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Angela Coffman: Frugality With a Purpose

CBN.com The majority of Americans are struggling financially and wish they had more money each month. Debt is an epidemic of major proportions in our society.

Angela Coffman’s e-book, The Grocery Shrink, isn’t about how to get totally out of debt, but it will help you free large amounts of money in your budget which you can use to get rid of your debt.

 The Coffman family was no stranger to the debt snowball. They had nearly $89,000 in debt and it wasn’t until discovering Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Make-over and the principles he outlines in his teachings on how to live debt free that they were able to really get their debt under control.

“I’ve always felt like a frugal person,” says Angela, “but when we came across Dave Ramsey’s principles of debt free living in 2004, I knew something had to change in the way I handled money.”

Angela was raised in a frugal household. Her mother stayed at home. They always had enough money because her mother was frugal and always knew where to find the best deals.

“I’ve taken the knowledge my mother passed on to me on how to get the best deals, how to cook from scratch, and how to be a home manager,” says Angela, “and combined it with knowledge I’ve gotten from noted financial counselor, Dave Ramsey, on how to budget, get out of debt and invest wisely.”

With their new knowledge, Angela and her husband sat down and worked out a budget together. “That first budget allowed me $190 a month for food for our family of 5!” says Angela. “The extra money our low food budget freed up allowed us to pay off debts in our debt snowball.

” Installing those beginning budgets, the Coffmans were able to pay off substantial amounts of their debt. “We entered Dave’s total money makeover contest,” says Angela, “the goal was to pay off the most debt and save the most money in 6 months. The grand prize was $50,000 and the top ten couples would go with Dave to the Atlantis resort on Paradise Island, Bahamas, We didn’t win the grand prize, but we did go to the Bahamas with Dave and his family and 9 other fabulous couples.”

There are lots of ways to save money in a person’s budget and Angela has found groceries to be the biggest area for potential savings. “I will show you the way I think, shop, and cook that allows me to comfortably feed my family of 7 for less than $350 a month,” says Angela.

Saving money on groceries is mainly just a shift in thinking about how you shop. We live in a country of abundance. In Angela’s book she outlines the importance of menu planning, planning a pantry, keeping a price book, shopping with cash, and knowing how to navigate the stores.   

Time is money and the more time you spend in the store the more likely you will spend more money than you really need to. “Menu planning lets you grocery shop knowing when you get home you will have exactly what you need to cook for the week or month,” says Angela. “Also it keeps you from shopping for what looks good instead of for what you need.” There are countless tips and ideas in Grocery Shrink that will help save money and pay off debt.

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