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The 700 Club: September 9, 2009

On skinny Wednesday we hear about a man who lost over 150 pounds in a little over a year with diet and exercise, along with other uplifting stories.



The 700 Club Daily Broadcast Wednesday, September 9, 2009 PAT ROBERTSON: Well, welcome to The 700 Club. It’s Skinny Wednesday! KRISTI WATTS: Skinny Wednesday! PAT ROBERTSON: And today we’ll show you a man who lost 150 pounds by doing just two simple things. KRISTI WATTS: But we’re not going to tell you what the two simple things are yet. PAT ROBERTSON: No, we’re going to keep it as a secret. KRISTI WATTS: Exactly. Plus, we’re also going to be answering your Skinny Wednesday e-mail questions, and I promise you, you don’t want to miss that. PAT ROBERTSON: But first in the news, President Obama is making another push for Congress to pass the health care bill. But as Paul Strand explains, the President is facing some very tough obstacles on Capitol Hill. CARE PAUL STRAND: As President Barack Obama tries to rally Congress to reform health care, there's real doubt a big overhaul can even pass. Both Democrats and Republicans agree. Rep. Nancy Pelosi (House Speaker): Our legislation is about 85 percent in agreement. PAUL STRAND: But it's sticklers like a government-run public option and possible taxpayer-funded abortion that could bring the whole plan down. If House Speaker Nancy Pelosi loses 38 Democrats, she probably can't pass a bill in the House. Since some 60 Democrats say they'll vote against it without a public option, that's why she's saying a public option is essential. But a couple of dozen more moderate Democrats have said they'll oppose the plan, and most of them say they'll be against it if it does include a public option. As for abortion, pro-life Democrat Bart Stupak leads a group of 39 House Democrats who say they'll oppose the plan unless Pelosi allows a straightforward up or down vote on clearly banning taxpayer-funded abortions in the reform plan. Stupak is worried Congress won't mention abortion in its final bill, and that silence will allow it to be paid for by taxpayers. Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Michigan): The courts have always ruled if Congress does not explicitly state “no public funding for abortion,” then abortion is included as a covered benefit. And therefore we need language that explicitly states, specifically states “no public funding for abortion.” PAUL STRAND: In the House, it's pretty clear most Republicans will fight an ambitious overhaul of health care. Rep. Charles Boustany (R-Louisiana): I have deep concerns about most of the provisions in this bill. PAUL STRAND: But a bipartisan group of senators keeps trying to come up with a Senate bill that could get some Republican support, though the GOP Senate leader sounds doubtful. Sen. Mitch McConnell (Senate Minority Leader): The status quo is not acceptable, but neither are any of the proposals we've seen from the White House or the Democrats in Congress. PAUL STRAND: But President Obama says he's not giving up on Republicans. On Good Morning America today, he said his speech will make clear what he wants, like a public option, but another major goal is: GRAPHIC: ABC’S GOOD MORNING AMERICA President Barack Obama: To make sure that Democrats and Republicans understand that I'm open to new ideas. PAUL STRAND: Paul Strand, CBN News, Capitol Hill. PAT ROBERTSON: Thanks, Paul. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a bad bill. It’s a bad concept. And it’s addressing problems that don’t exist. And yet, it’s going to destroy our health care system, and it’s going to load us up. It may cost a trillion dollars a year. It’s your money. It’s taxpayer money that’s going to come out of your pocket. And it hasn’t been studied carefully. It hasn’t been vetted, if you will. It hasn’t been discussed properly. And when it is discussed, the people don’t like it. It’s very clear they don’t like it, but the President wants to jam it down their throats. And the question is whether these so-called moderate Democrats will hold steady against this avalanche, this steam roller that is trying to jam this bill forward. It is a step towards socialized medicine. It is not a good thing. Lee, you’ve some other—I hope you’ve got some good news over there. RECORD SPENDING LEE WEBB: Well, not really, Pat. As you mentioned there, one of the main concerns about the health care plan is the cost, and you’re right on the money: at least one trillion dollars over ten years. The federal deficit is expected to hit a record 1.6 trillion dollars this year alone. And the Senate has to approve a bill raising the limit for the total national debt to 12 trillion dollars. Washington’s heavy spending has caused the dollar to fall in value on international markets, and that has a United Nations panel saying the dollar should be replaced as the main currency for international commerce. Pat, what do you think about that? PAT ROBERTSON: Well, I think that we’ve destroyed ourselves. We had the reserve currency of the world, and it was a good deal. It is a good deal that if you want to pay your bills, you print the money to pay them. That is a good deal. And the nations are going to take it away from us, because they say, “You’re too profligate in the way you manage your fiscal house.” We have mismanaged our finances for decades. And now it is a scandal. You can’t blame the Chinese for not wanting to load up on dollars, or the Japanese or any other countries. But folks, I have told you the dollar was going down. I told you gold was going up. I’ve also told you to diversify into other currencies. It is very, very, very simple to move some of your money into some other currency. It’s easy to take Canadian dollars, Australian dollars, something like that, those things that are based in some measure on natural resources and have held up so well. We had a reserve at CBN. I had our guy put it in Australian and Canadian dollars, and it’s up a substantial amount of money. So you’re actually making money in your currency, which isn’t a bad deal. But to sit there and watch your money just erode away, and it’s going to happen. It’s getting worse and worse and worse. It is the cruelest tax of all, what they’re putting on us. Lee. VOUCHERS LEE WEBB: Pat, President Obama made his long awaited to students across America, but while he was encouraging them to stay in school, protestors in Washington were accusing him of keeping hundreds of students out of the schools they want to attend. As David Brody reports, the President is revoking scholarships that were the only way out of a failing system for those children. Ken Chavous: It’s shameful that they want to shut this program down. DAVID BRODY: One of the first decisions of President Obama's Education Department was to shut out a new group of students from a voucher-like program. It would have let them escape DC's often failing public schools. Demonstrators were willing to risk arrest Tuesday to protest the administration's move. They actually blocked the front doors of the Education Department for a few minutes, but authorities decided not to take them into custody. The program the protestors want fully restored gave these DC parents 7,500 dollars a year to put their children in much more successful schools. But that dream is over for 216 DC students whose scholarships have been revoked. Kevin Chavous (Democrats for Education Reform): The schools they're ending up going to have a proficiency rating