters. Woman: I called, got my no-code meter. Now my fingers don’t hurt anymore. Pharmacist: Diabetes Care Club delivers the latest technology directly to your door for free. So call and find out why over 100,000 patients choose Diabetes Care Club. Woman: Honey, you don’t have to code anymore. Upgrade your meter and change the way you test now. Call now. I’m glad I did. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * PAT ROBERTSON: Casey Holland’s life was going nowhere fast. His friend nearly died in a car he was driving, so for years, Casey turned to drugs to numb his own pain. But that all changed when he went to a place called The Basement. CASEY HOLLAND Casey Holland: When I was 16 years old, I had a very bad car wreck, and my best friend at the time was in the backseat. And we got t-boned, and it split my car in half. My buddy got airlifted, and he was in a coma for three months. And for three months, I didn’t know if he was going to live or die. That put a lot of guilt on me, a lot of shame on me, thinking it was my fault. I just got mad at God, and I turned on God, and I said, “I hate you, God.” And I just said, “Forget living for God. I’m going to do my own thing.” So the only way I knew how to numb the pain and how to deal with all this was to start partying. And I saw drugs as a way out. It just wasn’t enough. It wasn’t enough fun. It wasn’t enough drugs. All of a sudden, I wake up two years from then, and I’m snorting cocaine. I’m doing OxyContin. I supported my drug habit by stealing, selling drugs, however I could do it. I lived in fear a lot, thinking, “Man, these drugs could really mess me up one night. I might have an overdose, or I might do a drug I shouldn’t do.” And I always lived in fear, because I always knew what I should be doing. I always knew I should be living for God. I was doing drugs while I was playing high school basketball. I was even more hooked in college on drugs. I lived such a double life where I had my coaches fooled, my parents fooled. They thought I was a good kid. But on the side, all my friends knew me as a drug addict. And I was at rock bottom, and I knew I had to go somewhere. Something had to change in my life. And I can remember walking into a church service called The Basement. I felt the presence of God for the first time in my whole life, and I felt God speak to my heart. And He said, “Casey,” He said, “There’s a Heaven and there is a hell. Which one are you going to choose?” I had been running from the call that God had on my life. I knew that God was real, and I needed to get it right that night. I didn’t want to leave there without Him. I went up front to the altar, and I can remember crying out to God, just bowing down and crying and saying, “God, if you can take these drugs away from me, if you can somehow clean me up, I know I’m a mess. I know I’m dirty. I know I’m a screw up, and I’ve messed up, but if you can somehow change my life and fix me, I’ll serve you to the day I die.” And I gave my life to the Lord, and I had an encounter with Jesus Christ. And man, the coolest thing about it is I walked in that church a drug addict, but I didn’t need a six month plan, no eight month rehab. I made a one step to Jesus plan, and He saved me. He delivered me. He set me free in one night. I have never been the same since. That night after the service, after I had an encounter with God, I remember calling a couple of my old buddies. And I said, “Look, man, I can’t hang out with you no more. I got saved tonight. If you want to hang out, you can come with me to church.” Even after all the partying and all the drugs and all the cocaine and the wild stuff I’ve done, God still loved me. God still had a plan for me. He still wanted to use me. He didn’t give up on me. I had an encounter with God, and I had a satisfaction inside of me that I can’t explain, that I’ve never had before, that no drugs, no high have ever gotten me. I’ve never been so passionate about anything in my life as I am for God. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * PAT MINISTERS SALVATION PAT ROBERTSON: Can you imagine that? Instantly. No ten step, 12 step, eight step plan. Instant. Instant. And some of you are watching this program. You’ve got a problem. You’ve got a problem with drugs. You’ve got a problem with sex. You’ve got a problem with stealing. You have a problem with lying. You have a problem. And you’ve cried out to God to say, “I want to be fee.” But are you really sincere? Do you really want to be free? I remember an alcoholic who I sort of helped come off the street. He was looking for a handout of some sort. And I said, “Well, look, do you really want to get free from alcohol?” He said, “Oh, yes.” He called me Patty. He said, “Oh, yes, Patty.” And I said, “All right, I want you to pray this prayer with me.” And so I started to pray. I said, “Lord God.” And he said, “Lord God.” And I said, “Take the taste of alcohol away from me.” And he said that. And I said, “And I don’t want to ever have another drink as long as I