Christian Actor Grayson Russell on Working with Tom Hanks for New WWII Pic 'Greyhound'

"Greyhound" is Tom Hanks' latest film that he's written and stars in. The World War II dramatic action film was inspired by real-life events.  
Playing alongside Hanks is the young, Christian actor Grayson Russell who is about to graduate from college, but says he's already enjoyed a long film career.

"I was nineteen when we filmed it and I just turned 22 a couple of months ago so it's been a long time coming," the actor said.

Russell, who has starred in films such as Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Space Warriors, explained that he overjoyed and honored to be working with seasoned actor Tom Hanks.

"I had just come home from college for Valentine's Day weekend and I got the call that Friday saying 'we need you on Tuesday to be in Baton Rouge to begin boot camp for the Navy Marines for Greyhound and by the way, you'll be working with Tom Hanks for two months.'" 

Greyhound was distributed by Apple TV+.


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