of 30 percent. That means 70 percent of those students in those schools are failing. DAVID BRODY: Latasha Bennett's son still has his scholarship, but her daughter's has been revoked. Latasha says she and other DC parents won’t give up this fight for their children. Latasha Bennett (Daughter’s Scholarship Revoked): To deprive her of a school that I chose that is excelling and to want me to put her into these failing DC public schools won't happen. It means that they're pulling my family apart. DAVID BRODY: These pro-school choice protestors worry what precedent this sets for the rest of the country. Darrell Allison (Parents for Education Freedom NC): Oftentimes what happens in DC has real impact in what the other 50 states do. So we're not just talking about the families here in DC, but this could send a strong message throughout our nation. DAVID BRODY: Some critics suspect the Education Department is turning its back on this program because the administration is so beholden to powerful teachers unions that don't want support going outside the public school system. David Brody, CBN News, Washington. LEE WEBB: Pat, they’re angry. PAT ROBERTSON: Well, they ought to be angry, Lee. This is an outrage. If you say you care for black people, and I do, they’re willing to keep black people slaves into a failed public school system in DC that’s one of the worst in the country. Well, of course, the late Senator Ted Kennedy kept voting against any amelioration of that so these people could get out of it. And yet you see Clinton, he sent his child to the Sidwell Friends School, which is private, and you pay the bill to go there. Well, what about those poor students that deserve a break? They deserve a decent school system, and the Congress won’t let them have it because of the power of the labor union. The National Education Association is one of the most powerful political groups in the country. But this is a shame. It’s a disgrace. But, ladies and gentlemen, that’s the way it is. And somebody should scream about it. Those people are screaming, but they’re not screaming loud enough. But this is a constituency of the Democratic Party, and it seems like to me they ought to get together and say, “Hey, fellows, you are hurting your own.” KRISTI WATTS: Well, Pat, let me just jump in on this real quick . . . . PAT ROBERTSON: Yes, please. KRISTI WATTS: . . . . because this is what I find very fascinating. It’s kind of as though the President is talking out of both sides of his mouth. Yesterday he had a speech to all the schools around the country talking about children need to take responsibility and to excel and do the best that they possibly can do, but how can they do the best that they can possibly do when they are snatched from an educational facility that doesn’t provide the best? Do you know what I’m trying to say? PAT ROBERTSON: Yes. You’re exactly right. KRISTI WATTS: It’s double talk. It’s not cool. And I would be extraordinarily . . . . PAT ROBERTSON: Over 60 percent of the public school teachers in Chicago send their children to private schools, because they know that the schools in which they teach are failing. KRISTI WATTS: Sure. PAT ROBERTSON: Lee. LEE WEBB: Pat, you just mentioned that President and Mrs. Clinton sent their daughter Chelsea to Sidwell Friends. It’s important to point out that President and Mrs. Obama are sending their daughters to Sidwell Friends, as well. FLU LEE WEBB: Students and school officials head back to classes this year with more than just academics on their minds. They’re facing the question of how to deal with swine flu. And Lorie Johnson has that story. LORIE JOHNSON: The swine flu among school children is already on the rise in the southeast, where schools started weeks ago, and on college campuses. But while the swine flu is widespread, the cases are generally mild. Courtney Kirkwood (College Student Had Swine Flu): I felt pretty fatigued yesterday. Then I got the chills. I had a little fever that broke around four this morning. LORIE JOHNSON: People keeping an eye on the swine flu say it's becoming resistant to the drugs used to treat it, antivirals like Tamiflu and Relenza, that are being misused and overused. Dr. Anne Schuchat (Ctr. for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases): Most children, adolescents and adults who have influenza-like illness do not need antiviral medicines. In fact, if all of those people take antiviral medicines, things may actually get worse. LORIE JOHNSON: It’s important that people who take Tamiflu or Relenza take the entire five-day course, even if they feel better before that time. And doctors are being advised not even to prescribe the antivirals unless their patients have a serious case of the swine flu or are in a high risk group, such as pregnant women, people with asthma, chronic heart disease, lung disease, the very young and the very old. These people should be treated immediately if they have flu-like symptoms. And although the swine flu has developed some drug resistance, fortunately, it has not mutated. Dr. Anne Schuchat: And that's good news because it means that the vaccines that we're working on right now should be very good matches with the H1N1 virus that's circulating. LORIE JOHNSON: Those vaccines should be available next month and may be offered in school, but not required. Lorie Johnson, CBN News. OBESITY AND THE FLU LEE WEBB: Obese people could be at greater risk for swine flu. Health officials believe they have conditions that make them more susceptible to the virus, like chronic heart, liver and lung problems. And the Washington Examiner reports that a recent study finds that mice who had been fattened up with extra food were much more likely to die from the flu than lean mice. TAX ON SODA? LEE WEBB: President Obama says he might support a tax on soft drinks and other sugar-filled products. The President tells Men's Health magazine that a proposed “sin tax” would help lower America's high rates of obesity. But he acknowledges that people don't like Big Brother telling them what to eat or drink and that it might be tough to get such a tax through Congress. But, Pat, I think you support that tax, don’t you? PAT ROBERTSON: Yes. But Obama hasn’t ever seen a tax he doesn’t like. And so if you can call in a “sin tax” he’s all for it. Maybe he can get some conservative support. I don’t know about taxing this stuff, but these sugared drinks, we ingest this enormous amount of sugar in this country, and it is just killing us in terms of obesity and other diseases. So it’s not a good thing. We’re going to talk more on Skinny Wednesday about how you can beat the problems. KRISTI WATTS: But we also talk about health aspects as well. And we have a story coming up relating to that very topic. Coming up, Bishop Harry Jackson, he beat cancer. And why is this so amazing? Because he literally only had a 15 percent chance of survival. Well, today, he wants to help others do the same. Bishop Harry Jackson: You’ve got hundreds of thousands, I believe, people who will die or lose limbs or have major repercussions because they just can’t get help. KRISTI WATTS: You’ll see Jackson’s fight when we return. