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Church of the Week: First Chinese Baptist Church

CBN.com Every night, Chef Michael Yang leaves after his 11 and a half hour shift at a local Chinese restaurant. But tonight instead of heading home, he’s heading to church. Once a month, First Chinese Baptist Church in Virginia Beach, Virginia, offers an 11:00 pm service specifically for Chinese restaurant workers. 

Pastor Amos Wong tells The 700 Club, “In the United States, there are about 200,000 to 300,000 Chinese working in the restaurant business, so this is a huge harvest field of the gospel. They have a unique lifestyle. Normally they work long hours, about 12 hours a day. So it is very difficult to reach out to them. They have no time to think of other things especially religion.”

Pastor Wong says the late service provides an opportunity for the workers to hear about Jesus Christ.

“Most of them will say that they are Buddhist,” Pastor Wong says, “but other people like the younger generation will say that they have no religion.”

Restaurant owner, Daniel Zhang invites all his Chinese employees to the church, where they can hear the gospel spoken in their own language.

“They come from different parts of China,” Daniel says. “They know just a little bit of English, not a whole lot. Some of my employees don’t have cars to drive. They don’t know where to go, so I drive them to church.”

Michael Yang says, “I attend the service to know about God and to find the love and peace of God.”

For your initiative to reach the lost, The 700 Club congratulates First Chinese Baptist church as America’s Church of the Week.

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