Brazilian President Bolsonaro to CBN News: 'I Believe in the Word of God'

In an interview with CBN News, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro talked about his faith and that he has seen many Brazilians who were thirsty for the truth. 

"I believe in the word of God; those who don’t have reasons for not believing, but Christian values help to direct society towards the pathway of good.  I have been a congressman for 28 years and I saw that in political campaigns the truth almost never existed, and my feeling is that our population was thirsty to know the truth, and so I started a pre-campaign in early 2015 going throughout Brazil alone taking," he said. 

The truth as if I was a pastor, and I was very well received by all sectors of society: The man in the country, the riverbank village dweller on the Amazon river, the caboclo and even the great businessmen of the great centers. They were thirsty for truth," Bolsonaro continued. 

Watch CBN News Senior International Correspondent George Thomas' sit-down interview with President Bolsonaro Wednesday on The 700 Club. Check local listings.   



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