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * SPOT 1: CURVES Announcer: So you finally decided that it’s the right time for you to lose weight. That’s great. And maybe you’re considering going to Weight Watchers. Woman: Weight Watchers? Woman: Oh, no, girl. Woman: You’re going to try something new. Woman: I am? Woman: We’re clear. Go, go, go, go, go! Announcer: Introducing the new Curves 30-day diet plan. It’s clinically proven and a brand new way to lose weight and keep it off, without counting points forever. There are diet classes every month, which are free to everyone. No membership required. Curves’ exclusive 30-day diet is designed to help you retrain and sustain your metabolism. That way you can reach your goal weight and stay there. Want to get started? Woman: Let’s try something else. Announcer: Learn a whole new way to take off the weight. Call your local Curves club about the 30-day diet plan and find out when you can try a class near you, free. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * NEXT DAY PROMO GRAPHIC: NUCLEAR IRAN LEE WEBB: Tomorrow. Iran may be pushing the world to the brink of nuclear war. Find out how people inside the country are trying to stop it. * * * GRAPHIC: EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCE LEE WEBB: Plus, one college girl’s campus nightmare. Woman: I honestly thought my life was over. LEE WEBB: What they didn’t teach her in school and why it saved her life. Woman: Every time I say that, I feel it all over again. LEE WEBB: Tomorrow on The 700 Club. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * PAT ROBERTSON: One criticism of the government, and there are many, many, many, but the government-run insurance plan, is Americans won’t get the care they need fast enough, and they will get stuck in red tape. Well, Jennifer Wishon recently sat down with one man who now knows how important it is to time when you get sick. FOCUS: BISHOP JACKSON’S CANCER STORY JENNIFER WISHON: He is an outspoken opponent of President Obama’s health care plan. Bishop Harry Jackson (TheHopeConnection.org): I believe that this particular health care plan, as it stands now, is absolutely patently ungodly and evil. JENNIFER WISHON: But what you may not know is Bishop Harry Jackson speaks from experience. About four years ago, he knew something wasn’t right with his health and knew he was in trouble when his doctor had a tough time looking him in the eye. Bishop Harry Jackson: He simply said, “You have cancer.” And the look on his face said it all. JENNIFER WISHON: Stage three esophageal cancer. He was given a 15 percent chance of survival. Michele Jackson (Bishop Jackson’s Wife): And it was just one harebrained experience after another. JENNIFER WISHON: His wife Michele by his side, Jackson went straight to Johns Hopkins University. It wasn’t the avenue he normally would take, but he needed aggressive treatment fast. A full team of doctors got to work. They installed a feeding tube, strapped a chemo pack to his hip and made appointments for daily radiation treatments. About half way through the agonizing ordeal, Jackson's insurance company declared his treatments “experimental” and sent the family a bill. Michele Jackson: And the numbers were very large, 100,000 dollars, and he hadn't had surgery yet. JENNIFER WISHON: Then, more problems. Bishop Harry Jackson: I had a mini-stroke within three months of the beginning of the process, being my whole right side was paralyzed at a particular moment of time. I had a blood clot break off from my leg. I almost died from that. JENNIFER WISHON: In the end, Jackson's insurance paid for his treatments. But if his treatment had been delayed and he had been mired down in bureaucratic muck, he says there is no question about it, he’d be dead. And he says that’s the state lots of people will find themselves in under government-run healthcare. Bishop Harry Jackson: You’ve got hundreds of thousands, I believe, of people who are teetering in a place where they will die or lose limbs or have major repercussions because they just can't get help. JENNIFER WISHON: But the Obama Administration says that is the problem they are trying to fix. Linda Douglass (White House Office of Health): In addition to the multimillions of Americans who just simply can’t afford to get coverage or whose employers don’t offer coverage. JENNIFER WISHON: Instead, she says patients are held hostage by what insurance companies decide to cover. But Bishop Jackson fears current health care legislation will create a kind of “reverse classism.” Bishop Harry Jackson: In other words, I'm going to lower the treatment for all people and kill some, and it is almost as though the life of the poorest guy is worth more than the life of the richer guy. Michele Jackson: We should not play God. JENNIFER WISHON: Supporters of the bill say it is important to provide an option for the 12.5 million Americans the administration says are denied coverage altogether because of pre-existing conditions. Linda Douglass: There is rampant rationing in our insurance system today. Most people right now do not get to have everything that they want to do covered by the health insurance system. JENNIFER WISHON: But if you look back at the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Bishop Jackson says there you’ll see where government often fails, and private, often faith-based organizations fill the void. Meanwhile, he and his wife have a renewed appreciation for the care they received and the time they have together. Michele Jackson: It was just, can I say it, just a nightmare. But I'm just so thankful to God it's over. He's cancer free. JENNIFER WISHON: A 15 percent chance at life they were able to capture thanks to fast, efficient health care. Jennifer Wishon, CBN News, Washington. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * PAT ROBERTSON: Extraordinary story, a wonderful man. But he went to Johns Hopkins, top of the line school, top of the line medical facility, and got top of the line care. Very few people can do that. KRISTI WATTS: Yes. Yes. You see his story, and it really is scary, Pat, just to think that those options, those choices, could potentially be taken away. PAT ROBERTSON: If we really wanted to fix this stuff, we’d go back on the other side of the disease and figure out what’s causing all this cancer? When I was a kid, everybody didn’t have cancer. It was something you didn’t even speak about. “Oh, she’s got cancer.” That sort of thing. But now it’s so widespread. Why? All these pollutants we’re putting into the water, all the pollutants in the air, all the carcinogenic material out there. Oh, well, don’t get me started. But it’s now Skinny Wednesday, and we’ve got some good stuff for you. What have you got? KRISTI WATTS: Yes. And you know what’s so cool, Pat, is in Skinny Wednesday, or Healthy Wednesday, we answer some of the questions and some of the concerns you’re talking about. It’s not about being skinny. Well, anyway, we are ready to Bring It On with your e-mail questions on health and fitness. Elizabeth writes, “What can I do to boost my immune system?” KRISTI WATTS: Well, Elizabeth, if you stay tuned, we’re going to answer that question and so much more. So, please, we’re asking you, don’t go away. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * SPOT 2: GOLDLINE DIVERSIFY Jay Johnson (Former Director US Mint): All you have to do is read a newspaper or watch TV to know that millions of us have seen our investments and our nest eggs lose value in these tough economic times. And no one knows how long this will last. Hi, I’m Jay Johnson, former director of the US Mint. I supervised our nation’s gold supply, including Fort Knox. Let’s look at three popular investment choices: stocks, real estate and gold. Stocks have declined. Housing has crashed. Yet, gold has tripled in value since 2001. Some experts, like me, believe gold may reach new record highs due to inflation and the falling dollar. Gold is a safe haven asset that has never dropped to zero. Make gold part of your portfolio. Call Goldline now, a company with nearly half a billion dollars in annual sales. Goldline has been helping investors acquire gold for nearly 50 years. Call Goldline now. Ask for your free investor’s kit and learn why gold should be a part of your portfolio. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * KRISTI WATTS: Okay, so if you need to lose weight, but you really don’t know where to start, well, we’re about to show you a story that will inspire you, I promise. At 350 pounds, Nick Cerda was too big to ride a roller coaster, exercise or even play with his kids. But in just one year, can you believe it, Nick lost 150 pounds. And here’s how he did it. Take a look. NICK CERDA Nick Cerda: I took a group of kids, students, to an amusement park. And we’re there on the roller coaster, and we’re getting strapped in. And there’s something that’s keeping us from taking off on this rollercoaster. And the guys at the control booth are trying to figure it out, and they’re kind of talking back and forth. And I have no idea what’s going on. And after some time goes on, they walk up to me, and they tell me that I am too big to ride on this ride, and the safety constraint couldn’t come down far enough. That was just devastating, very embarrassing to me. ANDREW KNOX: At 350 pounds, riding roller coasters wasn’t the only thing Nick Cerda couldn’t do. Nick Cerda: I couldn’t run at all without being out of breath. And I couldn’t play with our child, our son at the time. I would play with him, but I always was tired. And since I had a weight problem my whole adult life, I just assumed that was life. ANDREW KNOX: If fatigue wasn’t a big enough clue that Nick needed to take off the weight, his body size should have been. But it wasn’t. Nick Cerda: Every time I saw pictures of myself or saw my reflection, there was something inside me that didn’t like what it saw, but not enough that it bothered me to do something about it. I found food as a source of feeling good. And if I got stressed out, even as a kid, I would turn to food for comfort. ANDREW KNOX: Then Nick got a wake up call. He had hurt his wrist and went to see a doctor. The doctor told him his wrist wasn’t the problem. Nick Cerda: Rather than diagnosing my wrist problem, she just looked at me and said, “You’re overweight to the point that it’s dangerous.” Then that conversation showed me how far I had let the problem go. ANDREW KNOX: Nick decided it was time to do something. His wife, Heather, suggested that the entire family develop healthier eating habits. They began eating whole grains and lean proteins. It was just what Nick needed to jump start his new endeavor. Little by little, the weight came off. Nick Cerda: My first goal was to get down under 300. And I just told myself, “That would be a starting goal, to get down to 300.” Then as I crept closer to 300, then I was like, “Well, how about 250?” ANDREW KNOX: He also began to exercise. Nick Cerda: And it was as simple as just walking. I would stick on shoes and clothes and just go for a walk. I would set a goal. I’d complete the goal. And right as I was about to complete that goal, I would set a new goal. And constantly setting those smaller goals got me here. ANDREW KNOX: He says God helped him stick to his plan. Nick Cerda: One thing that really motivated me, particularly as I would stall sometimes in the pounds dropping off—they weren’t coming off as quickly. I didn’t want to get up and go to the gym—was just knowing my identity in Jesus Christ. And it says in the scriptures, “God has called you, and He is faithful, and He will do it.” ANDREW KNOX: As the weight came off, Nick began to make other goals for himself, like running a 5K race. Nick Cerda: It was painful. It wasn’t a real enjoyable process. ANDREW KNOX: He kept at it and now runs 25 to 30 miles a week. More importantly, he now weighs only 199 pounds. That’s over 150 pounds of weight loss Nick Cerda: So I feel just empowered now to even speak greater about discipline. And it is a spiritual issue with food. Food is not our crutch. Food is not our comfort. That's God’s alone. That's God's place. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * KRISTI WATTS: I absolutely love this story, and I love it for this one reason. You see, even with Skinny Wednesday, this isn’t a food issue. It’s not even an exercise issue. It really is a trust issue. Do you trust that you can give everything to the Lord? Because a lot of times, Pat, what we do is we use food for comfort. We use food for solace, when in actuality we’ve got to give all that burden, cast all of our cares unto the Lord and trust in Him. And I’m so proud of Nick. You go, boy. PAT ROBERTSON: Isn’t he great? KRISTI WATTS: Yes! PAT ROBERTSON: What a testimony. KRISTI WATTS: Hey, you want to hear something cool? PAT ROBERTSON: Sure. What? KRISTI WATTS: All right, so, what, about a year or so ago he weighed 350 pounds. This coming October, I think it’s October 25th, we’re going to be cheering you on, Nick. He’s going to run a marathon, a full 26.2 mile marathon. PAT ROBERTSON: Oh, stop it. Really? KRISTI WATTS: Yes. In fact, it is the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC. PAT ROBERTSON: Oh, that’s great. KRISTI WATTS: How cool is that? PAT ROBERTSON: But he’s done it in a year. KRISTI WATTS: I think he did it, yes, lost a lot of that weight in one year. God is good. Trust in Him, man. That is the key. PAT ROBERTSON: Okay. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * BRING IT ON PAT ROBERTSON: Well, we’ve got some e-mail, right? KRISTI WATTS: Yes. You ready to rock it. PAT ROBERTSON: I’ll let you know. KRISTI WATTS: Many of you have been wonderful enough to either log on to CBN.com and e-mail in your questions, so Pat and I are going to jump right in and answer those for you. Elizabeth writes in and says, “This past spring I developed a bad virus that lasted for 30 days. The doctors said that I had to let it run its course. How can I boost my immune system?” PAT ROBERTSON: Well, Elizabeth, the immune system is built by strength of internal components. The greatest building block that you can have is protein. Lean chicken, boiled chicken, roasted chicken, some kind of chicken. Not fried, but something like that. Fish, chicken, fish, that kind of thing, that kind of protein. Then the other thing, the experts say do a lot of lemon, lemon juice, because you have the acidic part and the alkaline part in your body, and you’ve got to get them in balance, so that it helps. If you say, “I want to boost my immune system,” the best way to do it is the way God made the world: fruits, vegetables, green, leafy vegetables, colored fruit like raspberries, blueberries, that kind of thing. They have a lot of phytochemicals in them. And you have a diet with that, and you cut out sugar, processed sugar. You cut out soft drinks. You cut out caffeine. You cut out smoking. Cut out most everything. KRISTI WATTS: You cut out the bad stuff, but it’s good stuff. And you were talking about the berries, which have wonderful antioxidants. PAT ROBERTSON: Antioxidants. KRISTI WATTS: Antioxidants. PAT ROBERTSON: And also, get some sleep. A lot of people, hey, if you’re driving yourself, you go to bed at one o’clock in the morning and you wake up at five or six, it’s like an old sick horse. You’re beating him to try to get him to get up and pull the