live.” And he stopped, and he says, “Well, Patty, I don’t want to go that far.” Well, he didn’t want to go that far, and so many of you don’t want to go that far. But you’ve got to come to the point where you say, “No. No. This is it. I’m going to cut the old life. I’m not going to do coke. I’m not going to do amphetamines. I’m not going to do all this stuff. I’m going to live for God.” And if you want to be clean, you want to have joy, you want to be filled with inexpressible joy, unspeakable joy, if you want that, I want you to ask the Lord. And He says He will come to you if you call on Him. I’m going to lead you in prayer, a very simple prayer. And I want you to pray with me right now, wherever you are. Don’t go anywhere. Right now. Right now. And mean it. These words, “Lord Jesus Christ.” That’s right. Say it. “Lord Jesus Christ, you know the stuff in my life. You know how I’ve sinned. You know the things that I’m ashamed of. And you know the things that I’ve done that you’re ashamed of. And Lord, at this moment, I come to you, and I confess my sins. And I ask you to come into my heart. Lord, in Jesus’ name, I surrender to you. And I turn over my life from this moment on. Come in, Lord. Take away that which displeases you and fill me with your Spirit, in Jesus’ name. Amen.” And if you prayed with me just then, I want to pray for you. GRAPHIC: 1-800-759-0700 CBN.COM Father, in Jesus’ name, let the power of the Holy Spirit touch those who prayed just then. Fill them with your presence, in Jesus’ name. Amen. And amen. Now, if you prayed with me, it’s the most important prayer you ever prayed in your life. Now I want you to make something of it. I want you to praise the Lord, and I want you to thank Him. But I also want you to tell somebody. You need to establish what you’ve done, so tell them. Now, we have a little booklet here called “A New Day.” And I’m going to give this to you. And all you have to do is call in and say, “Listen, I prayed with Pat. I have given my heart to the Lord.” GRAPHIC: OUR GIFT TO YOU 1-800-759-0700 CBN.COM Now, we have a CD, a 70-something minute CD, that tells you the various things that you need to know now that you have come to the Lord. And we also have a little booklet of 60-some scriptures that will just get you started. You can read these and memorize them, study them, and it will help you. So just call right now and say, “I prayed with Pat. I gave my heart to the Lord, and I am free,” 1-800-759-0700. It’s a toll free number, no expense, no money involved anywhere. Just call and say, “I just prayed. I’ve given my heart to the Lord.” And the angels of Heaven are rejoicing right now. Let’s go over to Kristi. KRISTI WATTS: Thanks, Pat. Fantastic. Well, up next, we’ve got your e-mail. Edward says, “About 11 years ago, I committed a sin. I’ve asked for forgiveness, but I don’t feel like God has forgiven me. How can I know that I’m forgiven?” KRISTI WATTS: Well, Edward, we’re going to Bring It On with your question and so much more, so don’t go away. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * SPOT 3: DVD BIBLE Spokeswoman: And with us today, Emmy Award-winning narrator Stephen Johnston with his brand-new DVD Bible. Stephen Johnston: That’s right. And brand new technology has put the entire King James Bible on just one DVD. Instead of 29.95 for two discs, we’re passing the savings on to you, and all you’ll pay is just 19.95. Easy to see large text is displayed on your TV, while I read every word to you. Stephen Johnston (Narrating): “Whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” Spokeswoman: Well, this would be great for someone like my mother, who’s beginning to lose her vision. 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You get two complete DVD Bibles, a 40 dollar value, for just 19.95. Spokeswoman: Order your DVD Bible right now. Stephen Johnston: And God bless you. I know this will change your life. Announcer: To order your complete King James version of the Bible on one DVD with both the Old and New Testament, and get a second King James Bible free, both with your two free children’s bonus CDs, all for only 19.95 plus processing, call 1-800-925-4334. That’s 1-800-925-4334. Or go to BiblesonDVD.com. It makes a great gift for friends, family, Bible study, Sunday school or church groups. Order now. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * UNPOPULAR PELOSI JOHN JESSUP: Welcome to Washington for this CBN Newsbreak. House speaker Nancy Pelosi may be powerful in Washington, but a new poll by the Field Organization shows she’s not so popular in her home state of California. Only 34 percent of Californians approve of her performance, and 44 percent disapprove. The Hill Newspaper reports Pelosi sunk to similar lows in late 2007 in President George W. Bush’s second term. Some political analysts believe Pelosi may be a problem for the Democrats in next year’s midterm elections. SC GAY CLERGY JOHN JESSUP: Episcopalians in the Diocese of South Carolina are meeting this week to decide whether to leave the national church. The controversy is over same-sex marriage and the ordination of openly gay clergy. Last June, four breakaway conservative dioceses formed the Anglican Church in America over the issue. Dozens of other individual parishes have joined them. Well, you can always get the latest from CBN News by going to our web site at CBN.com. Pat and Kristi will be back with more of The 700 Club, right after this. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * SPOT 4: HUMANA Announcer: Over the last several months, we’ve been talking with everyone who has Medicare about the money-saving health plans from Humana. 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KRISTI WATTS: I have literally interviewed every fitness guru out there and done what seems to be like every exercise there is. KRISTI WATTS: I’m put to the test. The results of my 21 day weight loss challenge. * * * GRAPHIC: FLU FIGHTERS KRISTI WATTS: Plus, why children are at the greatest risk for swine flue. Girl: My eyes, any time I closed them they were burning and like tears would come out. And I had a headache and a stomachache and my throat hurt. KRISTI WATTS: And how you can protect them. Tomorrow on The 700 Club. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * BRING IT ON KRISTI WATTS: Well, we’re back, and we’re going to jump right in with your e-mail questions. And some folks are like, “Where do you get the questions from?” Well, we get them from you. You can either log on to CBN.com or you can call in or what have you, and Pat will answer them. Right? PAT ROBERTSON: I’ll try to. KRISTI WATTS: You’ll try to answer them. There you go. Let’s start in with Edward, who writes in and says, “I’ve been a born again Christian since 1978. About 11 years ago I committed a sin. I’ve asked for forgiveness, but I don’t feel like God has forgiven me. How do you know that you’re forgiven?” PAT ROBERTSON: Well, you have to believe the Bible, and the Bible says if we confess our sin, He is faithful and just to forgive our sin and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. That’s what you find in I John. So you can read it and read it again. If you don’t believe Him, you say, “Well, God is a liar.” He said it, so trust the Word and say it over and over and over again. And make sure that you have repented of whatever you’ve done. Apparently, you have. And once you have, the Lord says as far as the east is from the west, that’s how far He’ll take your sins from you. So you have to believe Him. That’s how you know. KRISTI WATTS: Absolutely. I think the biggest problem that most of us have is that God forgives us, but we don’t forgive ourselves. PAT ROBERTSON: Yes, and we’ve got to do it. KRISTI WATTS: We’ve got to forgive ourselves. PAT ROBERTSON: We have to do it. All right. KRISTI WATTS: Absolutely. All right, Dusty writes in and says, “Pat, I am a horse trainer and a blacksmith, so my life is very active seven days a week. Because I am so active, I really feel it when I miss meals. Since my life is so physically demanding, how would you suggest I fast? Do you think all fasts are of equal benefit before God?” PAT ROBERTSON: I think all of them are, but why don’t you try some juice? Take a day of juice. You won’t find it hurts you any. Get a can of juice, pineapple juice, orange juice, some kind, tomato juice. And try that. And you’ll have plenty of strength for your demanding activities. KRISTI WATTS: I used to wonder that question. You know how some people go on the 40 day fast, and all they have is just water. And some people, they just eliminate meat. And I thought, “Does God hear the person who just had water more than He hears . . . .” But it’s not true. PAT ROBERTSON: That’s the whole idea of afflicting yourself. You’ve got to beat yourself. KRISTI WATTS: Exactly. PAT ROBERTSON: Climb up the Santa Scala or do something like that. God isn’t moved with that. What He is interested in is what’s in your heart. KRISTI WATTS: Come on. PAT ROBERTSON: But this is just a way where you tell the flesh, “You aren’t in charge. The Spirit is charge.” That’s what it’s all about. KRISTI WATTS: Absolutely. Okay, so Diana writes in and she says, “What is the significance of pleading the blood of Jesus? I’ve heard many people say, ‘Plead the blood of Jesus.’ And here lately I’ve found myself pleading the blood of Jesus over my family. I guess what I want to know is what really happens in the spiritual realm when you plead the blood of Jesus?” PAT ROBERTSON: Well, Diana, the whole thing of the blood of Jesus is His sacrifice, His death for us on the cross. He shed His blood that you and I might be saved. And that gives us our victory. So when you say you’re pleading the blood, what you’re doing is going back to His sacrifice and saying, “Because of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, I am covered. I am free. I am set free from demonic power,” and so forth. That’s what it means. And so it’s sort of shorthand for what I just told you. KRISTI WATTS: I’m so glad you said that, because it’s so funny, as Christians we tend to pray, and we kind of use the same terminology over and over again. And as I read that question, I was thinking, “I say that every morning, ‘Lord, I plead the blood of Jesus from the top of my head to the soles of my feet.’” And then I thought, “What am I really asking for?” PAT ROBERTSON: That’s it. KRISTI WATTS: It is. It’s that protection. It’s the purification. PAT ROBERTSON: Of His death. KRISTI WATTS: Yes. Cool. PAT ROBERTSON: All right. KRISTI WATTS: All right, Mara. I think it’s called Mara. Mara. Whatever. She says, “A number of years ago, when I was 20, I was at the hospital emergency room, drunk and pregnant. I cried out, ‘Oh, God, I would sell my soul to the devil if only my baby would be okay.’ Well, my baby is okay. Does this mean that now the devil has my soul?” PAT ROBERTSON: Mara, you told God you’d do it, and God didn’t accept the bargain. So I’m sorry, the devil doesn’t have your soul. You live for the Lord. KRISTI WATTS: Yes. It’s so funny, there’s a country song out there. And someone said the best thing is—something about unanswered prayers. “I’m so glad that God didn’t answer my prayer.” PAT ROBERTSON: Well, He didn’t answer that one. KRISTI WATTS: Yes, right? PAT ROBERTSON: But He did. He healed your baby, whatever you were looking for. But you didn’t give your soul to the devil. KRISTI WATTS: Exactly. Praise God for that. All right. Andrea writes in, and she says, “Dear Pat, a neighbor asked me why would an all loving God allow animal sacrifices in the Old Testament and allow His only begotten Son to be sacrificed for our sins? Couldn’t God have saved man from their sins in a less violent way?” PAT ROBERTSON: Andrea, you have to understand how significant sin is. Sin took us away from God. Sin brought in death. When the first couple sinned, they brought in death. And the only way to get free of that curse, that death, is for the shedding of blood. Without the shedding of blood, there is no remission of sins, because we’re talking about canceling death. And you cancel death by another death. And that’s why the Son of God came to die, so that you and I could live. You need to understand how terrible sin is. You say, “Well, hey, there’s nothing wrong with sin. Why don’t we just do five hail Mary’s, and that will be enough.” No, it won’t. Without the shedding of blood, there is no remission of sins. That’s what the Bible says. And we have to recognize sin is horrible. It is a form of death. KRISTI WATTS: And people forget about what the power of the blood is, just like you answered earlier about just the remission and the purification. That’s what it does. The blood that Jesus shed on the cross is what cleanses us, and it’s that same thing that wipes sin away. So it’s not the animal. It’s the blood. All right. Damon writes in and says, “Dear Pat, I’m disturbed by the changes I see happening in America.” KRISTI WATTS: Me, too. “I recently heard that a treaty may be signed that will diminish the sovereignty of the United States. Is it possible for one person, such as the President, to sign a treaty that will limit America’s independence and sovereignty? If a treaty is signed, can it be repealed?” PAT ROBERTSON: Yes, it can be repealed. But it has to be ratified by the Senate. The President on his volition can’t sign some treaty. There is a lot of scary stuff going around there that isn’t based on fact. And so don’t get yourself off on these nutty things that people come up with. But the truth is that we have some treaties that the possibility of giving over some of our sovereignty to the United Nations has been before groups for years and years. They think the United States should be diminished. There are people who hate America, literally hate America, and they want to tear us down. And the best way to do that is to surrender our sovereignty to the UN. We have the thought that our soldiers could be tried by courts overseas. And President Bush refused to go along with that. Who knows what Obama might do? But there are some dangerous things happening, but not exactly what you were thinking about. Well, that’s all the time for questions. KRISTI WATTS: That’s all the time we have. PAT ROBERTSON: Thank you very much. Well, despite the slow economy, Steve and Patti Grant are still in good shape financially. They’re debt free, mortgage free. And their two small businesses are turning a profit. Here is how their strategy can work for you. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * STEVE AND PATTI GRANT DORY NISSEN: After years of working hard as schoolteachers and never making quite enough, Steve and Patti Grant of Shawnee, Kansas, wondered what they could do to bring in some extra money. So the first thing they did was work on paying off their mortgage. Patti Grant: I was watching The 700 Club, and Pat had a whiteboard. And I remember that he said if you do certain things with your mortgage, you can take a 15 year mortgage to nine years. It’s amazing. You don’t really have to have very much money for it to happen. You just take that little—we took 75 dollars extra. That’s how we did it. And we put 75 dollars extra directly to our principal. And Pat taught that. DORY NISSEN: By doing that, they paid off their mortgage much sooner than they expected. And during that time, Steve and Patti also increased their giving. Steve Grant: We believe God’s Word teaches us, and that is to be givers, not just givers of ten percent, but to be abundant givers. DORY NISSEN: They began giving to CBN and its water well projects. Patti Grant: It literally broke my heart when I saw these people that were drinking dirty water. And it was so within our power to be able to relieve somebody. So I just felt like that was a good ministry. It spoke to my heart. DORY NISSEN: As they increased their giving, the Grants believe God gave them an idea for not one, but two small businesses. The first involved buying and renovating houses. Their strategy was simple. Patti Grant: If you buy the dog in the good neighborhood and you fix it up, then you make money. Steve Grant: There isn’t a whole lot I can do when it comes to major projects, but I do know how to paint, and I know how to scrape. DORY NISSEN: The Grants would then live in the home for a few years until the value increased, and then they would sell. They have done this with eight houses, and every time, they’ve made a profit. Because of their financial success, the couple increased their giving again, and Patti was even able to quit her teaching job to start another small business marketing nutritional supplements. Patti Grant: From January ’08 and January ’09 I had a 32 percent increase in my revenue. DORY NISSEN: Their success only seems to make them more committed to give. Steve Grant: Well, there is a joy in giving. There is a joy that God gives you when you know you’re being obedient and you’re able to meet needs. Patti Grant: By giving them clean water, then they’re receptive to the Gospel and sometimes at those dedication ceremonies, people actually accept the Lord. The ultimate goal is for as many to go to Heaven as we can take with us. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * PAT ROBERTSON: What a wonderful thing. And you see, they’re a couple of teachers. They haven’t got any money. They don’t have any extra money. They’re right at the end of their rope. They’re just living day to day. And then all of a sudden, God begins to talk to them. And it was real simple, about how you can pay a little bit more on your mortgage every month, and you can cut it down, and you go from 30 years to 15 years, and you save a huge amount of interest. GRAPHIC: 1-800-759-0700 CBN.COM And they were talking about 7.5 I didn’t know about that one, but that’s one where suddenly, they’re free from a mortgage. Then that gives them like a raise of 300 or 400 dollars a month or maybe 1,000 dollars a month, which is the amount of their mortgage. And suddenly they have more discretionary money, so they begin to give. And God gives them concepts. He says, “I can’t repair, but I can paint and scrape.” So that’s the way it works. God has unlimited resources if we’ll just ask Him. There is no limit to what He will do. But we need to follow His principles. “Prove Me with tithes and offerings if I won’t open the windows of Heaven and pour you out such a blessing you can’t contain it.” That’s what He says. And if we do it, He will do what He says. But He has so many concepts. And you can watch the news, and you say, “Oh, the economy is terrible,” and so forth. It’s not that terrible. There are a lot of possibilities for everybody. And God has them for you. I want you to join, if you would, give it a start. The 700 Club. It’s 65 cents a day. It’s not much, but it’s enough to get started, 20 dollars a month. And for those who do, I want to give you—this is a CD, an audio CD, on my book, Right on the Money. Actually, it is the book itself. GRAPHIC: YOURS WHEN YOU JOIN 1-800-759-0700 CBN.COM And you can listen to it. And there are all kinds of principles in here of things you can do with your money, how you can make more money, how you can invest, what you ought to look for. It’s all here. And we’ll give this to you as our gift to you when you join The 700 Club. So give us a call: 1-800-759-0700. And join with thousands who want to make this a better world to live in and who want to glorify the Lord. Amen. KRISTI WATTS: Amen, Pat. That was cool. Speaking of cool, we have an amazingly incredible story that’s going to encourage you. Up next, an attorney who made a strong case against cancer. Man: And I still had to stand and believe, “I will live. I will live,” despite what the doctors were telling me. Doctor: Obviously he was right and I was wrong. KRISTI WATTS: See how this lawyer won his case, after this. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * SPOT 5A: PAT ENDORSEMENT PAT ROBERTSON: The world’s financial landscape is rapidly changing. Each of us needs to understand the new economy and how we can survive and thrive amid such sweeping change. That’s why I’ve compiled a special CBN partner audio edition of my latest book, Right on the Money. ANNOUNCER: In this special CBN partner audio edition by Pat Robertson, you’ll discover the biblically based principles that can help you get out of debt, create a road map to wealth, protect your investments and much more. Get Right on the Money, our gift to you when you join The 700 Club. PAT ROBERTSON: Above all, I want you to remember that God is greater than any economic downturn. He knows who you are and every circumstance in your life. He has provided opportunities all around you. Get the wisdom you need today and build a secure financial future. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * SPOT 5B: ALERT USA Dr. Joyce Brothers: Hi, I’m Dr. Joyce Brothers. Those of us who are independent and live alone shouldn’t do so without having emergency protection. And for reliability and peace of mind, I recommend Alert USA. Announcer: With Alert USA, if you ever need assistance, just press your pendant to be connected to an operator who can summon help to your home 24 hours a day. Dr. Joyce Brothers: I’ve been giving advice for many years, and I believe Alert USA provides the best emergency support and value for your dollar. Call now for a free brochure. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * KRISTI WATTS: Well, as a lawyer, Charles Staples is used to fighting for his clients. But seven years ago, Charles was in a fight for his own life, for the second time around. CHARLES STAPLES ANDREW KNOX: Charles Staples is an attorney for the Commonwealth of Virginia. He’s in great health and full of energy these days. But his world was shaken in 1996. What began as a nosebleed turned out to be a deadly tumor. Marsha Staples: It was a hemorrhage like I have never seen before. Charles Staples: And we tried for about an hour to stop the nosebleed until we went to the emergency room. ANDREW KNOX: A month later, another shocking symptom appeared. Charles Staples: I was in church, and the pastor was up giving a sermon, and visually he just, almost like he cloned himself, he just separated into two distinct people about four feet apart. ANDREW KNOX: X-rays showed there was a large mass behind his nasal cavity. Dr. Robert Baglan (St. John’s Medical Center): This is a CT scan or a CAT scan of Mr. Staples that was done in January of 1996. And this is his tumor. This large white mass is abnormal. It shouldn’t be there. ANDREW KNOX: A biopsy revealed the tumor was cancerous and too large to remove. Charles Staples: The lab says cancer, stage four, nasal pharyngeal cancer, inoperable, because it was literally in the center. If you go this way and that way and that way, you couldn’t get to it without making me blind or killing me. The only treatment was radiation and chemotherapy. ANDREW KNOX: Charles began treatment, but soon had a change of heart. Dr. Robert Baglan: So we started treating him. He had one course of chemotherapy, and then he had seven radiation treatments out of the planned course of 35. After that time, which was about a week and a half, he asked to see me one day, and he said he had decided not to take any more treatments. ANDREW KNOX: Charles believed that God would heal him. Charles Staples: It was just a moment of truth of do you really believe what you profess to believe? And are you willing to trust in the Lord to tell you through the Holy Spirit how much medicine and how much technology to take and how much to rely purely on faith? Dr. Robert Baglan: I tried to convince him to continue his treatments, but he said, “Absolutely not.” He was finished. So I said, “Why don’t you come back in about a month. We’ll repeat the CAT scan. We’ll see if the mass is still there.” Charles Staples: But I still had to stand and believe I will live. I will live, because of what Christ did on the cross, despite what the doctors were telling me. Dr. Robert Baglan: So he came back about a month later. We did the CT scan, and it was completely normal. It was a risky move on his part. Obviously he was right, and I was wrong. ANDREW KNOX: But even after all of this, things weren’t over for Charles and his wife, Marsha. Five years later Charles faced another bout with cancer. Charles was given a bleak prognosis. He had a malignant tumor in the left side of his neck. The doctor gave him a 20 percent chance of survival. Marsha Staples: I had a real good talk with Jesus that day, in the car on the way to the hospital. And He was there. He said, “I will never leave you, nor forsake you. And just trust.” ANDREW KNOX: This time, it was a lesson in obedience. Charles believed that God was directing him to take the treatments. Charles Staples: So I took the whole treatment and went the whole nine yards, went down to 135 pounds, lost my voice, lived on Ensure for 60 days. I could just croak. My throat was all darkened from radiation. And I couldn’t drink water. Water tasted like liquid fire. It was just that bad. ANDREW KNOX: At the end of his 35 treatments, the doctor increased it to 40 and told Charles that if he didn’t take them he would die. But Charles refused to accept his words or any further treatment. Charles Staples: You don’t tell me when I’m going to die. The Lord will say how many days I have on this earth. ANDREW KNOX: Remarkably, the CAT scan taken in May 2001 showed no tumor present. Since then, Charles has been cancer free. Marsha Staples: The biggest lesson I learned spiritually through all this is about God’s faithfulness, that He is just awesome, faithful, always moving, even when you can’t feel it or even you might not sense it, but He’s there. Charles Staples: God is a rewarder of faith, He is unable to allow His Word to return void, and His hands are full of miracles. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * HOSTS PRAY FOR NEEDS KRISTI WATTS: Wow. Fight the good fight of faith. I tell you, they fought it. And it was the faithfulness of God that healed him. Praise God on that. Come on, Pat, let’s encourage people. PAT ROBERTSON: Let’s encourage people. Let’s pray for people. Give us a word real quick. KRISTI WATTS: Absolutely. Real quick. Lucy from Miami, she lost her job. She experienced shortness of breath. Her doctor diagnosed her with anxiety attacks that happened for six weeks. She was watching The 700 Club. Pat, you had a word of knowledge. You said, “You’re having shortness of breath. God is healing you as we speak. Thank you, in the name of Jesus.” Lucy cried out, “That’s me!” The breathing problem stopped instantly, and she hasn’t had any more attacks since. PAT ROBERTSON: Here is somebody that went to sleep with her hand in an awkward position and it wound up the hand was paralyzed. And you had a word about, “Every time you move your wrist, there is a click in it. And it’s a pinched nerve. And it hurts excruciatingly. And place your other hand on it, and as you touch it, you’ll be getting healed. The Lord is healing you.” And guess what? She got healed. KRISTI WATTS: Amen. PAT ROBERTSON: The next morning, the pain was gone. She could move her wrist and hand. We’re going to join and pray together. How much time have we got? We’ve got a couple of minutes. Wherever you are, folks, join with Kristi and me. Let’s believe God. “Father, nothing is impossible with you. We come before you humbly, acknowledging our own weakness, our own lack. But God, you’re the Creator. You are God Almighty. There is nothing impossible with you, Lord. And so it’s with joy that we come before you now and we say in the name of Jesus, my brothers and sisters, be made whole.” There is someone who has a cancerous jawbone. The bone in your jaw is cancerous, and they have talked about taking that bone out, and you’re going to have a mess in your face. God is healing it right now. You’ll feel like a bolt of electricity going through you. You’re made whole. Kristi. KRISTI WATTS: I keep hearing the word “deep sorrow.” There is someone who has had severe loss in their life. The Lord is removing that burden and filling you with the power of His joy right now. Just receive it and accept it right now, in the name of Jesus. PAT ROBERTSON: A neck pain is healed. You haven’t been able to move your neck, and now you can move it back and forth. You’re free. That whole thing is freed up, in the name of Jesus. Now, wherever you are, receive an answer from the Lord. Receive His power in your life, in Jesus’ name. Amen. KRISTI WATTS: Amen. PAT ROBERTSON: Thanks for being with us. GRAPHIC: 1-800-759-0700 CBN.COM We appreciate all of you. We thank you for your questions and prayer, contributions and whatever you’re doing. Well, we leave you now with these words from John 14, . . . . GRAPHIC: John 14:13 “Whatever you ask in My name, that I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.” (NKJV) . . . . “Whatever you ask in My name, that I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.” We’ll see you tomorrow. Bye, bye. GRAPHIC: COPYRIGHT 2009 CHRISTIAN BROADCASTING NETWORK * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * END SPOT: YOU WERE THERE TERRY MEEUWSEN: Hi, this is Terry Meeuwsen. I have the privilege of traveling around the world, seeing the life changing things CBN partners make possible. On a recent trip to South Africa, I saw firsthand the incredible difference you’re making in orphans’ lives. Here at home and across the nations, you are bringing the help people so desperately need, just like you did when you provided food for over 600 families in Tulsa, Oklahoma. And each month you feed over three million hurting Americans in cities all across our nation. For many, you provide the only way they can feed their children. Your monthly gift makes it possible to heal the sick, feed the hungry, preach the Gospel and so much more. Please watch for this mailing and send in your pledge. Imagine lifting a life out of despair and filling it with hope. That’s what you do every day as CBN partners, and it only happens because you were there.


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