Celebrate Rosh Hashanah with Paul Wilbur


Paul was raised in the home of a Jewish father and a Baptist mother. Although attending many different churches as a child, Paul went back to his father’s Jewish roots and began attending Temple during his undergraduate studies.

While growing up, it was Paul's dream to be an opera singer. His passion for music and the arts took him to Milan, Italy, where he studied vocal technique, Italian, and high-opera by some of Europe’s most skilled mentors.

“By the time I had returned from Italy the direction of my life had been pretty well set in stone,” Paul said.

However, all of this was about to change. Paul began pursuing a master’s degree in vocal music at Indiana University. During his time there he was quite taken with music, his friends, and girls.

“As I pursued relationships, inevitably two things happened: I asked girls out for a date, they invited me to church,” Paul said. “It was like I wore a t-shirt that said, 'Please, somebody take me to church.’”

During one of those church dates, Paul encountered Jerry Williams, a young man from West Texas whose testimony and friendship would change his life forever.

“I was completely taken by Jerry’s love and passion for God. From the very first time I saw him perform, I understood that he was not singing about God, rather he was singing to Him. It was as if he actually knew the God I sang about at Temple, the one whose voice I longed to hear,” Paul said.

This experience, along with powerful teaching from the Scriptures, continued to draw Paul week by week. He joined a Bible Study in his graduate dorm and became hungry for anything that could teach him about the God of the Bible. On March 26, 1977, Jerry introduced Paul to his Messiah.

Today Paul is an Integrity Music recording artist and the founder of Wilbur Ministries. Paul and his team travel throughout the United States and the world sharing the love of God through Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah.

In 1990, Paul recorded his first release with Integrity entitled Up To Zion. Since then he has recorded four more solo albums, including three performed live in Jerusalem. Shalom Jerusalem, Jerusalem Arise, and Lion of Judah, all recorded in the land of Israel, have become favorites around the world.

Paul has also recorded six projects in Spanish and two in Portuguese. This year he is working on adding Shalom Jerusalem in Russian to the line up! These enable the team to minister to more than one half of the world's population in their own language! On October 28th Integrity will be releasing, Paul Wilbur Live—A Night of Extravagant Worship.  It is a new CD/DVD companion.

Wilbur Ministries seeks to build up the local church through praise and worship as well as teaching and instructional seminars. They accomplish this through concert ministry, leading in corporate services, and by holding special seminars for the instruction of the local worship teams and their leaders.

This ministry seeks the salvation of Israel. The apostle Paul said that it was for the "hope of Israel" that he was bound with chains and labored to see all Israel saved. Wilbur Ministries encourages and actively participates in sensitive outreaches into the Jewish community. The music and preaching reflects an authentic cultural expression of their biblical roots and reveals their deep burden for the gospel to prosper once again within Israel. 

Wilbur Ministries is headquartered in Jacksonville, Fla., where Paul makes his home with his wife Luanne and their two sons Nathan and Joel.

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