wagon. He can’t do it. So you’re flogging your body. And don’t do that. KRISTI WATTS: Exactly, Pat. PAT ROBERTSON: All right. What else? KRISTI WATTS: That’s why I love sleep. Lani writes in and says, “I’ve heard that frozen vegetables can be as healthy as fresh. Is that true for frozen fish, too?” PAT ROBERTSON: Well, especially for frozen fish, because a lot of these fishermen, they take fish right out of the ocean and flash freeze. I was going to say fast flash flash. KRISTI WATTS: I know. Try to say that three times. Fast flash flash. PAT ROBERTSON: It is flash free, but it’s fast free. And you get freezing right there on the boat, and it’s packaged frozen out to the shelves. That stuff is good. Now, if you look at fish that’s got all kinds of little crystals in it, that shows that the thing melted once upon a time and got refrozen. And it isn’t necessarily going to make you sick, but it’s not going to make you as pleased. The other has got a much better taste to it. Yes, it is better that way. No question. KRISTI WATTS: And you know what I learned, too, Pat? PAT ROBERTSON: What’s that? KRISTI WATTS: When you go to a store and you go to buy, you think you’re buying fresh fish as though they just cut it up. It was frozen, then they thawed it out. And so you’re going to take it home and put it in the freezer like I tend to do. Here, you know what else I learned recently? PAT ROBERTSON: What did you learn? KRISTI WATTS: Salmon. Love it. I didn’t realize that real salmon really isn’t pink. It’s not pink pink. And so they actually either put dye in it or they put something else to make salmon pink. Did you know that, Pat? PAT ROBERTSON: No. KRISTI WATTS: I’m a plethora of knowledge. If you stick with me, I will help you out. PAT ROBERTSON: You’re the most plethora. I have never seen such a plethora. But actually, the farm fed salmon has probably got fewer of these noxious chemicals than the gamey stuff. And it’s called stuff like North Atlantic salmon. There’s no North Atlantic salmon. It’s raised in a big pond down in Chesapeake. KRISTI WATTS: I know, right. Right in Virginia. PAT ROBERTSON: All right. What’s next? KRISTI WATTS: All right, we have time for one more, I think. “Pat, is it okay to give my kids chocolate milk? I’ve tried to get them to stick with white milk, but they always prefer chocolate. Now that’s the only way that they will drink milk. Is drinking chocolate milk better than no milk at all?” PAT ROBERTSON: I’m a great fan of chocolate. And I tell you, the best chocolate is dark chocolate, the dark, dark chocolate. The milk chocolate is not as good. But yes, a spoonful of chocolate to help your child drink milk—they need calcium. They need, at a very early age, they need about 300 milligrams a day. As they get a little bit older, that might go up close to 1,000 milligrams a day. And they need calcium to growing bones and teeth and all the other stuff that’s there. And if it takes a little chocolate to make them drink it, by all means, let them have the chocolate. It’s not going to hurt them. KRISTI WATTS: That’s what I say. But real quick, so when you were in the hospital, I was thinking about sending you some dark chocolate. But then I thought, well, he’s in there. Will he really eat the chocolate? So I ate it instead. PAT ROBERTSON: You did it for me? KRISTI WATTS: I was trying to save you from . . . . PAT ROBERTSON: I am so touched. KRISTI WATTS: So there’s an empty box of chocolate that I owe you. PAT ROBERTSON: Kristi was sacrificing for me, eating that dark chocolate. “I’m eating it in his honor.” Okay. I tell you, I had no appetite those first few days in that hospital. And my daughter, God bless her, kept pushing stuff on me. And I said, “Get away. I don’t want it.” So she finally said, “Well, you’ve got to have a smoothie. These fruit smoothies are so wonderful.” KRISTI WATTS: Did you drink it? PAT ROBERTSON: Half. KRISTI WATTS: Okay, that’s good. PAT ROBERTSON: And . . . . . KRISTI WATTS: And? PAT ROBERTSON: That’s not the end of the story. KRISTI WATTS: Okay. PAT ROBERTSON: And what went in went out . . . . KRISTI WATTS: I don’t want to know. I don’t want to know, Pat. PAT ROBERTSON: . . . . all over the bed. Those nurses . . . . . KRISTI WATTS: That’s really gross. PAT ROBERTSON: . . . . in the hospital are such forgiving souls. It’s just a constant mess. They’re just picking up mess and washing it. KRISTI WATTS: On that note—I don’t want to hear about your throw up. Okay, there’s copy for you. PAT ROBERTSON: Well, you asked me if I drank the smoothie. I did, and it made me sick at my stomach. KRISTI WATTS: Okay, thanks for sharing. PAT ROBERTSON: You shared your pain. I wanted to share my pain. KRISTI WATTS: Okay. PAT ROBERTSON: All right. Well, on their wedding day, Rick and Geraldine got more than they bargained for. Oh, dear me. They combined two sets of bills, two debt loads and two bad credit ratings. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * RICK AND GERALDINE EADS Geraldine Eads: He is my best friend, and I am his best friend. MICHELLE WILSON: Rick and Geraldine both entered their marriage in 1996 from divorce. They started their new life together struggling to make ends meet. Rick Eads: When you enter a new marriage, there’s new bills, new financial burdens that you overtake and that overtakes you. MICHELLE WILSON: The Eads wanted a place to call home. Unfortunately, they couldn’t qualify for a loan. Rick Eads: It’s very devastating. It’s hard, especially for a man, because you’ve got to be the provider. That’s when it really gets hard. That’s when it really gets emotional, when you lay there at night, and you think, “How in the world am I going to do this on my own?” MICHELLE WILSON: The Eads hit rock bottom financially. That’s when Rick and Geraldine learned about tithing on The 700 Club. PAT ROBERTSON: When you give, something happens. MICHELLE WILSON: He put the biblical principles they learned into action by joining The 700 Club. Rick Eads: You have to change the way you think. Instead of you’re giving it away, you’re giving back to God what is God’s. And I’d rather have 90 dollars with God than have 100 without God. Geraldine Eads: Once we started actually tithing, even though it was a small amount, we started tithing, we began to see God stretch our money. MICHELLE WILSON: Rick began believing God for big things. Rick Eads: I’ve always had a desire to have five acres of ground and a long driveway. That was the desire God put in my heart. MICHELLE WILSON: Rick found five acres and a fixer upper. Three weeks later, they closed with only 176 dollars out of their pockets. Geraldine Eads: It is so humbling to know that God done what we could not do, and He blessed us beyond measures. MICHELLE WILSON: The Eads now owned a home on their new land, but they needed just one more thing: a driveway to the house. Geraldine Eads: It was in a sage field. All you could see was sage grass. It was sage grass, and it kind of looked like a wagon road coming up to the house. MICHELLE WILSON: Shortly after the Eads moved in, a logging company approached them offering to clear their land and build a road in front of their house for free. Geraldine Eads: They come in with bulldozers. You’ve never seen so much commotion around here for three months; but clearing, building roads. MICHELLE WILSON: The Eads settled into their new home with its long driveway. Today they’re grateful for what God taught them about tithing. Rick Eads: Tithing is the biggest tool that we have to use that we can call down the power of God, because you know that He’s there. Because if you’re not tithing, it’s hard for God to bless you. He will always bless you if you’re tithing. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * PAT ROBERTSON: He will always bless you. Without question, God is a good God. And as our good friend was saying, God is good all the time. He’s good all the time. GRAPHIC: 1-800-759-0700 CBN.COM And He will bless you all the time. Let me say something before we get on with some news. “Power for Life,” we’re going to give you these every single month when you join Pledge Express. That blesses us, blesses you. And it’s so easy. It saves money, because you just tell your bank, “Send this in every month.” GRAPHIC: FREE WITH PLEDGE EXPRESS 1-800-759-0700 CBN.COM And we’ll send this as our gift to you, because we save money with what you do. So that’s good. And before long, we have a basketball player who was a star, and he got on the wrong side of everything. And Gordon is going to tell us about that in a while. KRISTI WATTS: Absolutely, Pat. Absolutely. Well, still ahead, the story that Pat was talking about, Carolyn went to visit her husband at work because she wanted to surprise him. But she was actually the one who was in for a surprise. Carolyn Rieser: That’s when I walked into a conversation that I knew was an intimate conversation over the phone. At that moment everything, that I thought our marriage was, was revealed to me, that it was a sham. KRISTI WATTS: See how a moment that almost destroyed their marriage ultimately brought them closer together. That’s later on, on The 700 Club. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * SPOT 3A: 7 DAYS ABLAZE TERRY MEEUWSEN: During the autumn each year, the entire staff of CBN sets aside a special week of prayer. Each day we pray for you and your family. We care about you and the things you need in your life right now. Whether it’s large or small, we want to pray with you. We believe in a miracle-working God who answers prayer, and we want to see the Lord accomplish miracles in your life. Please mail your prayer request today. It’s our privilege to pray for you. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * SPOT 3B: ALERT USA Dr. Joyce Brothers: Hi, I’m Dr. Joyce Brothers. Those of us who are independent and live alone shouldn’t do so without having emergency protection. And for reliability and peace of mind, I recommend Alert USA. Announcer: With Alert USA, if you ever need assistance, just press your pendant to be connected to an operator who can summon help to your home 24 hours a day. Dr. Joyce Brothers: I’ve been giving advice for many years, and I believe Alert USA provides the best emergency support and value for your dollar. Call now for a free brochure. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * OBAMA CHAIRS UN LEE WEBB: Welcome back to The 700 Club. Barack Obama will soon be the first American President to chair the United Nations Security Council. The US currently holds the month-long rotating presidency for the group of 15 nations. The Financial Times reports Obama will preside over a summit at the end of the month on nuclear weapons disarmament. The President will address the general assembly on the same day as Libya’s leader Muammar Gaddafi. BIBLE GUIDELINES IN TEXAS LEE WEBB: Some Texas school districts are scrambling to interpret a state law requiring public schools to teach Bible literacy. The law was passed in 2007 and is set to take effect this school year. The Texas attorney general says the law does not require schools to offer an official Bible course, but they can offer it as an elective. Another option is to incorporate the Bible into English and social studies classes. Schools are only required to find some way to use the Bible in classes. You can always get the latest from CBN News by going to our web site at CBN.com. GRAPHIC: FOR MORE INFORMATION LOG ON TO CBN.COM Gordon and Kristi will have more of The 700 Club after this. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * SPOT 4A: SWISS AMERICA Pat Boone: The best investment of the new millennium: gold. Waves of change can destroy financial castles built on sand. But true wealth is built on a solid foundation of gold. Today’s economic crises have caused many to look to government for financial solutions, but experts warn that borrowing trillions will result in higher inflation and less money in your pocket. Gold offers protection, liquidity and growth. Rebuild your financial peace of mind starting with a golden foundation. Swiss America has provided millions of Americans with the best educational resources in print, online and now on television. Take a moment to request a free rare opportunity booklet, CD and DVD. Call the number below or visit online. Until next time, this is Pat Boone for Swiss America saying don’t wait to buy gold. Buy gold and wait. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * SPOT 4B: AMMED DIRECT Nicole Johnson: Hi, I’m Nicole Johnson, Miss America 1999. I’ve had diabetes since 1993, and I hate boring food. Don’t you? Well, I got these three free cookbooks with fantastic tasting recipes for people with diabetes. If you have diabetes and have Medicare or qualified insurance, you can get these cookbooks free. Announcer: Call now to qualify for not one, not two, but three free cookbooks. Call 1-800-746-6449. Nicole Johnson: You’ll love this rich, chocolate cake. It makes my mouth water. Plus, oven fried chicken and nachos. Yum! You’ll also get this free meal planning guide and this free diabetes magazine. So call now for your free Better Care kit with three free cookbooks. Announcer: To qualify, call 1-800-746-6449. That’s 1-800-746-6449. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * GORDON ROBERTSON: Bill Rieser could have been a basketball legend. He had the talent, and he had the desire. But there is a reason why Bill didn’t become a superstar. He traded it all for something more. BILL RIESER WILL DAWSON: Bill Rieser was born and raised in the rough streets of Harlem, New York in the 1960s. His dad left when he was one year old. When he was 12, he became a victim of violence. Bill Rieser: I walked into the hallway and a grown-up guy met me there at knifepoint. And this was a guy that did some work for the mob, and he pinned me in a corner at knifepoint. And I was helpless, and he sexually attacked me. And I had to live with that, and there was nothing I could do. I couldn’t tell anyone about it for the fear of what may happen to me or my family. WILL DAWSON: Bill began abusing drugs and alcohol. Bill Rieser: And I resorted to that to manage the pain that I had in my life, the pain from the abuse, the pain from getting picked on, the pain from not having a father. That’s how I managed the pain in my life. WILL DAWSON: In his teens, Bill realized he had his ticket out of Harlem. He could play basketball. Bill Rieser: I had a 44-inch vertical leap, which means I could dunk a basketball any way you wanted. And that was my ticket. I was going to definitely play in the NBA. Everybody knew that I was destined for the NBA. That was going to be my claim to fame. And nothing was going to get in my way. WILL DAWSON: After high school, he played basketball at Eastern Kentucky University, but his drug use and attitude problems got in the way. Bill Rieser: I didn’t like my head coach. He didn’t like me. And I was out partying all the time. My goal was to get as high or drunk every night and to come home and sleep with a new girl every night. And