Digital Download: Tech Gadget Help for New Parents

Every child is different, but there is one thing that is consistent: Kids do not come with a handbook. Being a parent is hard enough as a full-time job, but being a new parent provides a whole new set of challenges and questions: 

Is my baby sleeping ok? How do I know if the milk is the correct temperature? Are they feeding enough? How much are they feeding? How do I get this pack and play thing to work correctly? 

Needless to say, it can definitely be a lot. Digital Lifestyle Expert Caleb Kinchlow joins Lori Johnson on Healthy Living to show off some parenting gadgets that will make parenting a little bit easier and provide you with some peace of mind. 
Tech Products:

 Breeze Plus Portable Pack and Play/Bassinet
BlueSmart Mia Feeding Tracker
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Snuza Baby Monitor
Embr Wave Personal Thermostat







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