Food Network Star to CBN News: 'Food Can Do So Much to Bring Us Together and Unite Us'

All food is a gift from God says celebrity chef Melissa D'Arabian. 

The Food Network star joined CBN News' Health Reporter Lorie Johnson in the kitchen to give some advice about how to use food to nourish the body as well as the soul. 

D'Arabian is the winner of The Next Food Network Star and the host of the television series "Ten Dollar Dinners."  However, it wasn't until D'Arabian evaluated her relationship with food in light of her relationship with God that she began to appreciate it as a gift and a way to bless others.  

On her show, D'Arabian shares simple, delicious recipes using ingredients from nature as well as ways to enjoy fellowship with others and fortify the body, which scripture describes as 'the temple of the Holy Spirit.'

She's the author of the new book titled Tasting Grace: Discovering the Power of Food to Connect Us to God One Another and Ourselves

You can watch Lorie Johnson's Healthy Living weeknights on the CBN News Channel





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