nothing else and nobody else was as important as I was. WILL DAWSON: Injuries on and off the court affected his ability to play. Before long, his dream of reaching the NBA faded. Bill Rieser: It just killed me. My basketball hopes and career in a matter of two years at Eastern Kentucky University just sunk very, very fast. WILL DAWSON: He married Carolyn, a girl he met at college. They moved to New York and started a family. He didn’t pick up a basketball for three years. Bill Rieser: That’s how much it just decimated me to know my career was over, but I picked up a ball. And two weeks after I picked up that basketball, I’m playing in all the pro tournaments in New York City again. And I’m starting to make a comeback, and I’m actually playing pretty good. And I started developing that reputation again. Bill Rieser is back. DEBBIE WHITE: But once again injuries took their toll. Bill Rieser: I hurt my back, and I hurt my shoulder. And my doctors told me I could never play basketball ever again, and that just destroyed me. Because now for the first time, not in college, but now, I realized that my basketball career was over. And I became miserable. And I just resorted to more drinking, more drugging. I started hanging around with one female, and that led to an affair, which led to affairs with other women. And my whole life is now spinning out of control. WILL DAWSON: They moved back to Kentucky. Carolyn started going to church and rededicated her life to Christ. Bill continued his double life. Bill Rieser: Moving to Kentucky only meant new people to get drunk with, new people to get high with, and new ladies to have affairs with. WILL DAWSON: One night Carolyn stopped by Bill’s office and overheard him on a phone call. Carolyn Rieser: I went up to his office to surprise him, and that’s when I walked into a conversation that I knew was an intimate conversation over the phone. It was crushing. I remember just sinking to the floor thinking, “What is going on?” At that moment everything, that I thought our marriage was, was revealed to me, that it was a sham. Bill Rieser: When she confronted me about it, I told her about everything else. I told her about the things she didn’t know. And I just needed to get it out. For three weeks, we couldn’t have a coherent conversation. My marriage was over. Divorce was the only option. And it was the lowest point in my life. WILL DAWSON: Before they met to discuss the terms of their divorce, Carolyn prayed for God to fill her with peace. Carolyn Rieser: The Holy Spirit just overtook me and took that burden away from me. I can’t explain it other than I know that it was God. Bill Rieser: When she started to speak, I knew that it was God speaking to me. She said, “Bill, God would never give up on you, and I’m not going to give up on you.” She said, “God can forgive you for anything that you’ve ever done.” And then she said this, “And so can I. I don’t know if I can ever forget the things that you’ve done, but I’m willing to give it a try if you’re willing to give your life to Jesus Christ.” Now, at that moment, I knew that was God calling me home. I realized for the first time in my life that God loved me despite me. And all He wanted was a personal relationship with me, and I made a decision that night to give my life to Jesus Christ. And from that night moving forward, God has changed everything. WILL DAWSON: Bill and Carolyn surrounded themselves with other Christians and devoted themselves to prayer. Carolyn Rieser: The biggest gift is that God redeemed us. He gave us an opportunity, and Bill said yes to God, and in doing so he said yes to us. Bill Rieser: As we devoted ourselves to prayer every day, God drew us closer to Him and then closer to one another. That has made a huge difference in our lives. WILL DAWSON: God freed Bill from his past, even prompting Bill to forgive the man who attacked him so many years ago. Bill Rieser: When I chose to do what God wanted me to do, God took care of my emotion. God took care of my feelings, and God took care of my circumstances. And God healed all of that. And I was set free that night, and that was one of the best nights that I’ve ever had. God made me into a new person. He forgave me. He gave Himself for me. He lives in me. He changed the way I thought. He’s changing the way I think today. He’s transforming me by the renewing of my mind. He’s still doing that. He’s still chiseling away, and He’s changing me into who He is day by day, moment by moment. And that’s the greatest miracle of all. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * GORDON MINISTERS SALVATION GORDON ROBERTSON: It is the greatest miracle of all, the miracle of a transformed life, the miracle of the rebirth, the regeneration from your innermost being. As Jesus said to Nicodemus, “Unless you’re born again, you cannot see the Kingdom of God,” the dominion of God, where God’s will is being done in your life, where He is transforming you into the image of His Son, into the image of Jesus Christ. If this seems far off to you, if this seems strange to you, well, I’ve got good news for you. You can taste this. You can have this. You can have a relationship with your Creator. And the amazing thing is Jesus came to not just show us God, but to show us what we can be, what we can do if we only allow God to come and have dominion, have His will in our lives. We can be like Him. You don’t have to be addicted to alcohol. You don’t have to be addicted to things. You don’t have to run around. You don’t have to cheat. You don’t have to lie. You can be free. You can live a transparent life. You can have joy. You can have fellowship. You can have a whole level of intimacy you never even thought was possible. All of that can be yours. All of that can be yours if you just do what Bill did and respond to the call. “Bill, come home.” How about you? Can you come home? And realize that home is where your Creator is. Home is with Him. You were uniquely created to be in fellowship with Him. And He has carefully crafted good works for you to walk into. And all you have to do is open the door and say, “Yes, yes, yes.” There is no sin that you have committed that can’t be forgiven, can’t be washed clean. So if this is for you, if this is what you want, bow your head. Pray a very simple prayer. And what Jesus has done for others, He will do for you. Pray with me. “Lord Jesus.” That’s right. Say it out loud. “Lord Jesus, I come to you today, and Jesus, I want to be made new. I want to be made into your image. I want to be like you. So come into my heart. Make me new. Forgive me of all the things that I’ve done wrong. And Jesus, I want to follow you. I want to be remade. I want to be made in your image again. So hear my prayer. Come into my heart, for I ask it in Jesus’ name.” Father, for those who just prayed, I pray a baptism in your love. Let your forgiveness flow through them now. Be in them. Let them know that their prayer has been heard and answered today, for we ask it in Jesus’ name. Amen. If you just prayed with me, the Bible says that if you’ll confess Jesus before men, He’ll confess you before the Father. GRAPHIC: 1-800-759-0700 CBN.COM So what I want you to do is make a toll free call: 1-800-759-0700. All you have to do is say, “I prayed with that guy on TV. I just want to confess I made Jesus Lord of my life. I asked Him into my heart.” When you call, we’ve got a free packet for you. It’s called “A New Day.” GRAPHIC: OUR GIFT TO YOU 1-800-759-0700 CBN.COM And yes, you’ve just started a new day. In there is a CD teaching on how to live the Christian life. There is also a packet of Bible verses for you. We encourage you to get a copy of the Bible. Start with the Gospel of John. We also encourage you to join a local church. But it all starts with that phone call and that confession. Make it today. Do it right now: 1-800-759-0700. Kristi, over to you. KRISTI WATTS: Thanks, Gordon. Well, up next, a fireman hit the ice for a game of hockey, and something else hit him. Man: A player came up underneath my stick and kind of pulled my arm up. When I went back to the bench to pick up the water bottle, I couldn’t pick it up. KRISTI WATTS: Find out why he refused to see a doctor and where he went for help instead. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * SPOT 5: CURVES Announcer: So you finally decided that it’s the right time for you to lose weight. That’s great. And maybe you’re considering going to Weight Watchers. Woman: Weight Watchers? Woman: Oh, no, girl. Woman: You’re going to try something new. Woman: I am? Woman: We’re clear. Go, go, go, go, go! Announcer: Introducing the new Curves 30-day diet plan. It’s clinically proven and a brand new way to lose weight and keep it off, without counting points forever. There are diet classes every month, which are free to everyone. No membership required. Curves’ exclusive 30-day diet is designed to help you retrain and sustain your metabolism. That way you can reach your goal weight and stay there. Want to get started? Woman: Let’s try something else. Announcer: Learn a whole new way to take off the weight. Call your local Curves club about the 30-day diet plan and find out when you can try a class near you, free. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * KRISTI WATTS: Well, for Mike Baker, ice hockey was a great way to burn off stress and get a good workout as well, until one day a collision with another player actually threatened to keep him off the ice for good. MICHAEL BAKER Michael Baker: I played on a fire department hockey team, and one of the benefit games we were playing, a player came up underneath my stick and kind of pulled my arm up, my right shoulder. But when I went back to the bench to pick up the water bottle I couldn’t pick it up. At that point I thought it was a pulled muscle and given some time it was going to heal itself. Michael’s Wife: He came home from that game, and I could tell he was in pain. I also did ask him a couple times, “Do you want me to take you to the emergency room?” And he kept saying no. But I was getting a little nervous because of our family vacation that was coming up, and I knew he wanted to play golf with our son and son-in-law. It was the day before we went away we heard the word from Terry Meeuwsen. Michael Baker: It was our normal watching The 700 Club, and we were sitting there. My wife was around the corner, and Terry gave a word for a rotator cuff was being healed. TERRY MEEUWSEN: You have a torn rotator cuff. It’s a deep, burning feeling in your shoulder, and God is healing that for you. Just put your hands up and receive it right now. Michael’s Wife: I looked at him, and I said, “That’s you.” Michael Baker: So I just claimed it and said, “Yes, Lord, I’m healed!” Michael’s Wife: The next day as we were packing the bags and he was carrying the luggage and all the stuff out to the car, and unpacking once we got to our vacation and carrying our grandson, I could tell. He was not cringing with that look on his face anymore and the pain that he had. Michael Baker: I just give God all the glory. Call upon Him, and He will heal you. I’m back to playing hockey, and I haven’t had any problem since. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * HOSTS PRAY FOR NEEDS KRISTI WATTS: I love the Lord, because there is absolutely nothing that He cannot do for you. In fact, we want to encourage you right now with other individuals who have been blessed by the Lord, Gordon. GORDON ROBERTSON: Here is Sheila of Pennsylvania. She had terrible eczema on both of her hands. The condition would cause her skin to itch and crack. She tried a bunch of medication. Nothing worked. Her doctor even told her, “There is really nothing you can do.” Well, one day she was watching The 700 Club. Kristi, you had a word about someone with a skin condition that itched badly. She claimed it for herself. The very next day when she looked at her hands, they were completely clear. She hasn’t had any problems. That’s a miracle, and that can happen to you. That can happen to you. All you have to do is believe. So right now, in an act of faith, lay your hand on that area of the body that needs healing. If you’ve got shoulder problems, rotator cuff problems, lay your hand up there. Let’s believe God for what can happen. If you’ve got a skin condition, let’s believe God. If you need anything, Jesus is the answer to every human need. So let’s pray. You agree with us. Let’s let God do all the work. “Lord God, we just lift the needs of the audience to you right now. And as people are laying hands, we just come into agreement with them. Kristi and I are in agreement. We’re in agreement with them touching that right now, in Jesus’ name. Be healed.” There is a man. Your name is Tom. You’ve got a cracked left kneecap, and God is healing that right now. That pain just left in Jesus’ name. You are healed. KRISTI WATTS: There is a person with your eye, you have a scratch on your eye. And you’ve been just praying and praying because it hurts so badly. Every time you blink it hurts. Well, right now in the name of Jesus, the Lord is healing that. There is another person with, it’s like a rash behind your ear. And that’s also very scaly and itchy. The Lord is healing that right now in the mighty name of Jesus. GORDON ROBERTSON: There’s a man with a cataract forming on your right eye. God is going to clear that up for you now, in Jesus’ name. Be healed and be made whole. If you’ve been touched by God, we want to share in your good report, so call us: 1-800-759-0700. GRAPHIC: 1-800-759-0700 CBN.COM You can also log in to CBN.com. We want to pray for you. It’s our honor to pray for you. We leave you with these words from I John 4, . . . . GRAPHIC: I John 4:16 “God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in him.” (NIV) . . . . “God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in him.” God bless you. We’ll see you tomorrow. GRAPHIC: COPYRIGHT 2009 CHRISTIAN BROADCASTING NETWORK * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * END SPOT: YOU WERE THERE TERRY MEEUWSEN: I have the privilege of traveling all over the world and seeing firsthand the life changing things you make possible through your partnership. Thank you for joining The 700 Club. Here in India, you’re demonstrating the love of God to such wonderful people, most of who are in great need, both physically and spiritually. You’re bringing hope and joy to millions around the world, just like you did for Akhtar and Rasheed. They were abandoned by their father, left to hunt for food and sleep on the streets. You gave them a wonderful new home and a bright, happy future. Your monthly gift makes it possible to heal the sick, feed the hungry and preach the Gospel, both at home in America and throughout the world. So please watch for this mailing and send in your pledge. Imagine lifting someone’s life out of despair and filling it with hope instead. That’s what you make possible every day, and it only happens because you were there.


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