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Dave Ramsey: Saving Your Money and Your Marriage

CBN News sat down with money expert Dave Ramsey to talk about how to keep a marriage together in this economy.



It's one of the top reasons couples divorce - money. And in today's tough economy, fights over finances are becoming even more common. CBN News' Carolyn Castleberry spoke with money expert Dave Ramsey, who knows how to succeed with money and marriage. For Ramsey, the struggle is very personal. In his 20s, he was already a millionaire. Until he lost it all. "We started with nothing, and so we ended up with all of this real estate, but I borrowed too much money. So I built a house of cards," he explained. "The Bible says, he who hastens to be rich will not go unpunished." he said. "Get rich quick - it'll kill you man. It's bad news."


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