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Should Christians rejoice over the death of Osama bin Laden? How is Blue? I find the King James Bible hard to read, is there another you can suggest? Recently, a host on MSNBC said that Jesus was a "socialist." Is this true? Are there any female angels?


Want to answer some e-mail? I guess that's why I'm here. This is the time. Okay, these are online questions from our chat room. Let's go. Let's go. This is Josh, who says, "Should Christians rejoice over the death of Osama bin Laden?" I saw the celebrations, and I thought it was unseemly. And I think all it's going to do is trigger a response in the Arab world of people who say, "Well, let's avenge ourselves on this killer," and it will be a cycle of violence. I don't think we should rejoice over the death of our adversary. The Bible says, "when he stumbles, don't you rejoice, "or the Lord will lift His hand from him. I think the thing to do is say, "God, it's in your hand." And we don't know. Sure, this guy wanted to kill us. Sure, he was an enemy. But at the same time, I don't think we should rejoice over the death of our enemies. So you asked me and I'm telling you. What else? This is Randolph, who says, "On Friday, you said that Jamestown was the first, quote, ‘permanent settlement in America.' But what about Spanish settlers? Didn't they establish the first permanent settlement in what is now St. Augustine?" I should have said permanent English settlement. I stand corrected. It's the first permanent English settlement. English. Yes. Okay. Gary wants to know, "How is Blue?" Blue! Blue has almost 500 people on Facebook. He might be the most popular dog in America. Where is he? He's here someplace. He's coming. Blue, come over here. Where are you? Hey, Blue. Come, Blue. Come here, buddy. Come, Blue. Turn him loose. Blue, come on. Here you go, buddy. Hey, babe. Here's Blue. He's growing bigger and bigger. You are growing bigger. You want to shake hands, or drink my coffee? He'll do anything you say. Hey, baby. He is a beauty, Pat. He's a such a sweet dog. Isn't he lovely. All right. Sit down. Behave yourself. He says, "At last I get to come and be part of this again." This is Blue. Five hundred. Oh, he's going to lie down for me now. Stay around. Be still. Because it's such a slick floor. What's the matter? You want to kiss me? Yes, you sweet thing. Ah, you're such a sweet dog. He's getting big, Pat. You wait until he's really full grown. He's just a puppy now. Unbelievable. He's going on seven months. He's going on seven months? Oh, what do you want? You see somebody? He sees a guy taking his picture. He says, "I want to get in." You are a pretty boy. Isn't he pretty? Yes. Yes. All right. His highlight was when he called on the first dog to give his birth certificate. He said he's a Portuguese dog and I want to know if he's . . . . That's right. You like that, puppy? Yes. Yes. Isn't he sweet? You're such a good boy. Look at him. You are such a good boy. He likes girls more than he does boys. He doesn't like me very much. Well, that's understandable, Blue. I think you have good taste. Look how big he is. You are gorgeous. Okay. Does he write his own stuff. Oh, man, he's so eloquent you can't believe it. I just heard that. Brilliant. All right, go and see Sarah. I'll see you later. Here's another question, Pat. This is Marie, who asks, "You just had a story on the King James Bible. I find it difficult to read. Should I stick with it or use a different translation?" They used Elizabethan English. It was very eloquent and very beautiful. It was very easy to remember. But I'm using the NIV which I think is an excellent translation. I like it, too. Excellent. Put together by evangelical scholars. The American Standard is a good book. Although it's not accurate verse for verse, the Living Bible is one that's real easy to remember, and it's easy to read. So in today's world, yes, I'd get a more modern one. It is good for memorizing, though. Okay, this is Larry, who says, "Recently a host on MSNBC said that Jesus was a, quote, ‘socialist.' Is this true?" I wouldn't believe anything I saw on MSNBC. That thing has turned into a propaganda organ for the left. It is unbelievable. It's like those guys are fed a dose of vitriol before they go on the air. Get them. Hate, hate, hate. It's terrible. Well, Jesus was someone who really stepped outside the norm of how everybody else did business and saw people in their need and had compassion for them. But He didn't tell the government to redistribute their money. He didn't. It was one of things where you gave because you love God and it's a voluntary gift, and it may be you gave everything you had. He told one person, He said, "Give everything you've got and come follow Me." But He wasn't a socialist. He wasn't telling the government to do it. It's voluntary. It's a totally different thing to have an oppressive government versus voluntary compassion. And that's what He was advocating. He was speaking to the hearts of people to communicate to the hearts of other people. All right. This is Kimmy, who wants to know, "Are there any female angels?" Sorry. No. The ones we've got, Michael, Raphael, and Satan . . . . Gabriel. Well, Gabriel. They're all male. And we don't know of any females. My wife at Christmastime, she likes angels. And all these angels have dresses. And I say, "Honey, why are you putting those female angels all over the house?" Well, they're hers and shes; they've got all those dresses on. Can you imagine one of those warriors wearing a dress? Well, I think robes was the attire. Yes, but she's got them in dresses. Ah! Okay. She's stylish. Well, that's all the time we've got. We appreciate the special appearance on the program by that great dog Blue.


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